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  1. Britain’s most notorious landlord serves eviction notices on all his tenants Fergus Wilson makes the admission during a public spat between himself and a young couple over maintenance issues at their rented home in Kent. Nigel Lewis 26th August 2020 1 Comment 967 Views Britain’s most controversial landlord Fergus Wilson has confirmed that he’s serving Section 21 notices on all his remaining tenants as he prepared to retire and cash in the rest of his £180 million portfolio. Wilson’s comments came during a public run-in with Callum Oakley and Emma Plaskett , who have said that Wilson is evicting them because they complained about problems with their property after moving in nine months ago. This includes a heated email exchange between Oakley and Wilson over a faulty oven, leaky taps and a failed garage door. But following their complaints to Wilson, the landlord has now served an eviction notice on the couple, who already have one child and another on the way. Oakley told local media that Wilson has put them in an impossible situation, giving them little time to find a place to live. “Because of coronavirus at the moment, there are no houses on the market, so we are both very concerned, we don’t really want to be stuck in a room with two kids,” he said. “I feel like we’ve been let down in almost every sense.”
  2. I do not work top pay for people who come here and expect a free house. These people are not refugees. A refugee takes refuge in the nearest safe nation. They do not cross loads of other counties to end up somewhere else. No Syrian should come to Europe now - there is fighting in a tiny part of Syria.
  3. No only a snowflake who wants to be offended by anything and hates English history and culture would be so silly - and would far prefer for germany to have won WW2
  4. Has not made it harder for me or anyone I know Agreed Agreed Agreed If I went to Uganda with no money and no where to live I would not expect to be given a free house and food and money by taxpayers there
  5. I agree 100% with you. However there are people in London who have no intention of working. A mate of mine works in the benefits dept in Hammersmith - he could tell you horror stories that would make any taxpayer wonder why we bother.
  6. Moans about racism and say White Trash - does not get the irony!!! Most immigrants from Africa and Asia are not dentists are they? I have had immigrants sent to me for an interview who cannot speak English. They are worthless in the workplace. The areas with the highest level of immigration are those that get the most govt support, That is all on the ons if you can be bothered to look.
  7. he has already been told by the HR director he will be offered voluntary redundancy with enhanced pay off
  8. Load of people in London are already on benefits - London workers do not to live in that slum unless they are in select areas. My uncle is in Derby has done very well for years. Well paid job at Rolls - cheap property prices I have 2 mates in Sheffield both of whom are doing very well - both in well paid jobs - own their own house outright
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53894998 He has not saved anything it would have been less expensive to cook at home
  10. Sadly anyone under 35 is dominated by it so all govts have to play the game I saw huge queues - I cannot be bothered to save £10 I have no problem with it if it keeps pubs restaurants open and low paid workers in a job
  11. he has already been told by the HR director he will be offered voluntary with enhanced pay off
  12. 99% of people who work would probably not do so if the company they work for did not have access to credit
  13. I am sure that is not the case. I know a few people who have put plans on hold such as new car house extension etc until they are certain their job is ok. There will be those who benefit from redundancy . My uncle has been in a senior position at Rolls Royce engines has been there for 46 years. He is expecting to be made redundant and cannot wait.
  14. If you are only get 1K for 40K look for another offer. Guy I know just got offered 6%
  15. Oh really you think that this Populist Party have done well and have you best interests at heart? PMSL P.S. It's spelt by, not buy. But it does not surprise me that you struggle knowing the difference. FGS I made a typing mistake grow up for goodness sake. I have not been on here for a few days as I am busy running my own business so I did not bother to check every word - big deal . GROW UP ! And stop making infantile insults like a child at school. ( By the way it is very poor grammar to begin a sentence with the word BUT. It does not surprise me that you do not know that. ) Populist = elected I look after myself and my family and close friends I do not expect a govt to look after me. I would do the same whichever govt was in power.
  16. They are restructuring - they are offering people a chance to have a job at less salary rather than be made redundant and have to look for another job with no income. If they take the pay cut they can look for another job whilst still getting an income. The BA cabin crew were offered redundancy or a much reduced salary - some took the redundancy - some did not. Yes - in the past people mixed from agriculture to industry for instance. AI will eliminate far more than than it creates. Bottom line is that for kids going to uni now they need to to genetics, science, maths, medicine. If they cannot do that they need to train to be a electrical engineer, plumber etc. It is pointless them studying social studies or psychology for instance. The other alternative is to be a pop start or a professional footballer.
  17. https://propertyindustryeye.com/two-sides-of-the-renting-coin-strong-views-about-landlords-and-tenants/#comments I am neither a tenant or a LL - interesting reading
  18. Actually the cartoon does make a point - anyone who has the temerity to think that there may not be a huge property price crash aha been vilified for years here.
  19. Agreed if I had listened to the financial gurus here when I bought I would have paid a fortune in rent for no good reason.
  20. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz The same thing happened in 2008 - buy 2012 - 13 things were on the up again BA have done/are doing it If the company is going to go bust people have a choice to make - keep a job at 75% of have no job
  21. CW are a huge unwieldy company that have been ,losing money for years even in a good market
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