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  1. I would never live there jmnysekf but to thonk a house there is 300k is indeed crazy Who cares Bye then
  2. Bizarre comment - no one is forced to buy them. If i worked away from home I may decide it is better than a hotel room, possibly. Yes at least this gives privacy and no shared kitchen/bathroom Yes with no choice often who they share with
  3. Mate - I agree with some of the things you say but this will never happen in my lifetime. Any nuclear war will be started by some insane mullah in Iran or pakistan. Even N korea would not want mutual destruction. The mad mullah however think they will go to a better pl;ace when they have expired. The other possibly is when the world,s natural resources expire due to overpopulation but again that will not be in my lifetime. No he will not waste time and money. he has got troops out of most of the places that the left wing Obama was involved in. He does not see the US and the world's policeman and quire rightly so. I won the Premiership and Champions League with Spurs in football manager - is that an omen.
  4. I do not see a person buying a home as a tragedy personally Yes So every sale that is agreed will fall through - ok then
  5. I do not think about my home in terms of profit or loss or a financial investment. I understand that some people do and that is up to them, I have no problem with how others think or live. It is a haven and a home for me, my wife and my kids in a road house we like being in in a street we love living in with lovely neighbours. I do not think of everything purely in terms of a cost profit basis,there is more to life than just money.
  6. I did not bother to open any link. I do not care what other people do. We are all different and have different ideas, circumstances, motivations, lifestyles. The world would be very boring if we all had the same ideas, opinions, lifestyle and all made the same choices. Personally I could not care less if a person decides to rent, buy or fly to the moon. It is their choice to which they are entitled and I totally accept that.
  7. Exactly - nothing ever stays the same. Anxious and stressed? They get stressed because someone calls them a name on social media!
  8. Not a troll at old old chap. If you prefer to pay rent it is fine by me - no skin of anyone else's hooter
  9. https://www.estateagenttoday.co.uk/breaking-news/2020/9/agents-increasingly-using-grey-low-key-marketing--claim?comment=true#comments
  10. Exactly if my house goes down 60% I could not care less. and not paying a LL mortgage for him Agreed - there may be an uclear war next week but I am not going to spend my time worrying about it
  11. That has always been the case. I could not care less if the value of my house goes up or down as when/if I move the value of what I buy will have also gone up or down. The only time I will put money in the bin is in years to come when I downsize.
  12. Recent speculation that the so-called Bank of Mum and Dad would be playing a reduced role in the housing market has been turned on its head by a new report. Research from Legal & General and the business consultancy Cebr shows some 23 per cent of housing transactions this year are backed by ‘BoMaD’ with 24 per cent of borrowers now more reliant on money from family and friends than they were before the pandemic. However the total given or loaned by parents and family members will reduce this year, in line with the reduced transaction volumes anticipated because of the lockdown throughout spring. Despite this, the Bank of Mum and Dad will still be involved in 175,000 housing transactions within an estimated transaction value of £50.3 billion in 2020. Of young purchasers questioned for the research, 65 per cent who had bought recently and received support from family and friends said it was unlikely they could done so without such help. One in five expected they would have had to delay their purchase by more than five years without the assistance. Despite the stamp duty holiday for purchases under £500,000, just eight per cent of would-be purchasers say they are less reliant on family or friends for financial support as a result of the policy measures introduced to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus crisis. Only 12 per cent have brought forward their plans to buy since the start of the pandemic. Legal & General’s research shows that the virus has encouraged BoMaD lenders to be even more generous than usual. This year, family members and friends will lend an average of £20,000 towards deposits. As a result of the crisis, 15 per cent of BoMaD lenders are now planning to give more than they would have done before the pandemic to help their loved ones. Homebuyers in London are set to receive the most, with the average ‘loan’ being £25,800. This is followed by the East Midlands, where lenders have given a significant boost to the average BoMaD contribution this year, from £16,000 in 2019 to £24,100 in 2020. Family and friends in the North East and Yorkshire are contributing the least, but on average are still lending a generous £13,800 to help loved ones buy a home.
  13. I really hope you lose your job He would have lost money though With that childish spiteful attitude no wonder he has difficulty in finding clients. A more mature and business like response would be to say " I hope it goes through but should it not please give me a call and let us see if we can work together. Unlikely to fall through as everyone will want to get it done to avoid stamp duty. Sounds as thought it sold quickly so if it did fall though the probability is it will sell again. The guardian predicts armageddon. AGAIN zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  14. I agree Greg. There is inequality. Absolutely no offence at all meant when I say that personally I do not care about the US and I do not understand the obsession with it. There are plenty of white people who do not earn a lot of money of course. The problem is so many young black kids do not want to be educated - they do not see studying in school as "cool". They think it ruins their street cred. Not all obviously but it is very prevalent. A mate of mine who is black says that when he was a kid so many of his peers were not interested in education, had no ambitions other than to be a streetwise cool kid. 1 of the guys he used to play football with has been killed in street gang issues 1 is in prison for murder. My buddy however, did study that, is why he has a good job. Being black as he says has never been a problem to him. Indeed he says that being a 6' 4" black guy who is very I have to admit stylishly dressed, helps in business as people remember him. Educational attainment is far lower among black children than it is among white, Asian, Chinese children. That is obviously then reflected in the salaries people earn in later life. I used to live in Hounslow and the Asian kids I went to school with worked very hard and had a desire to be seen as intelligent and industrious. I think that young guys and girls of all colour and race need to be told that rejecting the society they live in is totally counterproductive and that it will harm their future prospects. To me that would be far more productive than much of the teaching kids get at school now. They need to be told that being a cool road kid is not going to earn them a lot of money, and that as soon as they have a conviction for carrying a weapon or they will not ever get a job that earns a lot of money in an increasing competitive job market. It is good to chat to you and to share different opinions as you are not one of the folk who is rude is someone has a different opinion to your own. Barry
  15. Who cares? How do you know who gets the money? Have you seen the audited accounts? That was written in 1949! My best mate is a black guy. Runs his own business - very successful. As he says too many people of any colour reject the society they live in, think education is not COOL enough, then wonder why society is not interested in them and they cannot get a well paid job. His own view is that someone who runs into a shop armed with a knife deserves to be shot whatever colour they are. I think one issue now is that when any minority does not get what they want they play the discrimination card and get supported by the sheep on social media who are desperate to be offended for everyone else and desperate to show that they have a fantastic level of wokery.
  16. Only if people cannot accept that others are entitled to a different opinion to their own.
  17. No govt with an 80 seat majority will ever call an election. Most people understand that these are unprecedented times - unemployment will rise but people I know who have been made redundant accept it is bad luck. The problem now is that every one thinks any bit of bad luck they ever have is all the governments or someone lese's fault. Nothing is ever bad luck or their own fault. Of course the fact that Labour espouse mass immigration, do not mention that refugees have killed 6 white British people,who worked and paid taxes at Reading and Glasgow, support George Floyd who threatened to shot a pregnant (white but who cares about white women) in the stomach and kill her baby while he was robbing her at gunpoint, and benefits for anyone who is too idle to work has not been media focus of late, when it is many will reject it as they have for the last 4 elections. I have voted Labour and Tory in the past I am not fixed on any party. N ot eveuil people who support Hamas, Hezbollah, IRA and are antisemitic then? That is all ok presumably.
  18. A record number of properties have been reaching the sales agreed stage since the Stamp Duty holiday was announced in July, agents claim. Analysis from NAEA Propertymark has revealed the average number of sales agreed per estate agent branch stood at thirteen in July, matching the record high previously hit in 2007. The number of sales was also up from nine in July 2019. Agents reported 8% of properties sold for more than the original asking price last month, a fall from 10% in June. Three in five sold for less than the original asking price in July. Demand and supply also increased, NAEA Propertymark said. The number of house hunters registered per estate agent branch increased from 379 in June to 428 in July, while the amount of stock per member branch increased from 37 to 43 over the same period. Sales to first-time buyers did, however, drop from 29% of transactions in June to 25% in July. Mark Hayward, chief executive of NAEA Property-mark, said: “It’s positive to see the market continuing to boom with clear interest from both buyers and sellers. “Usually we would expect to see a lull in activity during the summer months, however, demand remains unabated with no signs that this will not continue.
  19. No one can tell the future what will be will be
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