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  1. Not another prediction - only been a million in the last 10 years zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  2. Obviously people who are older will have more assets. I am sure I will have more assets at 70 than I do at 32 as I have worked for longer and they will have appreciated. I think i read a report somewhere that said death rates of all ages are no higher than they were as people have not been going out - having accidents etc. There are a number of expensive houses being sold near me - no idea of the vendor's circumstances but they will be way outside the budget of most first time purchasers. 100%
  3. Sorry but yes it is. It is an individuals (couple or family) choice to buy at that figure or not. As I said already I do not think anyone who has not paid tax in the uk for at least 5 years should be allowed to buy a property here. If a guy or family want to buy a family home for themselves in Balham at 1M that is their decision. I own my own home I am not an agent of the boe I bought a house as home my family and myself. I see no problem, with that. Sorry if you do.
  4. Sorry Count - apologies Was a mistake - hardly a major issue? all the best
  5. This should be on the Brexit thread for those who still want to talk about a vote that happened over 4 years ago
  6. Rent then if you want to - I do not care what you do - you do not seem to get it. Do not buy then - rent Most people who sell buy another house. I do not personally know of one single person who has ever sold a house to buy a fleet of Landrovers or indeed who even wants to own a fleet of Landrovers. So anyone who owns a house is one of the Giovt privileged cohort? They have never worked to buy a house? My electrician who has been working at my house who has worked 6/7 days a week for a couple years to buy a house for him and his family is privileged ? I will let him know I am sure he will laugh his socks off. Oxford English Dictionary definition of the word "forum" a meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged Maybe you only want to hear from people who agree wjth everything you think - personally I am interested in other people's point of view. Indeed I have just agreed with Sammersmith's comments on foreign investors on another thread.
  7. I agree with much of what you say. Personally I would not allow anyone who has not lived and paid tax in the UK for at least 5 years to buy a property here. It may have been the case that new builds did not advertise locally but that is not the situation now. Agree I think the money made from stamp duty from foreign buyers is too much of an incentive I do not disagree that foreign buyers have increased values on apartments but they do not usually buy houses as they want something that is secure and does not need outside or a garden. Foreign buyers who buy houses tend to at least use them to live in for part of the year rather than letb them deteriorate with no one ever living in them. I do not agree though that it is only foreign nationals who are buying here. I personally know British people who have bought in places like Clapham, Brixton, Tooting etc as it gives them easy access to work, family friends. I would never want to live there myself but some do.
  8. Unlike those who vote for a man who is antisemitic supports hamas and Hezbollah has been arrested on pro IRA marches and thinks everyone can have everything for free?
  9. Fine yes if that is what a person is prepared to pay it is their choice. Personally I would not live in Balham but for some it works. Depends usually on things such as work and friendship circle and good luck to them. Sustainable ? Depends what you mean by that I guess.I am sure there were people years ago who thought a terraced house in Balham would never sell at above £200,00 No need for name calling it is infantile. The market seems to be doing well with no sign of big falls. Truth about the housing market is starting to hurt a little - HUH? Personally I cloud not care less if prices go up or down as I have no intention of moving for many years. If they go up the next place I buy will have gone up and ditto if they go down.
  10. That is your son's choice. It is not what everyone else wants to do or has to do. We all have different circumstances, motivations, mindsets. There are plenty of people who could have bought 2008 - 2012 but did not and decided to wait and see because they thought property prices would go down. If they had bought then they would be 30-40% through the mortgage term and would have a home with equity in. Maybe because they are no bothered of the value goes up or down and do not see a home as purely a financial investment but see it as a home to live in long term. Some people are just far more risk averse than others. Some people have great ideas but would never take the risk of starting their own company for instance and are far more comfortable working for someone else. Nothing at all wrong with that are all different and thank goodness for that. Ah yes the millennials are incapable of really looking into the deeper aspects of any issue news all they do is read a headline then follow others like sheep Sadly they have no interest in what is really going on and thinking never consider that there may be an alternative view to the one they are force fed on social media.
  11. 99% of those who bought in 2012 will have gained equity totally yes
  12. maybe someone who does not see a property as a financial investment but as a home for the long term? maybe someone who does not want to pay a LL mortgage if he has one or for his new landrover if he owns outright? 100% banks are being slightly more risk averse but to say they are not lending and that there is no interest in buying is clearly gibberish of the highest order or indulging in huge wishful thinking
  13. No should have got it right first time......then they would not be in the situation they find themselves in Same as the people who could have bought 2008-2013 and did not
  14. No they do not - I do not care either way but certainly many people are not predicting a huge crash.
  15. Someone owns a house so he has to be a troll - they are the rules
  16. The labour party is - they wanted to increase tax for anyone who earns 80k plus that is a people such as my electrician, my plumber m,y mate who is a bricklayer. All working class men who voted Tory at the last election and now have no respect for Labour who are too wokey for them.
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