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  1. Good news, maybe. But just hold your fire. In December 2007, you may find similar properties at £165K.
  2. Of course this thread is relevant: it is clear that Timber laminate floors multiply the chav value of your "home" by 25 and if you have a Lake outside, then up goes the price once again. So, Timberlake is irrevocably linked to HPI.
  3. Bottom line is, our contemporary society in the UK encourages people to blame others for their own wrongs. "I got cancer so let's sue the fag companies," "I got stressed so let's sue HPC, oops! "
  4. I've made a massive life mistake - there was I, thinking about travelling the world for a year and getting out of the UK. But I'd forgotten about Aldi and Lidl! Silly me! How could I possibly have bought a ticket to delightful SE Asia, ignoring as I did the joys of the £30 digital box. Whatever was I thinking about? With all the above to relish, I am well and truly staying put, in jolly old England!
  5. Nobody on here said they genuinely wanted to be disabled. 'Course not. But not many people say they want to be teachers, either, that's why most of my colleagues are from Oz or South Africa! They're on good salaries (say 27-30K) but can they afford housing in the sunny town of Reading? Can they bollock$...
  6. I feel genuinely sorry for those FTBs in NI who have bought anything since 2000. Strap in...
  7. Of course what he did was very wrong. But there are plenty of people at the top of multinationals who are bigger criminals still. Wheras this jerk "only" cost us a few hundred grand, high-level industrial crime affects our every move and costs us billions rather than millions. It's just that this moron got caught and we can see his face on video. Can anyone name (from memory) the chairman of Gap clothes - or British American Tobacco? Thought not.
  8. .. but of course, none of that could happen over here, because, as we all know, in the UK, house prices only go up. It must be true, it says so in the Daily Express. I think. At least there were some words there, but I couldn't actually read them - because I'm an Express "reader." Thus my IQ is only 2.
  9. They've pulled it! An hour ago it was in the top 5 stories on "Have Your Say" - and now it's nowhere to be seen. Bloody VIs at the Beeb! Is Californian hot weather more important than not being able to buy a home in Hounslow?!
  10. OK. Why not go and buy a house then? Seriously. Rightmove seem to have a lot of available properties at the moment, and the banks and building societies seem very keen to lend you money. Go for it! Why are you on this forum, by the way...?
  11. She truly takes the word "dunce" into a brand new corner of the classroom.
  12. Living on a boat can be brilliant. I read a book called "Voyaging on a small income," by Annie Hill - and it honestly changed my life. She understands money better than most of us, and writes very sensible stuff about sailing the world on a shoestring. Just to be clear, I have no VI in the book, I just love it and it is about living on boats, like this post.
  13. I'm an English (secondary) teacher and I take time out of the National Curriculum once a fortnight to discuss money and personal accounting with all my pupils (325 of them - ten classes.) Got a good 3ollocking from my boss, but a lot of parents have thanked me for it. All my lessons end the same: "debt is bad. saving is good." Boring but true. They love it - really. Some have saved up to £120 since September, which is no mean feat at 11 years old.
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