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  1. For those interested. This week a relative of mine went to the Forest Lakes site to investigate. The entrance had barriers over i, but decided to venture in a and see what was happening. The clubhouse is built but with no sign of life, the golf course the same, and the roads are all built and have signage. There are also numerous homes completed, many with sold signs outside and the realtors contact details (Larry Allen - 001 902 430 7197), but they have no formal tie to TDFC. They do however have some property on their website that advertises property on the estate.http://larryallenrealestate.com/details/Nova-Scotia/Ardoise/240-Eagle-View-Drive/201909795/?id=21763885 I have emailed him to see if there is any further insight he can offer, but still await a reply from 2 days ago.. There were many houses that look to be owned (barbecues etc. outside), but all but one were vacant at the time. Knocking and speaking to that owner confirmed that TDFC has gone into liquidation, but he mentioned a German company was still developing. All I have is that the guy running it is called Ralph (hardly a lead I know). Whether the site is closed due to Coronavirus I'm unclear, but as soon as it's over, my family will be doing another visit. Surely someone must know what our legal rights are, whether the money is lost, or if it's just a waiting game. I understand that money investments can go bad, but when the money is invested into land, surely there is a claim to something?
  2. In light of what is going on in the world now, the money we have all invested seems somewhat irrelevant, but it would be nice to know at the end of all this that there is some hope of getting our money back, or even an explanation as to what has happened, and where it leaves us. Stay safe everyone, there's better times ahead!
  3. Still not accepted. Can you post the email address for TFDC so I can also try. I thought money in an escrow was protected. Really distressed about the whole situation and don’t know what else to try.
  4. Has anyone got anywhere I’m trying to contact the companies involved with this?
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