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  1. Propertypal just. Only comes up for properties I have 'favourited' and for any listed by TR or SB it always says: 'No price / status changes since first being listed on PropertyPal' They seem to delete original listing and readvertise instead.
  2. Do you think that sellers/ EAs are increasing prices because they know a bidding war is unlikely now? Do you think they are inflating the prices so that when a buyer offers 10% under asking price they feel they've got a good deal? These are just two examples I'd been looking at before lockdown that have come back on the market.
  3. The video footage is horrendous, after watching you couldn't pay me £800 a month to live there lol. Perhaps landlord is trying to perserve cash but give an iphone to a kid and they'd get better footage. If owned by architect why bother with the fancy fosets and light swtiches (all the smoke and mirrors) to let the EA upload that.
  4. I know there's no amount of lighting that's going to make it feel spacious lol! But if videos are the only viewings for the foreseeable surely EAs can do a bit better than this
  5. Sorry but the video viewing of this property is some of the worst marketing I've ever seen. Felt motion sickness and completely claustrophobic while viewing. I know estate agents might not be the most tech savvy but this is appallingly bad. Then to see £800pm. The guy behind the camera seems depressed just filming it. Zooming in on the tiny rail big enough for four hangers as if that's great storage. It's like a prison sentence.
  6. 15% above rateable value. It wasn't the most expensive compared to similar houses on the street but it also needed a bit of work which was factored in the asking price
  7. Update, We offered 6% below asking price a week ago. Sellers responded today and did not accept. They are going to put it back on the market and I've asked our solicitor to send the deeds back and close our file.
  8. Thank you so much for this Belfast Boy! Im really glad I’ve found this forum
  9. Yea seems sensible! Hopefully get reduced rent and see how the property market looks when the dust settles.
  10. Yea perhaps 20% would be safer. If I was the seller it would be very hard to accept that big a price drop. I'm not sure of his circumstances. Alot of sellers might just stay put until the market picks up again. No, not currently renting our lease ended 5 months ago and we moved to our seperate homes to get the last of the deposit together. Now we are locked down in our childhood bedrooms 80miles apart. Weird times lol.. On the possitive side though this will be the last time I get to spend in my family home and my contribution of the bills is really only a drop in the ocean compared to what they should be!
  11. Yea, you are all right, you're being the voice of reason! I don't know why I am holding out.. I think we're going to see if the seller would consider 15% under the orginal asking price. They might not go for it and we can pull out see what the property market is like after the dust settles. Or maybe just walk away, wait and find somewhere else. I think because of lockdown (a potential second wave ect.) we are quite cramped, living with family it would be nice to have our own space. But have to be sensible!
  12. Me again, Sale agreed on a property before lockdown. Would it be mad to proceed? Understandbly there are no surveys, land registry is also manual in NI so we couldn't complete even as we are not cash buyers. Mortgage departments have moved staff to deal with payment holiday requests ect. Pull out of transation or wait it out? A few EA have contacted us to ask if we are still interested in properties we had previously been outbid on.
  13. Things are very uncertain since my original post in-terms of coronavirus. Feb 20th seems along time ago. Two weeks ago Italy only had a handful of cases. I was looking at wedding insurance yesterday and had a quote of £60 (included cover for cancellation due to infectious disease) today the same website are suspending new insurance applications while they assess the impact.
  14. Good luck with your house hunt and selling your property! I agree that the 300-400k bracket seem to sit a little longer on the market. 200k in decent location seems to be sale agreed within a week (maybe this will be good for your house sale ). The new builds I find have very limited storage and no room around them. As you say they seem very overpriced compared to older similar properties in the area. New development close to finaghy 3 bed semi detached starting at £280k (seem slightly bigger in sq footage but not much!). I think people are paying a premium for the convenience.
  15. Hi all, What's going on with the market? Seems to be really picking up, most properties around Belfast are Sale Agreed within three weeks. I'm looking to buy with my BF, three bed semi. We've looked Four Winds, Finaghy, Rosetta, Knockbracken Road ect. Asking prices usually 190-219k but going sale agreed closer to 230-250k. Alot of my friends are getting turnkeys as it's the only way they can get on the property ladder (ie. no bidding war). The only new development we considered was Castlehill, which is now in it's third phase but I don't like the idea of turning right out of it every morning! So far only offered on one property in Finaghy. Bidding war lasted a few days and I called in and asked to see all the bids (great tip I got from this forum, so thankyou) . Our last bid was £225,000 EA said other bidder had offered £230,000 and we wished them luck in their new home lol. EA then rang back to say that they had decreased to £228,000? Is this normal or was the EA lying about the £230,000 bid hoping we'd offer more? Honestly, haven't bought my first home yet and feel that I have to second guess everything lol!! Basically, are we better to look at properties around £170,000 to factor in our £225,000 limit? Viewed property today in Upper Malone, EA really illusive about the seller and history of the property. I have a really vivid imagination and managed to convince myself during the viewing that they must be selling because they've had to go into witness protection. Asking price is around £193,000 which I think is overpriced because the house seems cold and the garden is waterlogged. Seemed to be damp on bathroom ceiling that had been painted over. Location must be everything though because about 40 viewings and only on the market for three days. EA said he was going to wait and see what bids came in before arranging any second viewings. Am I being too cautious, or is it not mad to make an offer after one viewing? Spoke to next door neighbour, she bought four years ago for £166,000.
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