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  1. Possibly in response to Scatsta scaling down operations as BP are going to stop using it and fly direct out of Aberdeen.
  2. I'm a council tenant and when I signed my lease it was no right-to-buy. Not bothered. Bedroom window cracked on a windy day - council fixed it within an hour. None of that heart-stopping "oh no how much is that going to cost me?". Council houses - once seen as lowest of low - now very much to be aspired to!
  3. this_prisoner_is_opting_out

    Vice.com - The Generation Who Have No Real Incentive To Grow Up

    If you go out into the dating world armed with suspicion and giant chips on shoulders - expect to attract bottom-feeders. Reap what you sow lads. No woman with any self-respect would want to hook up with such bristling negativity - no wonder you find the thick, conniving ones.
  4. this_prisoner_is_opting_out

    No Exit: Britain’S Social Housing Trap

    I know of beautiful 3-bed council houses available tomorrow if anyone wants them. It's not London of course so you may feel socially cleansed. We chose to wait for a council house rather than risk 6 month tenancies. Didn't have to wait long. What with not demanding Camden and all.
  5. this_prisoner_is_opting_out

    This Has Mis-Selling Written All Over It.

    Actually I have some sympathy if what is in the mail is true. If indeed he was paying 400/month over the last decade of obscenely low interest rates then the bank does indeed deserve to do one.
  6. Demographics - either i) die hard labour supporter/immigrant ii) limp-handed guardianistas I can only speak for my contacts in London, but the huge majority are champagne socialists - they simply don't see any problems at all - let the poor eat cake.
  7. this_prisoner_is_opting_out

    Self-Employed-Tax Credit Scam

    It will. I've been in business only a month though. Once my profits appear higher and regular I will ask wtc to reduce/remove payments.
  8. this_prisoner_is_opting_out

    Self-Employed-Tax Credit Scam

    I'll bite. I'm currently claiming WTC and it's considerably more than any suggestions put forward so far (I have children). The sweet spot for asking for it is to say you plan to earn 5k/annum. I see it as manna from heaven. I come from one of those industries decimated by dodgy knowledge visa exchange workers. This way I'm able to build a viable business and I'm not daft enough to believe the rug won't be pulled at some point, but the way I see it is that when that day comes - I will be running a profitable business. Of course there's a tipping point, where I'll be doing all this work and be marginally better off, but that's fine by me - I'm trying to build a better future - not seeking dependency. In the meantime I'm taking the money and ploughing it into the business. In a way I suppose it is a safety net - if the business fails then I go back to "traditional" employment. Fwiw, it's everything which has ever been alluded to as the holy grail on this forum - a route to self-sufficiency and working for oneself. That aside I've far more "spending money" than I ever had working for the man...
  9. this_prisoner_is_opting_out

    Scale Of Nhs Financial Crisis Revealed Amid Looming Staff Cuts

    Watching the beeb coverage a fortnight ago about a chap stranded at home in Somerset. Needed to get out and to hospital for a heart op. He was 80 (think it was 90 actually), old enough to make me think wtf?
  10. this_prisoner_is_opting_out

    Benefit Street On Now

    It might even have been on here I read of a million a week going to India + Pakistan for pensions of those over 100. Not saying there's any fraud there - just such frightfully good luck and long life!
  11. this_prisoner_is_opting_out

    House Price Crash In Holland

    That's a bit stalkery of you! As anywhere, some towns have higher unemployment than others. Where we are unemployment is high at around 6% - but given the location even in good times it's around 4.5%. We're actually moving on and becoming an "accidental" landlord as so despised on here.
  12. this_prisoner_is_opting_out

    House Price Crash In Holland

    I should add, people don't have to move for work -well, less so. What with an average of 40 days paid holiday and your employer paying your commuting costs it's possible to suck up commuting for a while.
  13. this_prisoner_is_opting_out

    House Price Crash In Holland

    I'm here and happy to respond. House prices are most definitely falling and I'm not seeing any end in sight. We didn't buy anything "too expensive" - ie borrowed far less than we "could have". Right now with tax relief we get approx 50% given back on what we pay the mortgage company. In effect this means we pay about a third of the "rental rate". So not really much different to the UK where there are pockets with people paying far more for rentals but don't qualify for a mortgage on affordability. Why is it happening? Usual story, 125% mortgages and rising unemployment combined with increases in utilities. Fwiw I've just taken redundancy. Nice Dutch contract gave me a big pay-out and with unemployment benefit at 70% if last salary, well let's just say I've got a few years before I need to worry. In response to the 100k farm, not too long ago parking spaces in Amsterdam were going for 100k.
  14. this_prisoner_is_opting_out

    I Can't Take It Any More!

    Dare you look towards the bexley catchment areas? Granted I left 20 years ago but ample dog-walking, horse-riding, grammar schools etc. Not on the tube of course and terribly looked down upon by "hipsters", nonetheless a nice place to raise a family and I think you'd get fair bang for buck. Especially if you start figuring in the costs of state grammars vs. public schools!
  15. this_prisoner_is_opting_out

    Guardian Interview With Farage

    We need to stop dancing around "race" and admit that what we don't want are illiterates from the middle-ages. Anyone got a problem with a black American doctor moving in next door? Anyone got a problem with an extended family of 16, only one of whom appears to work and their female children aren't allowed to talk to yours?

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