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  1. Hi Robert, if you use facebook please join the group called forest lakes country club duped investors. Numbers are growing here but we need more. If you know any other investor then please advise them to join as well
  2. Hi All. I have just joined the private Facebook group: Forest Lakes country club ns, duped investors If everyone on this forum uses FB then I suggest everyone joins the group. Its private so cannot be seen by anyone else. The numbers seem to be growing on this forum and in that group so if we all communicate in one place this will be good going forward. Especially if we go down the legal route as a group and prevent TFDC / FLCC from viewing our discussions.
  3. Had the following from HBS/AVCS re fees. I have been paying but If others in the LLC stop then this could cause issues as well as they say land getting repossessed etc Have you all been paying the annual fee? We are still waiting for an update from TFDC. In respect of stopping payment of your Annual fees the Manager has no choice other to accept the decision of an LLC Member not to pay or suspend payment, as action/sanctions against default LLC Members is not considered in the LLC Agreement and as such the collection of said fees is a passive collection carried out by HBS on behalf of the Manager AV Corporate Services Ltd (AVCS). To date there have been sufficient Members paying to cover the fixed disbursements such as agent fees, taxes, legal and other sundry costs, as well as indeed the Managers own time in dealing with the Members of 32 LLC’s. Hypothetically a situation could arise where the Manager may not have sufficient funds to cover the cost of running the LLC’s, in which case the Manager would find itself in a position where it may have to consider if it should continue or not as Manager. In a hypothetical case of there being insufficient funds this could lead the LLC to potentially being struck-off in the State of Delaware (non-payment of State Taxes/Agent Fees) or having the land it holds repossessed in Canada by the Municipality of West Hants, or the State. However, that is not the case at the moment as highlighted in the mailing, but as we have received numerous queries in recent months it was deemed to be only fair and reasonable to advise the LLC Members, not only about the role of AVCS and HBS, but also of the potential consequences of Members not paying the Annual Fees. We trust the above has assisted you but should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us
  4. Looks like we are in the exact same boat in terms of what we bought, when we bought and who we went through. I have had some contact with others who invested in different ways but its good to know i have finally made contact with investors in the same position as me. I am from the midlands as well. It might be a good idea to share email addresses privately just in case this forum is taken down for whatever reason. We would still have a line of communications. If you are happy to share I will private message you with my email??
  5. Thank you for sharing that. It does appear to be genuine but you never know. It looks like a complicated state of affairs. How many investors have we got on this thread? I would interested to know what exactly you all invested in. Did you purchase land units (i purchased half an acre) or did you purchase an off plan property? Are you based in England like me or elsewhere? We should try to reach out to others if we can. There was a facebook page called duped forest lakes investors or something like that but it has been removed. There were a few people using that but now its lost. Anyway, lets keep sharing
  6. Hi all, I too invested back in 2007/8 and in the same position as yourselves. I invested in land and was expecting my returns years ago. I have had no contact with TFDC since November 2019. I am glad I found this forum as I have never found any other investor to share comms/ideas etc with. Lets keep this line of communication going so we can all update each other. At least I know TFDC will be communicating soon to their investors. We need to know what happens if they do go into administration and what our options our. I just want my initial investment back now. Any way, I am constantly trying to contact someone at TFDC or Forest lakes so if I hear anything I will post here. Thanks Rick
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