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  1. Rachel posted on Facebook the details of her visit to FLCC. It was 2 years ago - July and August 2019 - I was visiting family and friends (I used to live in Nova Scotia so know the area of the development well) but I was also very annoyed at the lack of response to my many emails and calls regarding the investment and lack of return, so also wanted to fly out there and see for myself what was going on. When I arrived in Nova Scotia, I called the office and made arrangements to be met on site, drove down to west Hants, only to arrive and no-one turned up. I have the email trail to Brad Marr and then a Martin Kilbride and Paul Cheevers - I was meeting with Paul to be ‘shown around’. When Paul Cheevers didn’t show up, I called to query where he was. My calls were ignored. I then received an email stating that I had ‘misunderstood’ the agreement to meet me and show me the site! Whilst in Nova Scotia, the Forest lakes development was still being advertised on the sides of buses and in brochures in Halifax and surrounding areas. My son is currently out there visiting family and says he has seen a few buses around the region also still advertising the site (to non Canadian residents). أعجبني
  2. However, your best alternative is to attend the online meeting that AVCS sent the e-mail for :- [email protected] <[email protected]porateservices.com> Thu, Jul 1, 4:49 PM (15 hours ago) to [email protected] Dear LLC Member, Further to numerous conversations with LLC Members, the Delaware Limited Liability Company Manager, AV Corporate Services Ltd., will be holding several online informal meetings to explain certain matters, to answer your questions and to facilitate a presentation by Herr Jammers on a possible exit route for LLC Members. Attached to this email you will find an Agenda and explanatory notes for your perusal as well as a communication from Herr Benjamin Jammers who represents one of the major non-LLC creditors. Should you wish to attend one of these meetings, which will be held as from mid July through to mid August, we would be grateful if you can please confirm by email no later than 18.00hrs (CET) FRIDAY 9th JULY 2021. Once we have collated all the attendance confirmations we will then allocate Members to a specific meeting and send the corresponding Teams link through which you will be able to attend. We trust you will find the attached of interest and look forward to receiving confirmation that you wish to attend one of the meetings. The Manager AV Corporate Services Ltd.
  3. Hello Nasreen, You mentioned LLC 4, does this mean you invested before 2010 ? If yes, this route may not be possible for you, because they only became regulated in 2010.
  4. If your investment was through Citadel, Please apply to claim via this link:- https://www.fscs.org.uk/faile.../highpoint-trustees-citadel/
  5. Hello, At last, some positive news,,,,, An investor within FB group managed to retrieve his total investment via this firm https://www.wybract.com
  6. Yet I received an email stating that the votes result were for MNP strategy which is confusing MNP Marketing Strategy Proposal – Voting Results 1 message [email protected] <[email protected]> Fri, May 7, 2021 at 5:11 PM To: "[email protected]" <[email protected]> Dear Member, Voting was officially closed on the 16th April 2021, unfortunately there has been a slight delay in advising you in regards to the outcome of the voting as records have had to be updated due to the fact that some Members entered in to private transactions with TFDC of which we were unaware. Therefore, we have had to verify those transactions with the bankruptcy trustee, MNP and update our LLC Member records accordingly, unfortunately this has taken some time. As you can see not all the Delaware Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s) have voted in favour of the proposed MNP Strategy. Therefore, no doubt many of you will have numerous questions in regard to how this will affect your LLC and moving forward with a recovery strategy. Unfortunately, at this point in time we are unable to offer any additional information, or clarification. Therefore, we have duly informed MNP the results and the matter will now lie with the bankruptcy trustee to decide how it will proceed. As soon as we have an update from MNP we will advise you accordingly. As always, we thank you for your patience and understanding in this difficult and complex situation and we remain available to assist you where we can. Yours sincerely Christopher For and on behalf of AV Corporate Services Ltd.
  7. Hello, This is an email received by an investor on FB
  8. Hello, If any one comes across any form of advertising about FLCC project, please do write the party advertising, to question the credibility of the project. No more people are to be deceived by such glossy pictures etc.
  9. Hello, For the voting e-mail, if you have decided to vote NO, as a group of us have; it will be better to reply NO to the e-mail since it will be your proof of your vote.
  10. Hello, More threads from facebook posts:- Mark Tayler I voted No, and received an email inquiring what I don’t consent to. This whole process is pretty ambiguous, we really don’t have anyone looking after our interests. Gill Malouf I suggest everyone emails the liquidators and provides evidence why they don't trust Hutchinson....because I suspect once any money is transferred to him he will no doubt benefit more than his 'clients'. Gill Malouf what is the email address of the liquidators Gill? Gill Malouf [email protected]
  11. Hello, This is the continuous discussion going on in the FB group:- Upon receipt of this e-mail, the comments have been posted below:- Further to our recent mailing to you in respect of a request to vote as outlined below, we respectfully advise that the voting period has been extended so, if you haven’t yet voted, please do so as soon as possible. CLARIFCATION NOTE : Since the Resolution below was drafted and because of a number of Member queries, AVCS has sought clarification from MNP in respect of the powers of the Board of Inspectors over the decision-making process for the LLC’s as well as about the AVCS Fees. Please note the following: - · We now understand the offers (if any) would be reviewed firstly by MNP which has a duty to act in the best interest of the stakeholders, and then by AVCS, as an inspector, who will then put the offers in front of the members for another vote. If there are disagreements between the trustee/inspectors/LLC members, MNP could go to court and have the court review and decide on the most equitable outcome. · The fees that will be charged by AVCS will not exceed those already agreed in your original purchase agreement. IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING VOTING: For those who have already voted, there is no need to vote again, your vote has been duly recorded. For those of you who are in favour of this resolution and not voted as yet, please follow the instructions below. For those Members who are not in favour there is NO action required, as it is automatically understood that by abstaining you will be voting against, as a proposal needs more than 50% of Members to vote in favour, for it to be passed. We trust this extension to the voting period, and the above clarification, have assisted you in your further understanding of the reason for the MNP proposal and once voting is closed we will advise you of the results. Yours sincerely, For and on behalf of AV Corporate Services Ltd Mark Smith Folks, I was speaking with Inge Seibel Muller in the group recently and she is of the same opinion as me. These guys will try to sell the plots for a pittance, around a few hundred dollars per acre, then the likelihood is that the same process will begin again under ‘a different’ but in essence the same company. DO NOT give these folk the opportunity to make even more money out of us. Vote NO! Why give your land that you paid tens of thousands for, up for a few hundred dollars? Hang on to it! It may or may not become more valuable in the future if, and in my opinion, WHEN a new developer moves in to take up the reigns. This seems to me to have been in their plans from the start. Dont give them the satisfaction! Mark Smith ‏٥‏ س · Guys if any of you are unsure of how to vote on the latest proposal, let me inform you that one of the trustees involved in overseeing the sale is one Peter Hutchinson. Hutchinson was head of Citadel - then renamed Highpoint - when many of us first invested. Now, as I understand it, Citadel/Highpoint were supposed to have held our funds in an escrow which is supposedly a third party entity which holds monies in trust. Our money has disappeared to the Marr brothers. This should not have happened if it was in an escrow. Let me show you how many companies Hutchinson is involved in 148 and counting. We will be handing power to this man, appointed to 148 different companies in his working lifetime, to help oversee the sale of our land. Do you think this is a good idea? I certainly don’t! Just look at his country of residence - Gibraltar, tax free/low tax haven. Alarm bells should ring folks! I am not sure if Hutchinson has links to AVCS, maybe someone else in the know within the group can add their thoughts on this. If anyone needs to correct me on any of the above points, please feel free. I hope I got it right but this is what I currently understand the situation to be. عرض أقل Gill Malouf Mark Smith Peter Hutchinson is the director of Nova Scotia registered AVCS...and he resides in either Gibraltar or CdS....I obtained the documentation from the Nova Scotia Register Mark Smith Gill Malouf thought so Gill, wasn’t 100% sure though. Hopefully some of those who are unsure of how they will vote will see this post! Ian McBrearty Mark Smith spot on Mark. As Gill has stated, Hutchinson is head of AVCS as he was head of Citadel & Highpoint /HBS. Same company different name. Citadel was also the 'Escrow' for the many Carbon Credit/ Eco & Bamboo scams currently being investigated by the FSCS. Mark Smith Ian McBrearty thanks for the confirmation Ian. Let’s hope some who have yet to cast their vote read this post! Ian McBrearty I've not responded which is a NO vote. It's a principle matter for me no matter the final outcome.
  12. Paul Kateley ١٥ يناير · Did anyone speak to Chris Allen from AVCS last year (or this yr) and what did you think about his views and looking after our interests? I spoke to him in April 2020 but haven't heard much since Inge Seibel-Müller Paul Kateley we are working on this. The First step we did, we asked MNP for a trade registrar certificate of "AV Corporate Services" . We want to know who the legal owners of this company are? We wrote MNP that we need to be sure about the legal background of this company, because There are ongoing compliance investigations in the UK about Citadel Trustees as well as Highpoint Trustees (and AV Corporate Services is their legacy).
  13. Mark Smith ‏١٢ مارس‏، الساعة ‏٣:٣١ م‏ · Did anyone see an option to reject the resale? I followed the links in the email we all received with the intention of voting NO, but I could only see ‘I consent’, no option to reject. This is typical of this company!!! Anthony Goldby So if we just abstained from voting ,would that make it better or worse ? كاتب المنشور Anthony Goldby I would assume Anthony that by not voting, they wouldn’t reach the required number of half of each LLC voting YES. Although I would not be surprised if this is a done deal, and they will forge a YES vote. Who will be there to verify the votes?
  14. Hello every one including Nasreen, Again, just incase you do not have access to the Facebook group, (though I encourage you to try to join), here are some threads of the current discussions :- Mark Smith ‏١٣ مارس‏، الساعة ‏٤:٤٧ م‏ · Folks I was just thinking. When we entered into our agreements with Citadel/Highpoint whatever they were calling themselves over the years, our monies were to be held in an escrow. The thing about escrows as I understand them, is that they are a third party who hold monies on behalf of the original parties, ie us & Citadel/Highpoint. So, is it the case that ALL our monies were given to the Marrs? Or could there be an escrow somewhere with some of our monies in it? Could it be that Citadel/Highpoint broke the law and not just financial codes of conduct by not adhering to the escrow terms? This is the reason after all for the existence of escrows! Just a thought!
  15. Hello every one, and Nasreen, Yes a lot of debate is being discussed on the recent email to vote Y or N. I do encourage to join the group if you can. There are some investors in the Brazil project, but the focus of the discussion is on the Canada project. Here are some of the latest posts Ricken Bulsara , thank you very much for your mail and for posting the answer here. Still no concrete figures from AVCS on how much money could possibly flow back to us? Of course not. ... They just don't seem to be open to and honest with us! One example - Let me quote a sentence from the AVCS letter to Ricken: "As the Board of Inspectors is not fully formed, no criteria or protocols have been set as yet" - this statement is ********. With 3 inspectors, why shouldn't there be a need to keep proper minutes? There were 3 inspectors elected in November - without explaining to us what their duties and, more importantly, rights are. But there doesn't have to be 5 inspectors either (Findlay said, we can have five, but we must not have 5), the desire was simply there, from us among others, to have an inspector as well. Another thing: as I know, not all land in FLCC is in the bankruptcy estate. A large attractive tract of land, for example, above Cochran Lake is owned by the Project Forest Lakes LTE group (AVCS mentioned them, they provide an inspector), another large tract of land that is not in the bankruptcy estate is owned by Hants County Condominium Corporation No.11. The land records say their directors are Brad Marr, Andrew Alcorn and Ralph Bastarache. The last two were employees of FLCC and TFDC, respectively. At least that's what the land registers of the municipality say, in which we got first insights (unfortunately costs money again and you have to know what to look for and how) „They“ (and I even don’t know whom „they“ are...) will continue to screw us as long as we have no one to represent our rights in Halifax. We have someone who could represent us there. But he will not be able to do it for free. Maybe someone among you here is also interested in getting in touch with "our man in Halifax" . Please DM me, and I will put you in touch. When Peter Hutchinson is the manager of the 29 LLCs and as he is "Our" Inspector, why doesn't he speak to us, why is he not even writing. Not a word of regret even though people have put 100's of thousands of dollars into the LLC. We have already been deceived several times and there is no reason to trust these people now. All my gut tells me is: Don't sign anything at the moment unless you know exactly what and why and whether it's for your own good!!!! Mark Smith We do have the promise of about £3000 to use from around 30 folks in the group here. That’s probably not enough but DM me the details of your guy please Inge. I would also like to find out who to contact to protest the presence of Hutchinson as an inspector - I don’t trust him or his employees one little bit. You wouldn’t have an idea how to start the ball rolling on that Inge? كاتب المنشور Mark Smith We emailed our concerns about Hutchinson to Mr Findlay; but as far as I know there has been no response. I'll connect you tomorrow with our contact in Canada, Mark. Jm Roose Very interesting thank you for your sensible thoughts, we definitely need a representative. Gill Malouf Is it possible to get in touch with [email protected] and send any info you can. Rita Turner and I warned the Nova Scotia Register about AVCS Ltd ....I have contacted both Lianne and the FCA. Xavier Châtellier https://www.novascotiacorp.com/hants-county-condominium.. Xavier Châtellier Did you see this link? Who are the people listed there as directors? تمت مشاركة ‏رابط‏ بواسطة ‏‎ Ricken Bulsara ‎‏. ‏٢٣‏ س · Response to various questions I asked: Dear Mr. Bulsara, Thank you for your email and we have duly noted its contents. First and foremost, it’s important to note that the MNP Ltd. (MNP) proposal is not a definitive one at this stage, what is being asked for is your consent to negotiate as outlined in the Resolution. It does not mean that this is the final recovery route, there could be additional proposals in the future, therefore, MNP are currently seeking assurance that they can move forward with the support of all the main creditors. As negotiations have not yet begun, the Manager does not have all the answers to hand, MNP in its role as the bankruptcy trustee will carry out all negotiations. However, we will do our utmost to answer as best possible on the basis of the information we have at the moment. This is a complex and difficult bankruptcy, with numerous secured and unsecured creditors, the LLC’s present a particular challenge as there are 29 in total and the Manager cannot act unilaterally on its own in the decision making process. The Manager is legally required to seek the approval of the LLC Members at each step of the decision making process. Therefore, when MNP came forward with this negotiation proposal it was decided to seek the LLC approval before MNP began, this way hurdles or delays in the negotiation process further on down the line can be avoided. In regards to your first question, if one or more LLCs do not reach the 50% threshold, this would not mean the other LLC’s would precluded from being able to proceed as a “group” on the basis of the current MNP proposal. What it would perhaps mean and depending on the location, or number of LLC’s which didn’t consent, is that the MNP proposal would be less attractive to a third party developer. The objective of MNP’s current negotiation stance is to relaunch the development and obtain the highest value possible for all the land held by both the LLC’s and TFDC as it is felt that to sell of land plot by plot will make it a) more difficult sell, b) take longer and c) devalue the land overall. In respect of the Inspectors, they were appointed at the first creditors meeting held in November of 2020 and are volunteers. By law five inspectors are permitted on the Board and currently there are three. It is expected two more inspectors will be added in the near future to complement the group. Currently they are: Mr Gavin MacDonald, a lawyer with the law firm Cox & Palmer representing the creditor Project Forest Lakes, who is owed approximately $3.6 million CAD. Mr Peter Hutchinson of AV Corporate Services Ltd.(AVCS) which acts as manager for 29 Delaware LLC corporations, each LLC having claims against Terra Firma. The aggregate of the LLC claims, as managed by AVCS, are approximately $43 million CAD (The 29 LLC’s are one of the main unsecured creditors, as such, it was felt important for them to be represented on the Board and be able to keep Members updated on what was going on). Mr Chadi Charara, an individual creditor, owed approximately $130,000 CAD As the Board of Inspectors is not fully formed, no criteria or protocols have been set as yet. Fees: As noted in the mailing, fees (and disbursements) need Court approval, at this early stage we have no indication what those fees will be. The Manager has, to date, assisted MNP, at no charge as it is the only firm left with any historical knowledge about TFDC and Forest Lakes, as well as having the data required to help the bankruptcy trustee; TFDC has closed and has no staff or contact point. Regarding forecasting values, we have asked MNP for their thoughts on this, but their view was that, in the current economic climate and at this early stage of proceedings, any forecast made would be highly susceptible to change and unreliable. That said, the method being proposed by MNP to invite offers in a sealed bidding process, will probably give an indication of where the market stands at that time and as MNP say they will not be obliged to accept the offers. As mentioned in the mailing, here will be a cut-off date for the bidding process, but this has not been set as yet. MNP is a licensed insolvency trustee for bankruptcy and one of the leading Corporations in this field in Canada, it is highly professional and reputable and we invite you to visit their web site for more information; https://www.mnp.ca/.../corporate-and-consumer-insolvency You are also free to contact MNP with any questions or concerns you may have through the following email [email protected] A 14 day cut-off time for the voting is set to encourage people to vote, it is not a “rush tactic”. That said, recovery negotiations have not begun, but there are hundreds of LLC Members across the 29 LLC’s, so the voting process is a huge task and cannot be open indefinitely; it would also delay the efforts of MNP. What has happened in past voting processes is that if we see it is slow we send a reminder note a few days before the 14 day cut off and then we extend the voting period by an additional 14 days. Currently consent votes are coming in thick and fast which is both encouraging, but creating a great deal of work for the admin team. In respect of the rest of your questions, at this stage and due to the complexities of this bankruptcy, as well as the COVID-19 situation, it is impossible to provide timelines (be they approximate or definitive), however, be assured that both MNP and the Manager are very aware that it is important to achieve the highest amounts possible for all creditors. The above said, no solution is going to be found overnight, this will be a long process and we have been advised could take up to two years potentially. I trust this email reply has assisted you, but should you have any additional questions by all means drop me an email. Yours Sincerely, Chris Kind Regards, Chris Christopher J. Allen Director For and on behalf of Hutchinson Trustees Ltd. Edf. Single Homes, Avda. Severo Ochoa nº 28, oficina 7º D, Marbella, 29603, Málaga Tel: +34 952 902 140 Fax: +34 952 773 286 Visit Our Website: http://www.hutchinsontrustees.com E. & O.E. The information in this email, including any attachments, is confidential and may be legally privileged. If you are not the intended recipient, you must not read, use or disseminate this information. In the event of mis-direction, please telephone the sender on 00 44 (0)1276 581020. We are not legal, tax or financial experts or advisers and we do not provide any such advice, nor make any representation that we have any expertise in these areas. Therefore this, or any other correspondence, may not be relied upon by the recipient or any third party for any such purposes. Although this email, including any attachments, is believed to be free of any virus or other defect, which might affect any computer or IT system into which it is received and opened, it is the responsibility of the recipient to ensure that it is virus free and no responsibility is accepted by Hutchinson Trustees Ltd for any loss or damage arising in any way from its use. HUTCHINSON TRUSTEES LTD HAS SPENT SIGNIFICANT TIME AND EFFORT TO ENSURE THAT OUR IT SYSTEMS ARE VIRUS FREE. THEREFORE, PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS EMAIL ADDRESS EXCEPT FOR LEGITIMATE BUSINESS PURPOSES. Hutchinson Trustees Ltd, 5 Priory Court, Tuscam Way, Camberley, Surrey, GU15 3YX, England. Reg No. 03195365 HUTCHINSONTRUSTEES.COM HUTCHINSON Trustees Flexibility Our flexible approach to our clients' needs sets us apart in the industry and allows us to provide an enhanced service to the shared leisure professionals we work with. We know that every client has individual requirements and we look at their products on a case by case basis before maki... Mark Smith I will be voting NO. This land will be sold off for a tiny fraction of its value, we will be lucky to get 10 pence in each of our £s invested. I will also try at every opportunity to block any initiative headed by Peter Hutchinson. I would rather own a small tract of land that may in years to come be worth something, than hand it on a plate to Peter Hutchinson for him to make any money on for himself
  16. Hello, I know it is good to keep you updated with the discussions on FB, which I encourage you to request to join : Facebook, forest lakes country club, ns - duped investors. Here is an insight of some of our discussion on the subject:- I will try to post some more later.
  17. Hello Balbir, I tried adding you to Facebook group, I think you are from Birmingham ? I am not sure if you have been added, as I am not an expert in the subject. Nonetheless, please go to this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/223960518609669/permalink/422638808741838/?comment_id=422935548712164 or search "forest lakes country club, ns - duped investors" on Facebook, and ask to be added. I will also check within the group if you can be added. Good day !
  18. Hello, This e-mail was received yesterday from AVCS "We have now received the Creditors Package (1) from the Bankruptcy Trustee MNP Ltd. (MNP) and can verify that your Delaware Limited Liability Company (LLC) is being duly registered as a Creditor on the basis of the Loan Agreement entered in to by the LLC on behalf of the LLC Members. We have been informed that there will be an initial Creditors meeting to be held (virtually) on the 12th November 2020 and AV Corporate Services (AVCS) has been invited to attend on behalf of all the LLC´s it Manages. We have been requested by MNP to complete an official claim form for each LLC and to provide supporting documentation before the Meeting on the 12th November 2020, therefore we are currently in the process of preparing said documentation on behalf of the LLC. Following the Meeting we will provide you with a further date on the main areas covered and we would hope to be in a position to release TFDC Bankruptcy update 2 during the week commencing 16th November 2020. In the meantime we thank you for your continued patience and understanding. For and on behalf of AV Corporate Services Ltd
  19. Creditor Virtual meeting date has been set 12 Nov 2020 2pm AST AVCS is listed to represent DELAWARE LLC investors
  20. ‏Hello This is today's post on Facebook‎ Geoff Bird There's some details on Terra Firma's bankruptcy here. At some point soon the receiver is obligated to hold a creditors' meeting, which I assume most of you would be able to join. https://mnpdebt.ca/en/corporate/creditor-services Geoff Bird I don't think there's a date set yet. Not sure if it will be held virtually.
  21. Hello, Just incase you have not been checking your e-mail, this was received today:- "Further to our Mailing of August 2020 in which we informed you that the Manager had become aware of a petition to file Bankruptcy Proceedings, please note we can now confirm that this information is correct and is a matter of public record. It is our understanding that a Court Hearing in Nova Scotia has taken place in the last few days, when the bankruptcy petition was accepted by the Court. As a result, a Bankruptcy Trustee has been appointed and we have already made contact to begin the process to register the interests of your LLC. We understand that it may take a few weeks for the Bankruptcy Trustee to activate the process and revert to the Manager and other creditors. Therefore, the Manager of your LLC may not be able immediately to provide updates. That said, please be assured we will continue to keep all Members informed as and when information becomes available. As in the case of the previously notified legal process instigated so as to appoint a receiver in respect of certain property and assets of Terra Firma Development Corporation Ltd (“TFDC”), by a company called Resort Investment International GMBH (“RII”), the Manager will register the debt owed to your LLC as soon as we are able. This will incorporate the Loan Agreement each LLC entered in to. It is important to remind you, that the PwC Receivership action was not a liquidation of TFDC and did not involve any of the land assets owned by your LLC. However a bankruptcy proceeding would open up a route to formally register your LLC (and therefore indirectly yourselves) as an official Creditor, with the LLC Members being able to receive any capital distribution by the Bankruptcy Trustee at the end of his investigations. Please note any capital recovered in respect of the Loan Agreement would be divided amongst the LLC Members in proportion to their percentage interest in the LLC. It is important to emphasize that, at this stage, it is impossible to judge how much that capital distribution will be, but it may be small and may not be resolved in the near future. There may also be some costs involved. Once again, it is important to stress that the Manager has maintained your LLC in good standing paying all monies owed to preserve this position from its own sources. Similarly, your LLC’s assets and your percentage interest therein are still valid. Just to be absolutely clear, your LLC holds two main assets, firstly the debt owed by TFDC, as referred to above, plus a piece of land (valuation to be determined in the future). The ownership of the land is not threatened by TFDC’s situation. This land can be sold if and when the majority of Members in each LLC wish to do so and the proceeds distributed between the investors. Choosing the time to sell the land will be important, because when there is a bit more certainty as to the future of Forest Lakes as a whole, the value of land on the development may be affected. As a quick reference below is a quote from the April mailing in respect of the valuation/sale:- · To ascertain an official market value, the Manager would need to request the permission of the Members first. Should Members feel they would like to do this, they can instruct the Manager accordingly. There would, without doubt, be a significant cost involved, which the Members would need to approve and cover and, of course, the value of the land may change over time or in the event of TFDC’s failure, so now may not be the time to proceed with this. As highlighted in past mailings, key to being able to recover any funds from the sale of the land asset, held by the LLC, is to keep the LLC in good standing. As previously highlighted, the Manager does not have the legal qualifications, nor the experience, to represent the LLC and its Members in legal matters, and it can only act under the instruction of the Members. This would mean that, should the Members wish to take legal action, 50% of them would need to authorize the Manager to do so. In such a case, the Manager could look into sourcing legal counsel to assist the Members. Clearly, any costs involved would have to be borne by the Members. We trust the above has assisted you in respect of the current situation and as always should you have any further questions please contact us by email at [email protected] In the meantime, stay safe and healthy! For and on behalf of AV Corporate Services Ltd"
  22. Dear LLC Member, Fri, Aug 21, 2020 at 11:56 AM Please be informed that AV Corporate Services (“AVCS”), as Manager of your LLC, has become aware that a creditor of TFDC has made a petition for bankruptcy of Terra Firma Development Corporation (TFDC) with the Courts in Nova Scotia. We have received no communications from TFDC regarding the petition for bankruptcy, nor do we know as yet the details of the Petitioner, however, we do understand that the Court will study the bankruptcy petition and if accepted, a Bankruptcy Trustee will then be appointed and take charge of the bankruptcy proceedings from thereon. In the meantime, we would like to reassure you that the Manager will be seeking further information and will share any findings with you as soon as it becomes available. Whilst we fully understand this news will be very unsettling to you, as it is indeed for the Manager of the LLC’s involved, we respectfully ask that you do not send any questions through to as for the moment as we will be unable to respond until we have more details. That said, please be assured of our continued support and assistance in the meantime. Yours sincerely, The Manager For and on behalf of AV Corporate Services Ltd.
  23. Just wondering if you can write to AVCS requesting information as per the above post...
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