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  1. If your investment was through Citadel, Please apply to claim via this link:- https://www.fscs.org.uk/faile.../highpoint-trustees-citadel/
  2. Hello, At last, some positive news,,,,, An investor within FB group managed to retrieve his total investment via this firm https://www.wybract.com
  3. Yet I received an email stating that the votes result were for MNP strategy which is confusing MNP Marketing Strategy Proposal – Voting Results 1 message [email protected] <[email protected]> Fri, May 7, 2021 at 5:11 PM To: "[email protected]" <[email protected]> Dear Member,
  4. Hello, This is an email received by an investor on FB
  5. Hello, If any one comes across any form of advertising about FLCC project, please do write the party advertising, to question the credibility of the project. No more people are to be deceived by such glossy pictures etc.
  6. Hello, For the voting e-mail, if you have decided to vote NO, as a group of us have; it will be better to reply NO to the e-mail since it will be your proof of your vote.
  7. Hello, More threads from facebook posts:- Mark Tayler I voted No, and received an email inquiring what I don’t consent to. This whole process is pretty ambiguous, we really don’t have anyone looking after our interests. Gill Malouf I suggest everyone emails the liquidators and provides evidence why they don't trust Hutchinson....because I suspect once any money is transferred to him he will no doubt benefit more than his 'clients'.
  8. Hello, This is the continuous discussion going on in the FB group:- Upon receipt of this e-mail, the comments have been posted below:- Further to our recent mailing to you in respect of a request to vote as outlined below, we respectfully advise that the voting period has been extended so, if you haven’t yet voted, please do so as soon as possible. CLARIFCATION NOTE : Since the Resolution below was drafted and because of a number of Member queries, AVCS has sought clarification from MNP in respect of the powers of the Board of Inspectors over the decision-making proces
  9. Paul Kateley ١٥ يناير · Did anyone speak to Chris Allen from AVCS last year (or this yr) and what did you think about his views and looking after our interests? I spoke to him in April 2020 but haven't heard much since Inge Seibel-Müller Paul Kateley we are working on this. The First step we did, we asked MNP for a trade registrar certificate of
  10. Mark Smith ‏١٢ مارس‏، الساعة ‏٣:٣١ م‏ · Did anyone see an option to reject the resale? I followed the links in the email we all received with the intention of voting NO, but I could only see ‘I consent’, no option to reject. This is typical of this company!!! Anthony Goldby So if we just abstained from voting ,would that make it better or
  11. Hello every one including Nasreen, Again, just incase you do not have access to the Facebook group, (though I encourage you to try to join), here are some threads of the current discussions :- Mark Smith ‏١٣ مارس‏، الساعة ‏٤:٤٧ م‏ · Folks I was just thinking. When we entered into our agreements with Citadel/Highpoint whatever they were calling themselves over the years, our monies were to be held in an escrow. The thing about escrows as I understand them, is that they are a third party who
  12. Hello every one, and Nasreen, Yes a lot of debate is being discussed on the recent email to vote Y or N. I do encourage to join the group if you can. There are some investors in the Brazil project, but the focus of the discussion is on the Canada project. Here are some of the latest posts Ricken Bulsara , thank you very much for your mail and for posting the answer here. Still no concrete figures from AVCS on how much money could possibly flow back to us? Of course not. ... They just don't seem to be open to and honest with us! One example - Let me qu
  13. Hello, I know it is good to keep you updated with the discussions on FB, which I encourage you to request to join : Facebook, forest lakes country club, ns - duped investors. Here is an insight of some of our discussion on the subject:- I will try to post some more later.
  14. Hello Balbir, I tried adding you to Facebook group, I think you are from Birmingham ? I am not sure if you have been added, as I am not an expert in the subject. Nonetheless, please go to this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/223960518609669/permalink/422638808741838/?comment_id=422935548712164 or search "forest lakes country club, ns - duped investors" on Facebook, and ask to be added. I will also check within the group if you can be added. Good day !
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