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  1. Sure herehttps://www.fnlondon.com/articles/former-bank-of-england-economist-warns-qe-may-never-end-20180308 Unfortunately you have to subscribe to read the whole article. I just feel the the policy of cheap money and QE, which was only supposed to be a temporary fix seems to have dropped off the radar, when in fact it has now become a fixture in the economic cycle which is accepted.
  2. David Miles a former economist at the BoE said last year that he thinks QE will go on forever. Surely this could only work if the entire world banking system did it.
  3. Another reason not to trust the EU bankers. Mario Dragi has announced they are going to go ahead with an aggressive stimulus programme. Surely they can't do this forever.
  4. What do retailers expect? They encouraged everybody to binge spend a few weeks back with this Black Friday nonsense. Now they want them to do it again, and then again in the January sales.
  5. They took out an extra loan of £40,000 to put in new windows, and an extra loo, on a property they were renting from a bank. ?
  6. That's how I initially read it. Curiosity then made me want to read it.
  7. It's a dinner party conversation piece, or was. "We have a flat in Benidorm don't you know"
  8. Who said there was a problem? Just saying there are ongoing costs, as say, with a vintage car, or anything that is aging and you want to keep in good condition. It takes six weeks to service a Rolex, so I suppose on an hourly basis it is quite fair.
  9. Our economy is based on people borrowing and spending. I admire their resolve but, if everyone did that a lot of businesses would go bust.
  10. She is hell bent on losing votes. This extra funding for help to buy has just tipped me over the edge.
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