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  1. Hi there, many thanks for your response. I am not too concerned about the LL - I believe he's ok as long as he gets his monthly rent, which he will. I'm asking with respect to the government. As I am paying council taxes in 2 places now etc. Hope it is ok. Many thanks.
  2. Hi all, What risk or likely issue do I have if I keep to agreements (basically renting 2 properties)? Reason I'm doing this is because, my partner and I have moved into a flat (like intermediate rent) and she is paying me half of the rent. My previous place, I've decided to give to my brother to help him 'find his feet'. I'm paying the council tax and the rent is still in my name. He has just moved in. My previous place is a small place (en-suit room). So, it works out financially. Knowing all this, anyone knows if this is ok? Many thanks for all responses.
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