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  1. within the last month 3 mortgage brokers have told me, many ppl are doing 2 yr fixed again. hmmmm
  2. i've got the mortgage offer with halifax 2.29%, 90% LTV 5 year fixed. The only reason im thinking to change it to a 2 year fixed is because im planning to pay off extra in the next 2 years. so when i remortgage my LTV will be like 80%/75% and then i can get a better deal + i dont think the interest rates will go up any time soon, so i think it's smart. OR am i being stupid? just stick with the 5 year fixed.
  3. I've been reading that the bank of england may drop interest rates. My mate works at barclays in canary warf and he says there simulations say that interest rates are going to drop around june next year. However, he also said that their simulations change very often. I've placed an offer on a house (new baby arrived) and I got a mortgage offer for a 5 year fixed with halifax. I'm debating with myself whether it would be smart to change it to a 2 year deal and then reevaluate (hopefully getting a better deal).
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