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  1. Marrakech is a great city the place already has a flood of tourists coming in on the low cost flights so rental will be high. You go up Atlas mountains to ski. I am a big fan of this city of culture and on my recent trip found myself looking into buying here myself. Good luck Lina with your purchuse
  2. Thanks Fip, All we need now is the low cost/charter flights to come into Tangier airport and we will make a packet on our investments. Have you heard anything about a bridge linking Port Lixus with the town of Larache?
  3. Fip have you booked your flights yet to Morocco? you must be looking forward to it. Its a great time of the year to be in Morocco before the crowds arrive. If you see anything else worth investing in let me know 4 eyes better than 2.
  4. I agree The Soup Dragon, I just think that its the location that makes this place very special not forgetting Morocco's second biggest roman ruins of Lixus, I feel sure Port Lixus Larache will be special maybe its because I am a Moroccan and understand what's going into the place I can see things more clearly.
  5. I think your wrong Dogbox always remember location location location with the suites being frontline this is what makes them so special, if you get any closer to the ocean you would be in the sea. Thats one of the reasons this is a better investment then Siadia that offers no frontline properties. You cant compare with some place unheard of on the other side of the world, you would spend most of your life just travelling their, you get what you pay for at Port Lixus and that is a top class resort in a great location only 2 hours 30 mins flight from the UK now try and beat that?
  6. Can we please keep on the subject, this thread is for Port Lixus Larache only.
  7. I would agree that the Plan Azur resots are special and especially Port Lixus a smaller more exclusiive resort with the roman ruins of Lixus close by. The fact that the king would like to make northern Morocco a special case for development, means this will help Larache and Port Lixus as the government are particuarly keen to regenerate Larache so our investment here will be safe. I can see big price growth in this high class resort what do you guys think?
  8. I thought this may help you ,The beaches are very nice in this part of Morocco that I can be sure of Fip. The best time to visit is spring but the weather in Morocco is great all year round.
  9. Yes I can agree with some of your points but not all. If you buy in lets say Morocco at least the agent will understand the country and not get all his info from a book or website. But from a legal point of view I can see what you mean.
  10. HI Adams, Sorry to hear what happened with your reservation Port Lixus has some great beaches I am Moroccan as you can see from my name and have family who live in the Larache area, Larache is going to change a lot in the next five years. The hills just behind the beach are great for trekking and bird watching. If you have any questions on the area just ask me.
  11. Hi Dogbox, What agent did you buy your land from as I too am looking into buying land for investment in Braaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzil ??
  12. The motorway linking the resort to the rest of Morocco and the airport can only be a good thing, also the nearby ruins of lixus will help bring in the tourists.
  13. Contact the Moroccan tourist office they will give you names of agencies they trust. Some agecies hide behind a website and dont even have a address I would not buy off any agency that has not even given the address.
  14. Things have gone quiet here, what do you guys think in general about Port Lixus? My opinion is this will be a fantastic investment better than Saidia with a natural river around the resort and the site of lixus also close by. I was at A Place in The Sun at the weekend and noticed there was a lot of interest on the Property Borders stand for this resort and no it was not for there Moroccan muscian who was playing Moroccan live music lol
  15. dogbox quote, Im prepared to take a punt, afterall Im told (and will insist on) a 'free to flip' clause will apply. If you flip you first have to pay 5% plus vat
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