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  1. A general did but he had to sign off of it. He is Commander in Chief and it was a criminal act. The "following orders" defence did not work for the Nazi's.. A lot of them hung .
  2. Let it rip. isn't inflation supposed to be good for us?
  3. Obviously, a revolution. We're due one (its been 400 years)
  4. This a great post and should be pinned to the front page! So we have a political consensus . HPI forever from both parties and the LibDems offering nothing but NIMBY. We're stuck. Nothing short of revolution will change anything it seems...
  5. Just the other day he incinerated a whole family and an aid worker by drone strike. I take no pleasure in being right about this criminal
  6. I have zero dependents and zero responsibility which is how I like it. I tried to get a pet for company but the LL won't let me.
  7. Hope not. We're relying on Trump coming to the rescue in '24. Wait until you see the mess the Democrats make
  8. "If my landlord asks me to leave, I'll have to go into emergency accommodation", said Sue, who's 61 and owes around £2000 in unpaid rent. She's one of thousands of renters who fell into arrears during the pandemic, according to the debt charity StepChange. A poll they carried out with YouGov suggests 10% of private renters are now behind on rent. The charity estimates they owe on average just under £800 each. StepChange is calling for emergency support from the government as things like the furlough scheme and the uplift to Universal Credit payments are phased out. A spokesperson for the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government said that unprecedented action was taken to keep people in their homes during the pandemic - and that it was right, as the economy reopened, for measures to be lifted. "Extremely stressful" Sue had recently left her job and was looking for a new one when the pandemic hit. With no furlough pay, she enrolled on Universal Credit while she looked for work. The benefits weren't enough to cover her rent, and as a result she underpaid for months. "My landlord was initially understanding" she explained, "but when restrictions relaxed I was asked for full rent as well as payments towards my arrears, even though my situation hadn't changed." Help from her local council means Sue is now back to paying full rent - but with no chance of paying off the debt she's accrued until she finds a job. "I'm constantly worrying about the prospect of being evicted." "I've also fallen behind on things like credit card payments so my credit rating is low - it could stop me getting something else." For Sue, the impact has been significant: "I try not to let it get to me, but there are often nights when I can't sleep. My blood pressure's been up - it's extremely stressful." https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-58589759
  9. Some believe it could explode if things turn logical. I'm glad you own some to underpin your investments
  10. I don't know the answer. but I have few worries not being in these bubbles. You, OTOH have wifey and kids to think about and responsibilities Not for me. Good luck
  11. I choose to stay poor. Yes. I'm only in e gold and cash. I don't care. One day the taxpayer will have to bear my burden unless things correct in the next 30 years....
  12. Who aspires to be a scumlord ? The kid is seriously mad. He should do other things with his money than sink it into the property market (right at the top).
  13. I recall Schiff saying in one of his podcasts he invested directly in oil wells. Didn't sound cheap though sounds a good plan. You can gain exposure to anything and I mean anything with Exchange traded fund (ETFs). You need to see someone who knows what their doing like a financial adviser to match your philosophy with prudent investments
  14. Worked for thousands of years before 1974. You used to be able to redeem your dollar notes for actual gold
  15. What about those people on YouTube flashing their new cars and BTLs? Surely can be traced but won't hold my breath
  16. Too much printing = inflation = trashing the currency The fact that all the others are doing it doesn't mean anything. We're close to the breaking point with higher inflation
  17. I'm really not priced out though. I'm a happy renter for eternity if necessary and then I'll be a burden on the taxpayer
  18. So long as the money holds value, yes. But they can't take the p*ss otherwise they trash the currency. We're close to that.
  19. Govt can print money but cannot print wealth, productivity, goods or services. Ask the people of Zimbabwe, Cuba, Venezuela etc. what just printing reams of paper money can do . Gov[t NOT EXEMPT from fiscal sanity despite being able to print "money".
  20. Remember when Gates used to be reviled and got pies in his face etc. That's when he started to promise to give it all away. It's all about PR nothing more. Gates now plays doctor on TV and tells us we need to accept vaccines
  21. It USED to be £50 billion a year under Blair and Brown Talk about not being able to keep costs under control. We clearly need a re-think on healthcare. When will you wake up @byron78? You know something there are people on this forum that are realists and economics is not hard to understand. We run our own budgets /households & businesses and should apply that to government. You would never be able to spend more than you have for years and years or let costs get out of control. I believe Thatcher called it "pocket book economics". Gov't should run like a household. It is not special or exempt from the laws of fiscal sanity .
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