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  1. how can you actually go through life with your attitude to people? No one has the choice of deciding who lives - their partner or their child no one wants to see their family suffer whatever age they are are you saying that your own parents like to see you suffer then/ Is that what drives your vitriol? No person is worth more or less than any other and my boomer parents are certainly not worth less than you as they have a far more positive attitude to life and all people whatever age they may be My wife is a surgeon ion the NHS and i find these ridiculous suggestion that some people are treated better than others to be disgusting and ignorant beyond belief Also I am 29 I have good housing - so do my friends I do not go through life playing the victim and pretending that the world hates me
  2. Nice idea but no company is a charity - they exist to make profit To be fair it would be like someone asking you to see your car for less than you may be able to get for it so that someone who cannot quite afford it is able to buy.
  3. Then move, or ask people nicely to give you some of the money which they sacrificed their own life to acquire, Agreed - I work to look after myself and my family. There are plenty of people in this world who have more money than do but I do not expect them to give me any of their dosh. Me? i would love to own a mansion on Hampstead Heath but I cannot afford that so I cut my cloth accordingly. Do you think anyone would? What if their own lifestyle choices such as unprotected sex with assholes, smoking and beating your kids are what put them on the streets? I don't like to see even this person out on their ****, but if you subsidise these negative behaviours, you increase their prevalence, especially if you are simultaneously punishing supporting yourself. Agreed again.
  4. of course but renting and patyng a LL mortgage is the ultimate in intelligence
  5. When the index falls it is a good time to invest in the pension This is not a big deal markets go up and down The virus will eventually die out and the m,market will rise Nothing to see move on
  6. which is exactly what has happened in other flood risk areas such as Wraysbury in Surrey
  7. I heard on the World Service last week that the Chinese govt have already said they will bail out companies that have struggled due to the virus
  8. £250 a day is 3.58 times £70 a day. Most builders and not on PAYE so they do not pay huge amounts of tax as they claim against tools, business vehicle, phone, boots etc. A guy in my local is an electrician - specialises in very complicated stuff not house rewires - is currently doing a huge job at Fullers Brewery for the new Japanese owners who are modernising the premises - last year earned about 80K. Lad at my football club is a painter and and decorator. £200 a day. I asked him, to decorate my house as he will do a much better job than I would and I do not want to spend all my weekends doing it. he cannot fit me in until first week of May. he starts at 7 am finishes at 3pm - gives him more time with his wife and kid than he would ever have if he worked in an office of a shop from 9-5. Equally is someone would rather earn £70 a day to do easy work a shop rather than do a harder job for £250 a day that is a personal choice to which they are entitled. Agreed that is what we have done and what I will do in the future
  9. To an extent I agree with you. I and my family love the countryside which is why we do not want to see it covered with housing to give homes to people who migrate to the UK. To us bees and hedgehogs and birds etc have to be looked after this has been their home for 100's of years. Again I agree that owning a home does men you have costs if people choose not to buy I have no issue with that but do not understand why some complain about house prices when they do not want to buy a house anyway.
  10. My friend,as someone from a very working class background I could not agree more. And that is how it should be - but if people want to go to uni and study sociology and end up stacking shelves good luck to them.
  11. On what basis do you assume that? On what basis do you assume that? That is why you are not the CEO of a lending institution
  12. honestly not trying t be rude here but may I ask why you did not buy the house when t was selling at 275k a few years ago? The thing is all any of us can do is deal with life as it is in the here and now - there are many things that I think have changed for the worst but am sadly stuck with them ? ?
  13. So all the leaders in all other nations are totally wonderful and not in any way corrupt LOL The age of entitlement - "if I cannot have everything I want it must the the govts fault never my own I am a victim" "anyone who has more than me is lucky and should be despised" "nothing I could have done differently such s buying a house when prices were affordable" I will do both
  14. Agree totally - I would live to live in a house overlooking the river on Richmond Hill and drive a Maserati. I cannot however afford to do so. I do not expect anyone else to pay for me to do so I would not go to a country where I had no skills to offer and or could not speak the language and expect to either be successful or to be looked after and to receive benefits. Totally correct
  15. Both - the 2 things are not exclusive The fact is that there are many lazy people who do not want to work The fact is also that AI is destroying jobs particularly low paid unskilled jobs - I was at a kitchen factory last year which 7 years ago employed 1000 people - with automation it now employs 60. Just look at your local bank or building society. I was chatting to the people in my Lloyds who said that 5 years ago they had 25 staff now they have 5. Those jobs they told me have been lost to automation Petrol stations used to have a pump attendant now it is self service Car parks used to have a guy in a box taking money now it is by machine Macdonalds now has an option to order on a screen and has reduced staff as a result. Supermarkets have self service till so less till staff Nearly all of the large scale "re-structures" that happen involve low skilled admin staff being replaced by AI - Tesco last year reduced staff by around 4,500. Of that number around 3,000 were replaced by AI. The tugs that move aircraft at Heathrow used to have a driver - now they are driver-less and on and on and on and on The western world is facing in not so many years unemployment akin to that of the great depression - but no one wants to talk about it and puts their head in the sand There are at the moment still some low paid jobs in shops as cleaners in cafes etc Anyone on benefits should be offered these jobs If they do not take them they should not get benefits - if they refuse to work they should not be able to ponce of the taxpayer
  16. +1 This multi multiculturalism was forced on the population who were knot asked if it was what they wanted or agreed with They voted against it twice now and the left still bury their head in the sand an think that the reason they lost is because people are so silly they did not understand the message from the left and all they have to do is make sure they understand it next time +1 - When my grandparents and [parents go the only people who will benefit financially will be me and my family. When I go the only people who will benefit will be my kids and any kids that they have at that time
  17. I think that society has duty to support and look after it's indigenous people who cannot work due to ill physical or mental health. It does not have any responsibility for migrants who move to a country who are already unable to work due to illness or who are unable to work because they do not have the required job skills or language skills or who can only do low paid jobs that are insufficient to m,eet housing and nutritional needs. I think that anyone who can work and is unemployed should be offered jobs that are available, if they refuse to take the job their benefits stop at once. Society does not have a duty to support people who are lazy and idle. Let them rot.
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