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  1. If I was a billionaire I would laugh and I would have better things to do than look at fb and twitter and insa Being on social media is being "in touch" hummmmmmmm
  2. I have been doing some work in Norfolk and Suffolk - they seem to be very busy and report a lot of white flight from London which is keeping prices up.
  3. never heard of the man and who cares it is just one person's opinion
  4. No one knows - most just say what they hope will happen
  5. can onoy speak from personal experience. My GP surgery is excellent. I ring in the morning the doctor calls back by 1 pm. I had a stomach ace which lasted for 3 days and rang in. Spoke to the doctor who said he wanted to see me- asked when and he said asap just get here and tell reception you have arrived. I had a operation on my hip as it is the wrong shape and as I do a lot of sport can get painful. Again from going to see my GP i was x rayed and saw a consultant within 4 weeks. He put me on the list to hafe the hip re-shaped - had a call 4 weeks later asking if I could get on on the Monday as they had a cancellation. After the op I was out the next morning - cannot fault any of the staff I met they were magnificent - food was also very good!
  6. Exactly! It's a stupid endeavour to even try, as I said back on 31 December 2018...... Agreed totally - who cares just get on with your life
  7. I have no issue with that each to his own but if you do not want to work do not moan that you cannot afford to buy a house. I am not saying everyone who does work can buy a house but if you do not have you have no other means of income you certainly won't. Unless you marry a wealthy girl! Immigrants do not live in houses so do not affect the property market - keep on repeating your mantra. Not sure that was it's aim but it is certainly what has transpired. I do not have fb or twitter or insta not interested. agreed - most courses are a ponzi scheme to keep lecturers in a ob who are not capable of working in the commercial world. Many employers totally disregard applicants who have a degree in humanities which are seen as soft degrees. Sadly teachers tell every kid that every degree is worthwhile and panacea for future prosperity which it is not. Agree again my idea of heaven is kicking a ball about with the kids. Problem is that sl many kids think they are going to be staggering wealthy in the future. These was a report I read last week (forget where exactly) that said 50% of under 25's thought that they would be millionaires by the time they are 35. They are buying into consumerism not rejectingf it.
  8. He has a silly tattoo not angry then ? no one says a ball went through her window I read it as they are kicking a ball about and making a it of noise which now defines kids as "yobs" if these people want to meet yobs they should move to places like Tottenham or Edmonton where some of the the kids carry knives not balls Sterling does have a very silly tattoo!
  9. I am amazed that you cannot see the freedoms you have in av very liberal nation if you think that having to pay for a TV license is an infringement of your rights I suggest you do not move to any arab or african nation where you are told who to marry what to believe whilst I would never dream of watching anything other on the PC beeb the sport on the radio alone is worth the licence fee to me the uk is the most overcrowded nation in Europe - it isd not practical to build loads og 1600 sq. ft houses at 1,600 sq ft It is a result of desperation and anger, until the cost of housing is reduced, it is only going to get worse. The fact is supply and demand hugely affect property prices. I have no sympathy for people who espouse mass immigration then complain that house prices are unaffordable
  10. I think the place where a person feels the most secure varies from person to person. In an ideal world work is something that pays the bills and security should be with family and close friends who are the really essence of happiness. Of course I agree with Scott a person with a lot of money in the bank is likely to feel far more secure than someone who has nothing in the bank.
  11. affordability is down to supply and demand - if there was no demand prices would fall - what has happened is that the market has become more difficult so home owners have often decided not to move this reducing supply which has kept prices from falling. business which employ millions of people desire low interest rates - if interest rates increased hugely there would be job losses so demand would fall but that would not be good for those who had lost their job . Many people would love to be able to buy a house in London but they cannot afford to so they move to a less expensive location.
  12. This is a great post - I'd never quite thought of it like that, but it's exactly right. Boomers see Millennials with a lot of stuff, far more than they ever had at that age, and assume it's wasteful spending on stuff that means they can't afford a house. Millennials are rightly jealous of the ability of Boomers to have bought houses, but forget that other than the house most of them had just a Radio Rentals TV and a week's holiday in Bournemouth. very true on all counts - 3M plus unemployed in the 80's in a nation with a far smaller population than we have today - massive changes to the work place - huge redundancies - whole towns and regions such as the north east being in total decline due to mines closing
  13. No they are weak and will just self harm and sit on a "friendship seat" They are offended by name calling so any idea of action is bizarre
  14. So a kid playing football and not sitting in front of a screen is a yob - I like to see kids out playing and being active
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