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  1. As funny as it is bashing the yanks, there really is no point making gross generalisations about 300 MILLION people! Would you make the same generalisation about the entire population of Western Europe?
  2. Probably close to zero as 92% of the UK is white.
  3. Please don't listen to the negativity from posters on here. Regardless of whether or not I agree with the Iraq wars you guys have my utmost respect and you do this country proud.
  4. Probably not if you'll want to bring it back the the UK at some point. When the carry trade finally ends, it's currencies such as the NZD that will fall the most.
  5. From The Times this morning: Bank Governor hits back at criticism over inflation http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/busi...icle1701419.ece
  6. Is this really true? Why would they riase when CPI is below their target?
  7. Would you care to support this opinion with some facts/reasons/explanations?
  8. Yep, there was a significant REAL interest rate back then. Now savers get completely shafted and borrowers rewarded!
  9. Wrong. If we had a currency actually backed by something (e.g. gold) then inflation could be ZERO. Inflation is a form of taxation that redistributes wealth to those that create the money, i.e. governments/banks. Now, only a certain level of inflation is politically tolerable in a democracy before a government will be punished for it, hence the need to keep it under control and the need for other forms of taxation to make up the shortfall.
  10. So 45% of vendors are not serious enoough about selling to pay a few hundred quid for a HIP? I find that a little hard to believe!
  11. Yep I got 11/1 on "No Change" earlier today on betfair !!
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