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  1. Indeed. It was meant to be a disaster that we didn’t join the Euro. Never heard anyone, or any party, suggesting since then that we revisit that decision. As for Brexit, we will see as well....
  2. The SNP will never accept losing the referendum - they can’t as their party name suggests.. It must be strange to be a politician where your primary stated aim has been defeated by the voters but it’s still permanently at the top of your to do list.
  3. I know I am but what are you? Sorry, couldn’t resist!!
  4. Unlikely the keyboard warriors would turn up!! And the last few pages have been a waste of time because it’s a golden debating rule (so a friend tells me) that the first person to mention Hitler/Nazis has already lost...
  5. Just look at the success of ‘influencers’ on the internet. Completely beyond my comprehension but it’s an alarming example of how people crave to be led. Can’t think for yourself? Hey, sub contract it out and get someone to do it for you. And as for cults we have Bitcoin threads as useful examples...
  6. Wow! Please can we have this thread as an echo chamber???!,, Other people’s points of view questioning the narrative are not welcome!!
  7. I’m not sure a medium size tech firm counts as an ‘institution’. Governments, banks, pension funds, blue chip company treasuries - once we see these holding crypto as a meaningful part of their liquid assets then a significant change will have happened. In the meantime, we’ll carry on with the Wild West....
  8. A Tesla Roadster 2 is about £150k so not for mere mortals. Nice looking car though but Aston Martin is the competition not the MX5....
  9. Interesting thought and a very plausible outcome. I can’t work out though, why Tesla seem to have left the body and cabin designs as an afterthought. They’re both pretty average- maybe dull even for basic ‘sedans’. And what about two seaters, open tops, RVs, estates, pickups, etc. Maybe those are in the pipeline. There’s a lot more needed before we all buy Teslas but as you say maybe we’ll have have some new entrants.
  10. From one of the messages on the bondreview link posted earlier; ‘I have been taken for a ride by several U.K. property loan notes, unfortunately, but compared to ANY of the others (for instance Signature), the Magna Global loan note holders are by far the most disorganized, ineffectual and spineless.’ So you can lose on property but hey ho ignore that and just keep loosing more... A crash may be a long time coming.....
  11. Unless I’ve misunderstood the situation, it’s all less complicated than that. An uplift would be payable to the sellers if the buyers built a house on the land and sold it within 40 years. Nothing else. As the buyer if you know that at the time of purchase, then fine. Hand over the 10% (or whatever the agreed %) whenever you sell the house you’ve built and you’ve still got 90%. The sellers are taking a massive risk to introduce this at the last minute as they have a good chance of losing the buyer. And you can only keep the uplift ‘a secret’ once!!!
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