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  1. I assume that’s your pathetic name for the AZ - how old are you -10?
  2. Agreed and now that mindset of ideals/identity politics/handwringing has become entrenched in the shadow cabinet then Labour can’t get anywhere. Hence the almost non existent opposition to the Tories and the apparent complete lack of policies. A massive government owned social housing programme is thoroughly Labour and would bring votes in droves and that’s just one policy. But they can’t bring themselves to even discuss it..
  3. Except in reality, the price drop may be marginal with the costs saved in drivers being hoovered up by technology and regulatory costs and the profits for big corporate who will undoubtedly control the service. Electric scooters/bikes for hire seem to be the almost the same price as taxis and you’re the driver!!
  4. Well durrrr. When gen x reach boomer age then they’ll own the majority. Why the **** should you expect to be rich BEFORE having done a lifetimes work, paid a mortgage for 25 plus years and perhaps copped an inheritance? i would hope to be well off at 65 and expect to be skint when I’m 25. Not sure what the story is here....
  5. Understanding risk involves learning about it and inevitably making mistakes. We now live in a society where risk taking is seen as unacceptable and if you do take one and it goes wrong, then someone other than you else must be found to blame for the consequences. I see people on their own, wearing masks in empty parks, fields and the countryside. Either they love the feeling of their face being covered or they cannot understand risk. My bet’s on the latter....
  6. I made an investment yesterday. It’s a terrible one with no chance of an increased return, my money is likely to be worth less tomorrow and in a few years it’ll probably be all gone. As no one ever said about making an investment. Its a comforting time to be investing in crypto as the whole world and his wife seem to be saying how great it is. Usually that’s a sign for me not to enter a market. However this time it really does seem to be different. It’s a bet on the future of money but the real test will come with government and central bank interventions on digital money.
  7. Most new build estates seem to be next to main roads or nearby motorway junctions. No one wants the cost of building road access infrastructure to cope with thousands of new homes so they have to take advantage of what’s already there. if you want to avoid a new build estate springing up and covering the fields next to your house, don’t buy a property anywhere near a motorway junction...
  8. Companies need to start realising fast that the education system (including university) isn’t going to provide them with skilled employees. Nicking them from other countries has been the answer but that’s suddenly ground to a halt and I wouldn’t be betting on it for the future. It is admittedly tough for SMEs but for big corporates there’s no excuse. There are bright capable people everywhere but they need in house long term training and companies need to stop looking at CVs as the only way of selection. Companies seem to have devolved all responsibility (and of course costs) for properly
  9. Isn’t that a reasonable aspiration for the average person? If you want more than that you’re going to have to work much harder/smarter/luckier. I’m not sure how we can all retire with large detached houses, weekly visits to Michelin starred restaurants and a month in the Maldives each year.
  10. Agreed, in that one way of beating a bubble is to take part in another. Can’t argue with the logic if it’s done well for you.
  11. Except that paragraph containing the line you highlighted is not referring to the definition of an asset. But I’m sure you realised that...
  12. Says a website dedicated to crypto..🙄 Here’s an alternative view, just for balance of course.... “Is cryptocurrency an investment or an asset?” Neither. Cryptocoins are collector’s items, like Hummel figurines or Magic The Gathering cards. Cryptocoins are only worth something if you can find some other collector who wants to buy them. They are not money in any real sense: they are not a store of value, a unit of account, or a medium of exchange. If you want to buy cryptocoins, be aware that there is no way to predict what you can sell them for, at any point in the future. Y
  13. I’ve always had Vodaphone - never the cheapest but consistently better coverage than the others and customer service never a problem. My wife always has one of the other networks so we have a better chance of coverage between us if there are problems/lack of signal. Problem is you can’t provide a decent service if you don’t charge for it. Virgin Media are falling foul of that at the moment. BT are expensive but their broadband is rock solid and they answer the phone (in English)when you call. I’m ok with that deal 👍
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