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  1. Hello, Just wanted to ask if anyone knows whether landlords are obliged to make sure there is sufficient soundproofing between their floor and my ceiling? I have been suffering for years from impact and airborne noise because there is definitely no soundproofing in his floors. obviously, i hear every step, every sound. And when I approached our building management company about this issue (since when we were changing our floors they forced us to soundproof the floor and did numerous acoustic tests), they told me it is not in my neighbour landlord's lease that he has to soundproof the floo
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    Hi. I have a slightly complicated issue to discuss and would like the best possible advice. I am a private landlord and realised after my tenants moved out and asked for their protection details that I failed to register their deposit. Unbelievably stupid mistake, agree, total disaster! Genuinely this one slipped through the net...I have rented out previously and always registered immediately, i have proof that this money was never used. Throughout the tenancy, I was a very friendly, responsive and helpful landlord. And we always had a friendly/professional relationship. Tenants caused d
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