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  1. I follow 'fesshole' on twitter...ok, I know 😁 where the tweets are confessions to discretions people have committed. One person 'confessed' that they had taken out a massive bank loan and maxed out a bunch of credit cards to fund a two year round the world trip with no intention of repaying the 'loans'. There were several, alot of responses along the lines of "you might as well, we can never afford a house anyway" type replies. So people are aware of their disenfranchised position...whether they have the will to change it or can is another matter
  2. i suspect the same. We've now stated that we would prefer to continue on a periodic basis. If the answer is a 'no' I'll ensure the landlord is aware of our 'preference'. I thought I'd seen it all from estate agents, but chucking people out in the current circumstances is a new one on me! Although the 'lockdown' will probably be over in July. Not much bother to me, there'll be some good deals elsewhere in this market, but if i had to uproot kids and family...
  3. Yes, will absolutely string them along. They've issued S21. My job is secure at the moment, but totally agree that things could look very different for more of us (including the landlord) very soon. So I won't be signing up to anything just yet. Even if I did sign another contract, I'd have negotiated the rent down first.
  4. we're still paying too, no good playing by the rules, but I still do it. we have 3 months before our 1 year contract is up and the agent is already requesting that we renew. we either sign up or leave apparently. no mention of the periodic rolling contract option! ? will keep them waiting...
  5. Pure anecdotal, but wanted to share...We rented a place in a town in the SE 4 years ago. I noticed it had come back on the rental market last month. We were paying ~1600pcm, now its on for 1250pcm. I should probably feel a bit sick but what could explain this drop? COvid19 or just that it is a bit more wrecked than it was 4+ years ago (assuming the landlord hasn't spent anything on it)...or worse, we were paying too much!! not too bothered, we were only there a few months ?
  6. my friend's wife works in a west london estate agents and said that at least 6 private renters had walked into her branch in a single day, put the keys to the rented property on the desk, said they were vacating and left them to it. Trying to think back to when he told me, this must have been a week before the lockdown was even announced
  7. My girlfriend has been to view some flats to rent in the last couple of weeks. I couldn't join her, so I asked her to enquire about the tenant fee ban in June while she was with the EAs. One EA didn't think the ban would come into effect on the 1st june as the legislation had already been postponed once. The other said, these were her words "you'll still be charged some fees, they won't all be stopped". Good luck with that! Another suggested that they would be happy to halve the fees (to about £400) if we were to go ahead. We've decided to move in June
  8. We went to view a house on Saturday during the Easter weekend. When I called to book the appointment (at very short notice), the EA said that he was available any time that day as it was very quiet over Easter. He didn't attempt to appear busy.
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