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  1. I thought we had a democatic vote to leave or stay....maybe I just dreamed it...leave won btw....although as it was probably just a dream does it really matter? πŸ˜‰
  2. Remainers don;t need evidence...they occupy the moral and intellectual high ground......don;t you know πŸ˜‰
  3. right now if you do not have existing paid for house or a mega chunk of equity made in the boom....Renting is a hedge against all manner of ills to do with buying a house now with a huge debt load......the debt....the maintenance.....the insurance.....the price falls.....
  4. considering they magic it up with the aid of the BoE and the debtors note....it's money for old rope isn't it ?
  5. would be worth the risk seeing the blokes face seeing this though wouldn't it πŸ™‚ ?
  6. agreed ...there are always those who fall foul of new regulations....you simply can't cover every eventuality....perhaps those mortgage holders shoud be grateful they managed to borrow at all under a more lax set of rules....they don;t see that though...
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-15018807 It's shocking that this is the case as has been seen many times.....with Leylandii being used as weapons to all intents and purposes
  8. If someone doesnt give a toss to care what kind of blight they inflict they inflict on their neighbour is pretty shabby behaviour imo....the problem is in this country with rising prices people are always looking to make an extra buck and they don;t give a **** how they do it.....even if with extensions they get it wrong(cos theyre stupid) and it has the opposite effect....on them and their neighbours.... Spoke many years ago to an EA about seling Traveller properties....they don;t do gardens and rip them up and pave it all over.....come sales time it's a big negative....us Gorgers...Country people as they call us want GARDENS........esp for big detached properties The good thing in a FALLING Market its not worth doing anyway.......I wouldnt expect the govt to understand this...they probably think this is a free way to stimulate the market.....WRONG....its a way to set people at each others throats....
  9. As soon as I saw this i thought that is going to lead to some nasty antics between neighbours..... I know of a house where the bloke built an extension didn't even render it on the neighbours side let alone paint it.....i suggested getting a mural artist in and painting a mural/cartoon of the bloke on the other side with a scrooge like theme...and then invite the ******** around for a BBQ and see his face....... The bloke was perfectly ok leaving his neighbours looking at breeze blocks and the irony would have been given permission to do the pointing from the adjoining property.....
  10. I think that is a great question to fire at him in a videoed interview: I suspect the response would be like this bloke below:
  11. if you want examples of where the rules have been ignored try googling about where a lender has stepped in to pay for work done on leaseholds to protect the lenders asset where the debtor couldnt or wouldnt pay it.....and simply slapped it on the mortgage....no checks no nothing...... Because as well know if you don;t fulfill the obligations on a leasehold the freeholder can take the property...... Why oh why do people pay/borrow hundreds of thousands for a glorified rental and why oh why can the lender circumvent the lending process ?
  12. They also have Viktor ..."Hungary for Hungarians" "take your immigrants/refugees whatever you want to call them and shove them up your EUrifice" Orban
  13. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-05-25/nigel-farage-takes-down-another-tory-government-bye-bye-theresa-may
  14. I was trying to explain Nimby to some Germans a while back.....some things just dont translate very well......nicht in meinem Garten as per Google translate just doesnt work nicht in meine Umgebung = not in my environment.....yes ..ish nicht in meiner nΓ€he = was the best i could do ...not in my area/vicinity Once we got that they still were shocked how selfish these blighters are and couldnt really get their heads around it why they would behave like this.....it's much easier for developers in Germany in conjunction with local councils to build new properties.....its mainly based on demand .....i'm not saying Nimbyism .. doesnt happen but its not common......unlike here where anyone who already has a house seems to object to anything being built near them..it's like a mania
  15. Yes keep Bucks beautiful especially with the jubillee river scheme to stop the flooding and move the problem downstream aka 2014...as long as Maidenhead and Windsor dont' flood its all good isnt it ?
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