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  1. how can any vested interest be allowed to produce without oversight an indicator of price movement on the asset they are vested in ?
  2. we had 52% ...we leave..as for the first part have you been at the scotch winkie ? 90% as if any party or vote has achieved that...single or double malt ?
  3. you miss something Pop...you are prudent in your investments....and the trend was also your friend in recent years....some mug buys a house with borrowed money and it retraces 80%....he is screwed.....he has negative equity he owns less than nothing...you cannot apply your situation to others
  4. 2023 after 3 brutal years that will make the 90's look a picnic...the only way out is inflation...inc wage inflation and that aint happening....wha i believed is on course peak end 2015..its playing out as i expected so far... we are turning japanese as they did in the late 80's.....property will be considered a toxic asset...in the 90's everyone lost their hard on for property until Brown released the credit spigot...next time there is no way back for decades
  5. credit can be good it allows those without the money to buy to buy those who have cash to make a return...except now its got totally and utterly out of hand/// Credit used to oil the wheels now it enslaves..it;s probbly the worst in history,,,student loans...house prices..hte only way to win is not to play: The computer figured out the only way to win is not to play.....we on HPC...have figured that out...
  6. i was dismayed from 2012 to 2015 but that sugar rush from HTB is practically over...... and MMR and S24 are making and going to make the wheels come off... The HTB crowd are mostly likely in negative equity and that will worsen to horrific levels
  7. I do not agree with you and believe you are talking up your own book....there will always be exceptions to the rule....mate 237k from 305k asking....taken 2 years to sell...i hate leasehold...but it's one of the few i would consider...near station near town near the river.....many houses around here can't even get viewings let alone offers....mate had 2 sales fall through on the flat.... This has only just begun...prices peaked end 2015....with MMR BTL to up their exit at least the leveraged crowd....its big falls ahead....2023 willlook like the 90's but worse...
  8. perhaps you can provide something that provides confirmation of Nationwide's solid basis of data ?
  9. After the 29 crash property and land fell to cents on the dollar...because there was no credit ! Most houses are bought with credit ...prices are discovered on the margins(actual sales) if you don;t have the money in cash or the credit...you cannot pay...or the price comes down to meet what you can raise the sales that happen on the margins set the benchmark.....as it ticks lower the credit dries up as the lenders get nervous...sentiment changes.....self perpetuating this is where we are now.....imagine where we''ll be in 3 years time ? As SpyGuy will tell you MMR changes what is coming out of the lending spigot massively... This baby has been blown as much as she can be...the peak is behind us end 2015 circa.....it's all downhill from now Louise ! No matter what spin vested interests like Nationwide or Halifax try and put on it
  10. On a lighter note I can't help but think of Nicolas Parsons everytime I see Barnier ?
  11. yes agreed HTB distorts the stats.....those buyers of new builds with HTB will rue the day though....instant negative equity now....a few years down the line willl be brutal as prices correct
  12. just a few years back in Manchester area someone i know newish build 4 beds detached...had terrible trouble selling...because no subsidies or assistance...all the buyers were off to the BRAND NEW builds down the road
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