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  1. I wonder if there is any risk to Australian & US banks and whether this weeks fun might skew action in a direction. If Australian economy takes a knock there's less cash to spend on SSNs.
  2. He was rightly decorated. All soldiers have dark sense of humour. When cas-evac'd post action the joke was if he'd got the hat trick he got to keep the match ball, instead he'd won a toaster. Bloke did Kili with missing a leg said - saves on blister plasters and his 2 tours in Afghanistan were paralympics training. There is always a Mel Brooks joke when bacon & beans ratpacks appeared That said lot of people give the dark humour joke to hide mental scars / any perception of weakness. I just find it a little depressing we have the Call of Duty watchers talking crap on one side and people thinking anything in a uniform outside of the CCP is a cowardly Nazi. For reference btw when peacekeeping in Juba the Chinese abandoned their positions and fled back to base letting aid workers and civilians be killed and gang raped in buildings less than 100m away. Ethiopian troops were left outnumbered trying to defend another UN base against drunk soldiers and rebels as China suffered 2 soldiers killed and promptly refused to send help to them. The Ethiopians complained, China moaned, the UN report was changed to be less damning. One for you to think about @zugzwang when you make sweeping statements. Personally I find there's a lot of individuals who act very bravely with or without uniform and nationality rarely has any part in that.
  3. Nothing I have outlined is requiring security clearance it just requires a bit of knowledge and not being stupid and bilthly thinking annoying France represents a strategic win. There's a lot of posters with bob all clue repeatedly popping out nuclear grade guff as if its fact - ten seconds on Wikipedia could do a better job and that's generally Johnny Age 6 too. Time and again
  4. Would insects not be a more cost effective solution? Ground into flour or similar. Can feed on a variety of waste plant matter and stack them in small amounts of space. Eaten insects in Africa and not bad.
  5. Calm yourself you are making as much drivel as the other folks spouting guff lad. There's enough ******** being spouted on here by the Call of Duty experts but stuff as ****** as this doesn't help. You are making yourself look as pathetic as them and tbh I'd expect a lot better. Insulting people I have personally witnessed do daily acts most folks would shat themselves at the thought of is arseholery of the highest order. Having witnessed a guy get shot, get up and refuse to leave the battlefield only to be wounded again by grenade fragments and still continue, suggest you reconsider your seriously ill-considered and uniformed rhetoric
  6. Jesus I bought a case from Titanic and case from Lymehouse breweries - small locals - for what you've blatted on two pints there.
  7. The US veto prevented the offering of nuclear submarines. Part reason France is pissed is they've been ruled out. See my comments - SCALP maritime is the French cruise missile. It is based on the established Storm Shadow in use by RAF and French air forces, it is currently in use on their delivered SSN. As for single type you are continuing the Collins way beyond its service life. It is not the same as running a car an extra 30,000 on the clock those 6 boats may not make 2047 and certainly without SLEP. Attack onto Barracuda class gives phased approach, it is almost a single type as key systems would be common and training and migration to new type easier. It also removes the shallow reef and NZ no-go areas that China's more numerous conventionals can exploit. By 2047 the Collins may have had to be withdrawn. The new class will be totally new and any operational issues need working out as Aussification of kit will introduce issues just like it has in every other procurement programme they've done. Your assertion SSN is better is partially right but only in certain circumstance. The cost and first intro to nuclear could blow the whole programme and any delays mean it could be the dumbest acquisition yet. Going from a sub deterrent to a gap. The French also happen to have SSNs in the region along with a Pacific naval base which will now be closed to Oz. As will other important stations. This is all about America getting a customer and useful meatshield - disturbingly similar to how they tried to handle Japan in the run up to WW2.
  8. Australia is taking a larger role as it felt pushed about by China on trade. If it can club together with some regional players it becomes very important. If it doesn't it is a resources nation that may hit the buffers or be sidelined. It wants to make itself the Oceania bridge like we were for America in European theatre. It would have made much more sense to take equiv number of Attack class to Collins and then go Barracuda for four or 6 boats. Large areas of hull commonality and gain experience on type much faster. Issues of Barracuda are shorter fuel span - 10-12 vs 25 year. Also if Australians want in on potential Tomahawk nuclear replacement they need that. If they just want a land attack system then SCALP maritime is the naval Storm Shadow cruise missile ( we use Storm Shadow as ALCM). However if they went Attack initially then the Yanks have to sign off on treaty change for them to get nuclear. Americans want commonality with them so they can reuse facilities so boom they pushed their kit and dangled extra goodies. Australian politicians have continually messed up procurement and bashing this sub contract was a sport - each time they wantrd something else cost went up and delays. Same with Boxer system they bash Rheinmetall yet its them demanding Lancer turret install which handn't even been tested. There were much better ways of doing this and ironically Yanks want EU and France particularly to step in to fill the gap until Australia upgunned. In 25 years China's capability will have lept again. What's hillarious is watching people with the geopolitical and security awareness of a cabbage cheer this because the French are upset. Says a lot as they arguably are more important than we are to America in the China containment planning.
  9. @thecrashingisles @debtlessmanc @spyguy you 3 really have a special club of selective memories don't you.
  10. Your history is quite off China invaded Korea and pushed back the UN forces. China invaded Tibet China tried to invade Vietnam post reunification but aborted it. They kept those small reef islands China invaded and annexed parts of India.
  11. I'll save everyone's time you are. If they need a strategy just anything out of your mouth is generally wibble. Howeveron this your knowledge of the actual situation is woeful and your understanding of what this means for Australia and UK now and beyond is non-existant. Is that clear enough for you to remember for another time?
  12. 1. Not for its existing commitments but if it is taking an optional offensive role then Tomahawk is needed. Only reason they need this is if US is using them as a second offensive option. Also Australia needs a submarine now, not in 20+ years. The fleet may not be fully operational until 2050s and that is if the costs don't spiral, Australian economy isn't cratered and the whole thing not cancelled by future Australian govs. 2. Back to making stuff up are we? That was not France that was Italy. Now the Australians said they will be hosting many more US troops and lots of statements about it meaning US troops operating from Oz. America says no it won't. What would have made sense is take the Attack class and then introduce the Barracuda later - commonality, easier training, replacement of Collins class sooner and easier step to nuclear - but US wants them on the hook as they are still sore about Oz choosing Boxer as the ASLAV replacement. Background US have been trying to counter European nations winning a few procurement contracts with Oz of late. However this is more about how shitly the Americans went about this.
  13. Headlines and potentially some technology sales as yanks push Oz to expand Aus Forces. Also US were pushing us to do more in Pacific - like stick one of our shiny carriers in Pacific regularly. This may take some of that pressure off. We get to say special relationship a lot. We used it as some leverage in trade talks but looks like US swooped in and did their side proposal. Including on climate emmissions the Aussies forced us to take out of any deal - Yanks got concessions... Australia is heavily in bed with America on security. Downsides: No longer tech advantage or sole share from US so diminished importance to America - we don't form part of RIMPAC either. We have heavy defence links in Europe and guess who might just tell us to Foxtrot Oscar. Be interesting as Airbus and Leonardo / Agusta are bidding as we want to replace Puma. Move types need replacing soon. France and European partners may rule us out of future efforts like Merlin and Typhoon - which makes us dependent on America, who then jack up the price.
  14. Nope none of that the shortfin Barracuda / Attack class outperformed the original Australian requirement. The changes requested by Oz and redesigns to meet these again outperformed what was asked. Australia just thought if it pushed the Americans would give it nuclear tech that US treaty with them prevented French offering. So not a French failing and the Attack class had endurance of 80 days. Nuclear sub is generally limited to 90 - 100 by stores available to crew. So again none of your comment is true if you know all that its just your take. Outside of UK the reporting is Adelaide building, US submarine tech with UK supplying some systems so unlikely complete system. UK is overplaying what seems like US submarine tech sale. RR may be doing the reactor as US likes to keep that in house.
  15. Right shall I explain it again, its not that, it is quite simply they gave Australians access to a modified Barracuda class design - ie the one they are building as their nuclear submarine. They effectively shared technology and expertise going into their nuclear submarine fleet and are going to get no ongoing payment stream. It is also that the US pressured them and EU into taking a role in Pacific operations and the US was secretly stuffing them. It isn't any guff about desperately wanting be trusted in the Anglosphere or any Anglo-reading it is straightforward being used as a shield by Yanks with one hand and supplanted with another. They have been used. The disappointment that Biden is willing to do a Trump move and that its second time been screwed over by US in as many months
  16. I thought you wanted to be ignored? 2040. So that first submarine in 2047 if on time & on budget should just be sat at HMAS Stirling and no 2 probably just been handed over in Adelaide for sea trials... Bit late to have any impact. PLA has spend a small fortune already and has undergone massive re-equip programme. They are now showing off this kit and am assuming you pulled 2040 out of thin air. The PLAN ( sounds all Man from UNCLE when using acronym or People's Lib Army Navy) biggest drawback is the Political Officer with equality to the boat Captain. Who makes the calls with two in charge. There's also operational experience of battlegroup operations in theory and then practice. If China picks a fight first it will disassemble RIMPAC ( the Pacific military alliance loosely coupling US allies) by non-military action. Pushing Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Aus on trade was part 2. Part 1 was buying influence in the small islands US needs to romp around Pacific far from home. The US tried to contain China on trade but that just removed reasons to not push the military agenda so they don't have to back down again - Russia naval expansion was done post Cuba after they had to back down. The danger is not states misjudging its the tired individual in close proximity to perceived enemy misjudging intent. Two planes buzzing each other to intimidate touch and it can become a shooting war. If China knows there are nuclear submarines arriving in 2050 then bankrupting Australia and upping preparations for them just jumped up the priority league. Expect an ASW countermeasure on stream in 2030 and the Chinese upgraded Yulin for large carrier and nuclear submarine homebase. That's the South China Sea that is disputed by 5 countries. Bohai the submarine facility was expanded in 2020 for larger nuclear sub production. China is also producing aircraft carriers at two sites in parallel. Nobody else can do this and churn out 8 ASW destroyers and 20 frigates every 5 years. The kit needs skilled crew, that adds time but the Chinese are currently doing to America what America did to Japan in WW2. Outbuilding an established adversary and overwhelming their ability to compete even if they have better skilled and technologically superior assets.
  17. A South Korean official was asked how S Korea would respond to N Korean missiles if they were to land in Japan - with a beer - was the response. That tells you the level of animosity that a regional Pacific Theatre Alliance would need to get beyond. There's also the issue of direction - with NATO it was resisting Russian push from East largely across Europe. Everything could focus in that area and that Continent. Pacific you have multiple lines that would vie for attention and feel neglected if didn't get considerable backing - ie Japan defended by US who is defending Vietnam & providing a deterrent. NATO also encouraged standardisation - STANAG - for interoperability. That's fine with Aus, NZ, Japan & South Korea. Possibly even Philippines. Vietnam & Indonesia not so much. Arguably of more importance is countering China in the small island nations where it buys influence. Micronesia prime example where US took for granted local dominance and now finds China spent money and got the locals into a bidding war of US vs China based on what aid offered. FYI Micronesia & Palau are significant former Japanese WW2 outposts and where Pearl Harbour operational resupply was affected. They were German WW1 possessions. Funny how old issues keep coming back Edit: forgot to say RIMPAC already provides the backbone of defence co-op for US without the full NATO style setup.
  18. Its amazing that they literally cheer going from a unique position of advantage to losing that status is cheered as a victory. Bit like US special relationship that tried to put our civilian aerospace out of business ( jet technology & supersonic flight) until they caught up. They also suggested tech share on jet technology, looked at our designs in 40s and then classified theirs and prevented any sharing... Only marginally better than USSR which we sold an engine to expecting orders, which then went on to power the MiGs operating over Korea and fighting UK and allied aircraft. Both were cheered at the time as successes
  19. I believe theepisode of Yes Minister with the Integrated Transport Policy is very apt to what will happen here - ie nothing
  20. The Australians went submarine as Chinese ASW is their weak point of the fleet - that in assets outnumbers US fleet. Though US assets are more capable types. By adding Australian fleet assets the US can try and match China without bankrupting itself or hollowing out fleet commands elsewhere to bolster Pacific.
  21. And zero understanding of defence or security evidently. I can only conclude you don't understand any implications of any of it and like a few others are one handing clapping thinking it is one over on France and one in the eye at 'liberals' and 'the left'. In short pretty skim read and not very smart
  22. You do not share equipment of this type without requirement it be used in mutual interest. UK and ironically EU were lent on by France to send assets to Pacific to aid US efforts like freedom of nav. Taiwan has made statement it welcomes the new alliance - citing it as ensuring its independence If US is giving this it expects Aus to aid as a second front vs China expansion. Those subs are off to Vietnamese waters when they get delivered in over 25 years. Now as we are less important to US by this watch a drive to be involved from ever eager politicians.
  23. So speaketh the uninformed. We just went from solo accessor of US advanced submarine tech since 1958 to now sharing that with Oz. Britain just became less important and muppets keep cheering it as a victory. There's one born every minute they say
  24. One handed clapping that the Yanks undercut France and ignoring that deal means Britain is no longer the Special One is the myopia your mother warned you about if you play with it too much
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