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  1. A snap election can now only happen if an early election motion is passed by at least two thirds of the House of Commons after the Prime Minister has made a request for the general election to take place. Vote of confidence The other way that a general election can be triggered is if a government loses a vote of no confidence by a majority. If a new government isn’t formed with majority support from MPs within 14 days then parliament is dissolved and an early general election is made. However, after May suffered a defeat of 432 to 202 on her Brexit deal on January 15, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has tabled a vote of no confidence in her government. It was debated and voted on on January 16, and May narrowly won the vote of no confidence 325 to 306. If she lost, it could have triggered an election in 2019. So I think it wiil be in 2022.
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