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  1. Hi there, if you are on FB, please request to join ‘Forest lakes country club, ns - duped investors’ there are currently 13 members
  2. Hi all, great to see I’m not on my own with this predicament! The last I heard was an email in January from the Escrow folk advising that TFDC had told them there would be an update forthcoming. Still waiting on this as are we all it seems. I did get this from one of the TFDC people when I asked in December why they had taken their Twitter account down: ‘ sorry about the formatting but that’s the way it pastes from email. i myself invested in 2008, but did receive my intial investment back in 2013/14 as a ‘sign of goodwill’ due to the returns being so overdue. This would suggest to me that it is not a lost cause but as folk are saying, properties are being sold on land that we hold a share in! I think whatever happens, someone will take this development on as it seems to be quite popular but as I said in my original email, it seems ludicrous that if a director of a company passes, the company could cease. anyhow, let’s keep this forum active and share any new info we may receive! thanks, Mark.
  3. Seems now that @ForestLakesNS twitter account has been removed in the last few days. Looks like Forest Lakes investors may lose their investments
  4. Hi, is anyone else on the site invested in Forest Lakes through Terra Firma? It seems since the death of majority shareholder Bradley Marr, and other ‘severe setbacks’, things are very much up in the air. Surely investments can’t be lost due to the death of a shareholder? There must need to be other contingencies in place I’d have thought? Anyway, let me know if anyone else has any dealings with the location, or the Terra Firma company.
  5. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised Jon. Mine has increased substantially, we’re talking 70-80% above what we paid for them - of course MRI overcharged by 20-30% in my opinion, but I will still be well in profit. I consider this payback for having to top up on a monthly basis due to the shortfall between my rent caused by Dr O’s rent reduction and high hausgeld charges but I would strongly advise you contact a realtor and get a quote. They’re quite quick at getting back to you. I’d be interested to hear what yours is valued at. I will keep the forum informed as to the progress of mine, but being superstitious, I don’t want to tempt fate until I sign on the dotted line which should be in the next week or so. Let me know if you contact anyone for a valuation to see if we both are in the same ballpark. PM me if you like.
  6. Hey all, I know this is a long shot but are any of you still on the forum and still on possession of your Rubensstraße apt’s? It seems things have massively changed and we could make a tidy profit. Let me know if any of you are still out there.
  7. Hello all, just wondering if there is anyone out there who purchased a flat in Rubenstrasse or indeed any other Berlin location through MRI Overseas/Dr Ochel. We are all aware of the various issues that occurred, drop in the rent when Dr Ochel went bust, low rents ever since, extremely high Hausgeld (at thje moment it is 301E per month) Just wondering if anyone has any views on how things are going, or general chit chat about things 10+ years on.
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