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  1. Not holding coin but wanted to is a very stressful position, been there and done that. Best thing is just to buy in and put spare energy to working out how to buy more vs stressing out over the price not dropping to where you want. Obviously just put in what you can afford to risk at all times. Could be a spot for some dips coming up here aswell maybe. 6X only though over potentially many years. Feels kinda bearish if the google trends ever show bitcoin highly searched again. Would beat amazons market cap though so $60k still pretty impressive.
  2. This is the first time that it will be this way iirc. Be interesting to see if it can make an extra difference.
  3. With mining costs though? miner values them due to their costs of production. So if people want bitcoin they have to pay a reasonable price?
  4. Ok so with longer term... In 2013 pre halving we got a double bubble type move (mtgox probably influencing this not being a single bubble price move). In 2016/17 a fair few expected the same double bubble and i guess front running that expectation just made 1 single smoother price move? (no double bubble) So what does the front running the 2016/17 smoother price move create in this bull cycle? right now it seems to be creating an, earlier than expected price move. Question is, do we get an even smoother consistent price move from now until end of the bull cycle or something else?
  5. Yeah remember him saying something like this before, he likes that line haha.
  6. Also, the certainty that the halving causes moon is even stronger now due to past.
  7. Red or black doubling your money in roulette is 48.65% chance on single zero table = bad bet. Bitcoin doubling in price from the 2018 lows was bloody obvious = good bet.
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