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  1. https://www.spglobal.com/platts/en/market-insights/latest-news/electric-power/091321-factbox-uk-electricity-prices-now-most-expensive-in-europe Higher energy prices mean that what is left of our industry will face even more competition from asian markets. (No China is not going to Net Zero). This winter is going to be a nasty one.
  2. Vaccine have side effects. All drugs have it, however, if I catch the flu I am free not to take any and just spend a couple of days in bed.
  3. Oh stakeholder capitalism, what a nice word. There is no such thing as stakeholder capitalism. Only shareholder capitalism is possible in a free society based on the rule fo law and the exchange of contracts between two willing parties. Stakeholder capitalims is actually managerial control over the system, with the implicit green light from politicians. Managers are the barons who knows how the coutry actually run the politicians the kings who just want to keep their bottom on the throne. Managers, those who attended all these business schools, are the new aristocracy. As the old aristocracy they love no-profit and all the bs around this new mania. The power CEOs and boards have obtained is too great, we actually need MORE shareholder capitalism to fight them. A good point would be to legislate around the ETFs market, which only gives too much power in the hands of 3/4 major firms. I still think that in the UK and USA there is a strong movement around the concepts of classic liberalism, free-markets etc. Europe is ******ed.
  4. The government line is, as in every country in Europe and North America, to vaccinate 100% of the population. I have no idea why, I have no idea why teenagers are now being asked to take the jab even though it is of null advantage to them. I have also read that covid pass are still on the table after the Health Secretary only yesterday said they had been scrapped. I have no bloody idea what's behind this whole covid story, but it's about time our masters start treating their subjects with the respect they deserve.
  5. The first man to ever receive a jab died few weeks later as he had a serious illness. If your body is too weak it’s time to leave, sadly.
  6. These numbers are completely useless. At this point it should be clear that if those dying are the likes of William Shakespeare and his terminal illness they have a meaning close to 0. I’m sick of this propaganda, they must give us clear data with as much granularity as possible.
  7. I’d run the events at full capacity. I’ve seen the match in Budapest vs Portugal and the stadium was sold out. Just show your negative test or the vaccine and live your life. There’s literally nothing now preventing things going back to normal. Also I understand Wimbledon will go without restrictions? With these half empty stadiums they’re trying to prove what? Not to mention sport events have been welcoming fans for months now in the US and nothing serious happened.
  8. I suppose the same number of people flew from all over the world to Cornwall last week for the G7 circus, why is the government taking this position with the Euro?
  9. I wouldn’t worry too much. Sales figures are at all time low it seems. This is the upper market. Middle and low markets have been wiped out.
  10. Yes it’s completely fine. The same way the federal government can rule against one of the states. It’s check and balance of power. Without a clear written constitution it’s not clear where the red lines stand anyway. In this situation, like in the UK, courts would set the boundaries based on the interpretation of treaties and laws. It’s a non-argoument. On another page, if the UK must take unpopular decisions, I hope the yankees and the EU would send their marines and troops to make sure people in NI don’t turn the province in a war field as I think it would be unfair for the British tax payer to pay the price. I think it’s clear the UK have it right here, NI must be treated as a special region, with ad hoc frameworks, and this takes time and effort. It seems to me that the US think about Europe as one of those messy Middle Eastern countries these days.
  11. Thanks I didn’t know it. But honestly I can’t think about a country, a big one, without a 2 digits corporate tax
  12. Do you understand that your whole message is a sum of non-sense statements? Nothing personal here, just logic. I really mean it, it’s not an attack to you. If the cases and hospitalisation get out of control that would only mean that the vaccines are useless. If they are useless someone must pay, it won’t be enough getting headlines about a new variant from god only knows where. Another statement of yours just amplifies the terrible times we are living: when you say we have no clue if the vaccines actually work you are leaving me speechless, if they have given and lightly imposed the jabs to million of people I suppose they knew they worked? I mean this is what I read on the media. Why bother giving something to million of people if you’re not 100% sure it works? This is how these people run the medical field now? We think it might work let’s try and then we’ll see? In your last point you’re basically saying we should continue living in this state until nobody knows when. I tell you what the deal is here: we are in deep shit, the deepest shit we have ever seen. I can’t figure out whether we have run out of oil or the pile of debts is just too high that we need to impose a sort of global austerity for years. Also nobody really has a clue where the money for all these boomers retiring will come from. Im just surprised about one thing: 15 months of this nightmare and we haven’t seen any big firm closing the books. Ryanair, Easyjet, pubs chains, the likes of TUI etc all the restaurants the hotels must have found the money tree. If you want my 2 cents I think our masters believe we are at the end of the road and the world pre-Covid is no more. Brunch of psychopaths. .
  13. The proposal as we understand from the media doesn’t make any sense at all. Companies have dozens of ways to pay less taxes, all legal. I don’t really understand either how they can force let’s say Amazon to pay taxes in our countries. Also, we all know governments can handle sweeteners in the form of tax breaks to firms in order to bring them to their shores, is this still going to be allowed? And again, if Prince Albert says no, are we going to see the tanks driving around the F1 circuit?
  14. Plan is to try winning the lottery ticket aka a nice income in London, save as much as I can and then move somewhere more human friendly with kids. If the plan doesn’t work in the next 5 years I will probably leave anyway. I don’t really see myself taking care of my family as I would like in this expensive spot of the planet. Quite frankly if the outcome is to be “middle class” I’d rather prefer to be “middle class” where you don’t have to put down half a million for 700 sqm
  15. I don’t really understand this. Corp tax is already above the 15% discussed in these meetings in the UK, and it’s way above that in Europe and the US also. Also, if Monaco doesn’t want to pay the tax France would invade them?
  16. This degrowth thing is rubbish. 1) We do not consume, we transform resources. Human beings ability is to use technology to transform stuffs. The thing we transform just change shape. 2) We don’t need to save any planet, Mother Earth is just fine as long as she has an atmosphere and father Sun or an asteroid destroy her. 3) When the T Rex ruled the world, C02 levels were 400 times those of now. Life was still possible and there were not huge storms destroying life. 4) If you build Venice or Jakarta you can’t blame anyone if the city starts sinking. 5) Humans are capable of amazing things. Our greatest strength is our knowledge. Prosperity will come back eventually. We are developing fuel out of thin air, giants domes to boil water under the light of the sun to power our electricity. Have faith. Don’t trust these false prophets.
  17. Glad to hear we have Bill Gates advising the advisor who advises the Prime Minister.
  18. My opinion is that those who think this man is trying to score points are clearly overestimating him.
  19. My opinion is that this virus appeared/escaped the lab in China several months before they informed the WHO. Maybe they knew something was going on and they were forced to shout down entire production sites to stop the spread of something they still couldn’t figure out the exact nature. They only discovered it in November/December
  20. Yes in Nov 19. However the shock came in the summer. The Fed rescuing the repo market is Sept 19 news. It is rather suspicious that in the same time frame we have the financial markets trying to tell us something and a trading country like the UK with those figures. Maybe it was the fear of an hard brexit? Can we find the same pattern somewhere else?
  21. Was the virus already in China and have the chinese shout down factories in the second H of 2019? Some bank have gone burst and we didn’t notice? Wasn’t the repo thing and the FED printing billion for the overnight stuff collocated in those weeks?
  22. The Mail gives us an interesting article about the EU/nEU trade which seems to have dropped from the first lockdown and now sees the nEU countries leading the race. However, what I find interesting from the graph is that the line starts heading south somewhere in the summer of 19. The free fall was already there before Covid. Something must have happened. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9616655/UK-doing-goods-trade-non-EU-states-EU-Brexit-Covid-economic-slump.html
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