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  1. Reading all this fabulous great Brexit news it now does not surprise me how the ardent Brexiteers on here were so keen to close down this thread 18 months ago. They knew they'd been lied to and been sold a turd. They just didn't have the balls to man up to it.
  2. When the Polish aisle in Tesco has been replaced with a Syrian one then we’ll know as a country we’ve made England better.
  3. But these are the right type of worldly immigrunts best suited for Brexit now england is truly independent on the world stage.
  4. With covid and Brexit hats off to the little brexiteers for taking us back to the sick man of Europe status.
  5. Wait. I thought the EU had an aircraft carrier for all this nonsense. We need our good British born and bred soldiers over here to pick the potatoes and drive the goods trucks.
  6. They could have taken on second jobs picking the fields to afford the new Brexit cheap housing stock I guess. Certainly is quiet. Most unusual for the cabal of ruddy flesh.
  7. If you didn’t vote then you have nothing to complain about. That's ‘dem rules. But for your own sake I do hope you’re not renting. Anyway it’s not like you were not warned. It’s usually a MASSIVE red flag when an elected politician hides in fridges and dodges debates to avoid scrutiny.
  8. Netherlands to bring in Western Europe's first winter lockdown as Covid-19 rates across Europe soar Bars, restaurants and non-essential stores will be ordered to close at 7pm for at least three weeks starting Saturday
  9. When you vote for the party of landlords because of Brexit don’t be surprised for them to behave like elitist landlords filth. I mean why even be surprised.
  10. Not sure why this isn’t being discussed. It’s relevant to the thread. Singapore’s Unvaccinated May Face Covid Medical Bills Over $18,000 Singapore’s Covid patients who choose not to get vaccinated could face high medical bills. In general, Covid-19 patients who need both care in intensive care units and therapeutics in hospitals may have to pay about S$25,000 ($18,460), according to a median estimate released by the health ministry on Thursday, in response to Bloomberg News queries.
  11. Wonder if we’ll have the usual nutjobs filming inside ‘empty’ hospitals this Christmas.
  12. Indeed. I remember reading many, many stories from 2008 of the homeowners just posting the house keys through the banks letterbox and walking away.
  13. I think each cycle will see higher lows that the previous one as the price moves from discovery to maturity which will in effect slowly level out the volatility. We’re still early and quite far from achieving that though.
  14. 1993 heralded in the era of MMT. So I wouldn’t hold your horses.
  15. Some people get it. Some don’t. Those who don’t are being left behind.
  16. Why do I need a centrally controlled digital currency that can be inflated away from my pocket when I can have a decentralised one that totally independent from nefarious banksters?
  17. Bitcoin knocking it out the park yet again as year on year best performing asset: Bitcoin has risen to a new all-time high above $68,000, meaning the world’s biggest cryptocurrency is now up over 110% since the start of the year. It makes it the best performing asset year to date, according to Bank of America, and the sixth most valuable asset in the world, according to George Monaghan, a thematic analyst at GlobalData.
  18. Just think, Bitcoin was only $4,000 a little over 18 months ago. 🤟
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