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  1. Nice one for supporting small vineyards. 🤟 Personally I prefer South American grapes though.
  2. So quiet on here from those oh so ardent Brexit voters. Their silence is deafening. And so very telling.
  3. Makes a change from the usual: i VoTeD fOr ThE pArTy Of LaNdLoRdS bEcAuSe I bElIeVeD tHeIr BrEx5hIt LiE5.
  4. MPs must be paid more to prevent lobbying scandals, says Tory MP Father of the House says current levels of pay might fail to attract top talent 😂😂🤣🤣
  5. I guess these types of statistics are to be expected when you vote in the party of landlords. Some grim reading for anyone unfortunate enough to be sitting on the sidelines: The average price of a property in the UK has surpassed £270,000 for the first time following a 0.9% rise in prices month-on-month, according to the Halifax house price index. On a quarterly basis prices are up 2.3% and year-on-year prices are up 8.1%. Regionally, Wales has remained the strongest performing nation or region with annual house price inflation of 12.9% (average house price of £198,880), while Northern Ireland has recorded its strongest growth in four months (11.3%, average house price of £169,308). House prices also continued to rise in Scotland, with the average property now up 8.6% year-on-year (average house price of £190,023). In England, the North West has returned to being the strongest performing region (10.4%, average house price of £205,881), which is also a four-month high. London has remained by far the weakest performing area of the UK, annual inflation of just 0.8%, from an increase of 1.0% in September, is the lowest year-on-year rise in prices seen since February 2020. Though at an average of £514,907, property prices in the capital remain well above all other parts of the country. Russell Galley, managing director at Halifax, said: “UK house prices climbed again in October, as the value of the average property grew by 0.9%, an increase of more than £2,500 during the month. With prices rising for a fourth straight month, the annual rate of inflation now sits at 8.1%, its highest level since June. “One of the key drivers of activity in the housing market over the past 18 months has been the race for space, with buyers seeking larger properties, often further from urban centres. Combined with temporary measures such as the cut to stamp duty, this has helped push the average property price up to an all-time high of £270,027. Since April 2020, the first full month of lockdown, the value of the average property has soared by £31,516 (13.2%). “First-time buyers, supported by parental deposits, improved mortgage access and low borrowing costs, have also helped to drive price growth in recent months. First-time buyer annual house price inflation (9.2%) is now at a five-month high, and has pushed ahead of the equivalent measure for homemovers (8.1%).
  6. Oh the Tory Populist Party apologists are away busy trying to think up their next snivelling excuse. I’m sure they’ll be alone shortly once the next dinghies arrive.
  7. Indeed. Get out of fiat. I don’t care what asset class you use just do not keep cash ‘savings’.
  8. Oh that’s easy. It’s all the EU’s fault, innit.
  9. It gives me a warm chuckle knowing that some on here actually voted for this clown-show because of Brexit. Keep tugging those forelock’s, clowns. 🤡
  10. Just some more winning: Brexit red tape knocks £17bn off UK trade with EU in just three months, watchdog finds Exporters forced to fill in 48 million customs declarations and 140,000 health certificates over eight-month period
  11. You’d be fooling yourself if you think that little englander Brexit voters care for the sensibilities of one of their colonial outposts.
  12. Who cares what it was Nuts, the votes are all just a circus sideshow.
  13. Good luck in trying to find Maggie supporters on a forum of priced out yoof.
  14. Interesting. It would be worth posting the trade on here so we can all follow it to fruition.
  15. But Bitcoin miners can easily move to sources of stranded energy to facilitate renewables. E.g El Salvador is now mining using their volcanos. What you risk from moving away from proof of work cryptos like Bitcoin is security of the blockchain. That said if I was concerned about PoW and the environment (which I’m not) I’d buy into Ethereum as it’s still cheap and is moving to PoS next year after recent successful deployments. Anyway all this is in the pinned Bitcoin thread up top. (I don’t want to go off topic here).
  16. Have you guys not learnt yet? What what they do not what they say. E.g. They say they’ll raise interest raises and ban Bitcoin. They actually hold interests rates and are buying Bitcoin.
  17. The Great GERMAN Bake Off: Matt Lucas reveals he has become a German citizen and now has dual nationality - after branding Brexit 'pointless and masochistic' https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-10160767/Bake-Offs-Matt-Lucas-reveals-German-citizen.html Good on him. Obviously the hate filled spiteful top rated comments are all from Brexshitiers. Vile characters.
  18. Strange how JPMoron have changed their tune now that they hold a position. Whodathunkit? 🤔
  19. Bitcoin could hit $146,000 and is looking like digital gold: JPMorgan JPMorgan has renewed its $146,000 long-term price target for bitcoin, which first made waves in January. The bank says bitcoin is increasingly looking like a digital alternative to gold in the eyes of investors. It said cryptos are "are an emerging asset class and thus on a multi-year structural uptrend."
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