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  1. BREAKING NEWS: Wearing a face mask cuts Covid incidence by 53%, a major global study has found. Now it’s time for the anti-mask bedwetters to man up and admit they were wrong and have been consistent wrong for 20 months.
  2. More like, “I’m an idiot, I missed the boat on the best performing asset since Jesus of Nazareth walked these lands, and it won’t come back to under $100 so I can get in at the price my son filled his boots.”
  3. I know and that’s what I said. Not that impressive considering the opportunities Gen X’ers have had. I know because I’m a Gen X and slightly older than you.
  4. Oh I don’t know. I guess all just it’s a right wing conspiracy. I’m sure you’ll be one of the first to volunteer to pick for Britain: 🤡 https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/britains-vegetables-are-rotting-in-the-fields-soon-imports-will-fill-the-shelves-instead-dxsmbg2rw
  5. Oh my apologies, I was extrapolating from your original post. Nonsense begets nonsense. Imagine that. 🤡
  6. 🤣🤡 I guess that explains why there are no veggies left rotting in the fields, etc, etc. To clarify. Asking for a short answer is not rude. It’s a point for asking about the specifics when it’s well known that the specifics are usually clouded in woolly xenophobic nonsense. One good star for attempt though. ⭐️
  7. Maybe they’ve got family here. Imagine that. Wanting to live near your family. 🤡
  8. Cool story bro. I guess the mobil phones these terrorists carry will one day give them away.
  9. That’s what happens when the money printers run wild.
  10. This. 👆 Everything to do with Brexit or why do you imagine it’s just the UK being affected. Remember the golden Brexit rules: Though must accept forever the tugging of our elitists forelocks and be accepting that higher prices and less opportunities and freedoms are good for us plebiscite.
  11. Seriously dude which Brexiteer will ever care when we can happily ship all out import from tiny islands at the other side of the world for double the cost? Remember it was never about money nor cheap housing. It was all about getting white Christian EE out of our Tesco aisles.
  12. TBH given the opportunities to make mad gainz, £800K at 48 as a Generation X is not much.
  13. You can always tell when there’s a good BTFD opp just by reading this thread. No checking the charts every day needed. 😂
  14. Pretty pointless posting a link that you don’t even know the full contents off though. Beyond the content being curated from your favourite most fabulous gold pusher just because you have heavy bags of gold. 🤣🤡
  15. Of course you love it. You sold all your Bitcoin at $1000 and are now desperate to buy back in. 🤣
  16. Are you a boomer? Many young move to expensive cities to garner knowledge and contacts. Next you’ll be telling the young to get on their bikes?
  17. Well I’ve repeatedly said there’s been a race for space for the last 15 months Nuts.
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