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  1. Why indeed. Im sure they’ll feel special delivering Brexmas gifts to those entitled xenophobic little englanders.
  2. Ho Ho Ho. Merry Brexshit everyone. Emergency visas for 5,000 foreign lorry drivers will run out on Christmas Eve, ministers announce
  3. Boots on the streets. It's always been the personal wet dream of the Brexshitiers.
  4. Tragic aint it. A clear verification of Brexshits failure is to end up crawling back to the very same people that were demonised and expeled by the xenophobic quarters only to end up begging that they return 'temporally' to fulfill a need. Feck 'em. I hope they don't return. Lets see the full advantages of Brexshit.
  5. You are full of it. I have always said masks, vaccines and vaccination passports are the sweatspot to our freedoms out of this Tory populist mess. Lockdown nutters are those sitting on a year and a half taxpayer holiday. Considering that you are 'new' here its surprising that you'd intentionally misrepresent me. I wonder why.
  6. Queues in our village. Pump attendants limiting everyone to £30.
  7. Whats happening in the video are lightning network transactions at near zero fee. The transaction finality will be recorded in a bitcoin transaction when both parties close the channel.
  8. Anyone seriously know what happened to to £350 Million per week? Could come in handy now enticing EU truckies back to deliver fuel and food to the xenophobic little englanders.
  9. Clearly that Industry leader does not know what he is talking about. Hugz and Octy knowz betterz.
  10. I'm sure that the EU drivers will be queing up to temporarily enter and work in plague island for a bunch of xenophobic little englanders, only to be kicked out again when they are no longer deemed necessary.
  11. Bravo for voting with the elites for their tax breaks to make yourself poorer with less freedoms and choice.
  12. Don’t we know it. Anyone with an operating brain cell won’t have voted to be poorer and with less freedoms.
  13. Didn't the haunted pencil that is Mogg say that it would take 50 years before little englanders see any 'benefits' to Brexshit? Oh well only another 49 years of winning to go.
  14. It's happening. Pure Brexshit wins all round: Boris Johnson is set for foreign visas U-turn to allow 5,000 lorry drivers into the UK as fuel shortage fears spark frenzied buying with flare ups at gridlocked filling stations amid concerns supply chain issues will lead to supermarket shortages Frenzied buying caused flare ups at gridlocked stations as motorists ignored Government pleas for calm Oil giant BP has said it cannot maintain petrol and diesel deliveries due to the lack of lorry drivers in the UK The news is the latest sign of industries in the UK struggling to cope with the shortage of HGV drivers Ministers are on the verge of giving temporary visas to 5,000 foreign HGV drivers to help ease the pressure Meanwhile, soldiers will be drafted in to help at HGV test sites to clear the backlog, incentives will be offered **Is your local petrol station packed-out with panic buyers? Or has your petrol station already run out of fuel and been forced to close? Contact me with your pictures: [email protected]** https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10026429/Frenzied-buying-causes-flare-ups-gridlocked-filling-stations-motorists-ignore-Government-pleas.html
  15. China have been banning Bitcoin every year since I have been involved in it from 2013. 🥱
  16. Indeed, just 5 million with strict worldwide lockdowns in place. Just imagine the figures if there hadn’t been.
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