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  1. Congratulations to all the believers. The hodlers and BTFDers. We are now well above the JJ line.
  2. It can happen again and Bitcoin can say 🖕 again. That’s the beauty of Bitcoin. It doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Hence after months of utter 🐂💩 and FUD we are back approaching the ATH as predicted by myself, @markyh and others.
  3. It has been fixed. Most miners only focused there on the cheap fossils. Now they’ve been kicked out Bitcoins renewable footprint is going up. Win win.
  4. One of the most beautiful and ingenious things about Bitcoin is its resilience. 🖕🇨🇳
  5. £3.5K is not much to be putting away. Depends what type of retirement you want.
  6. The threads called ‘Brexshit What Happens Next’. So the matter can’t be further from closed. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  7. I could retire now, when technically could have a few years ago, but I currently enjoy the role I do and the niche industry I work in. When I’m finally decide to do it it’ll be before I’m 50 though. Just need to pick up some more hobbies.
  8. What about other cryptos? Are you more comfortable investing in ETH as it’s moving to PoS?
  9. https://bitcoinmagazine.com/.amp/markets/the-state-of-lightning-network-bitcoin-adoption Some nice stats to digest: THE STATE OF THE LIGHTNING NETWORK BEHIND THE CURTAINS “The State of Lightning” report shows how the Bitcoin layer-2 is evolving to become the native transaction rails of the internet. El Salvador bitcoin adoption, Twitter enabling BTC tipping through Lightning, and Paxful integrating Lightning, all in September, have propelled user adoption and payments activity in the network. Lightning payments volume doubled in September, while channel public capacity grew by 26%. The number of users with access to Lightning payments increased by 11,164% to 9.7 million users in September, compared to 87,000 in August. Lightning usage for personal transfers, including merchant payments and gift cards, grew by 122% in one month, while online services increased by 65%.
  10. Fantastic news. Yet another crypto winner. I’ll be pouring a glass to celebrate your news.
  11. No he has not bought recently. He just holds a contrarian opinion. One, which we can all attest to, that has so far been proven correct.
  12. It's so utterly disingenuous the reporting from that rag with their pick and mix collage of the usual tired and dated WFH nonsense. The only crisis that article really encompasses is the one in commercial rent landlordism. Sod 'em.
  13. Daily Hate back in full attack dog mode. Someone must be losing commercial rents eh? MAIL ON SUNDAY COMMENT: Ministers should make it plain that working from home is now over This is especially difficult for Government departments. Most if not all of them need access to highly protected and confidential databases to do their jobs properly. Yet most of those who work from home lack the ultra-secure communication links that would allow them to safely reach these resources. 😂🤣🤡
  14. Alright bud it’s good to see you back. I think you are correct about the ~$82K top this year (I’m predicting circa $85k by EOY) but I cannot see a sustained decline below $37K any more. At what price did you eventually buy back in at?
  15. I’m on record saying we will see $85K this year. ETH will touch cloth of $5K
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