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  1. Remainers would have more respect for leavers if they were as honest and upfront as this elderly gentleman. It's the pathetic duplicitious lies and misdirection that the dishonest leavers use to bend the truth behind their real motives for voting leave that no remainer will ever believe nor respect.
  2. The hilarious thing is that the priced out numpties on here celebrating voting for the banksters free regulation paradise. They've voted for HPI+++.
  3. Hoe do you know it was "remainer scumbags" and not a false flag? Oh yeah you don't.
  4. Breaking News: Farage is trapped on his battle bus as people surround it with milkshakes. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/nigel-farage-trapped-on-brexit-party-bus-due-to-people-holding-milkshakes-a4149131.html More to follow...
  5. Or most likely the only place that was selling milkshakes in Newcastle after a ban on sales during Faraggys tour. But yeah that doesn’t fit the deluded leaver narrative now does it.
  6. Its just a bit of fun mate. I'm certainly enjoying how threatened leavers feel by a milky beverage.
  7. Breaking News: Farage attacked with milkshakes in Newcastle. More to follow... https://twitter.com/seddonnews/status/1130446247171710976 Edit: https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/nigel-farage-hit-milkshake-during-16302021 https://www.newstatesman.com/politics/brexit/2019/05/nigel-farage-hit-milkshake-newcastle More images to follow...
  8. Is there a name of a phobia for people who irrationally fear an aircraft carrier of their own army? If not let’s getting writing to Cambridge Dictionary.
  9. How nice of you to be so dismissive of a population. Nope, it’s a country.
  10. Sounds like egg and chips are now on the face's of the primary voters of a meat dish that compliments egg and chips. Oh the irony.
  11. Shock, horror. Next you’ll be telling me that Chechnya has a right to independence. Oh wait.
  12. Seriously? Earlier in this thread the leavers were in the restaurant demanding an all-day Brexit cooked up for them that was not on the menu beyond noon. Now hours later we find them in the nightclub drunk, ruddy faced, angrily picking fights with the bouncers because they can’t pull a burd to share their DNA. Sounds like a ccc jolly.
  13. Thanks and good luck to you and yours. It's not easy climbing that greasy ladder.
  14. So what about your baby in 1986? What is it doing today regarding housing and saving?
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