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  1. DUP just saying that Mays deal is dead as a dodo. But I wouldn’t put it past her just running down the clock.
  2. Any MP that votes for no deal tonight should be immediately removed from office and investigated by the highest authorities for collusion with foreign powers.
  3. Just when you think that the stupidity of leavers could not plumb any further depths. What a joke the UK has become.
  4. And you have zero social consciousness as to the affects such rises will have on the poor. What an affront to decency.
  5. There’s a great difference between falling for lies initially then repeated refusing to believe that they were lies once exposed as such. That’s why, apart from the 2 deceased I know who voted leave the other 3 leavers are angry about the big red bus lie and now wish to vote remain.
  6. No, saving the planet innit. Shipping your beef from NZ and your liquor from US.
  7. Tariffs revealed. An extra 11% on cars and cheese. 50% on meat. Why would anyone vote for this nonsense only to be poorer?
  8. Why should an unelected hereditary heir get involved? Thought Brexit was about taking back control not subverting to it.
  9. ERG are only going to abstain so May can still scrap through which I expect will happen. MPs are not thick nor stupid enough to drive the U.K. economy over the white cliffs of Dover in a handcart just to appease a bunch of xenophobes.
  10. Why on earth would anyone sign a petition that subverts parliamentary sovereignty to an unelected hereditary constitution, that will also make them substantially poorer? Have a word with yourself. FFS
  11. May will win the vote tomorrow. She has secured her assurances and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. Everyone loses apart, from May who can wobble on about her success for years to come. Slow hand clap for all the idiots who voted for this Brexit mess. The U.K. is now a diminished country with no voice, vote, or veto in its future. Bravo.
  12. Didn't you hear that if the leavers had lost the refernedum they would have piped down and we would never had heard a squeak from them, ever. Like everything else that has come out of their mouths over the last 3 years it's all ******** and lies of course.
  13. PMSL 80% would blame the EU?!? Pathetic idiots. The EU has been clear from the start and present the UK with its various options. Look at the video kindly posted up thread.
  14. Quislings have done their jobs well. https://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-britain-eu-banks/brexit-fallout-on-uk-finance-intensifies-think-tank-idUKKBN1QS00B?utm_source=applenews
  15. Belgium halts exports to U.K. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/brexit-no-deal-belgium-uk-exports-customs-theresa-may-a8813571.html
  16. Where have you been the last 40 years? Everything is the fault of the EU. EVERYTHING.
  17. More Leave lies and hypocrisy: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/arron-banks-leave-eu-brexit-campaign-jo-cox-murder-nigel-farage-a8814866.html
  18. No deal will not be allowed to happen. It is time that you accepted that. You took a misjudged punt and lost. Get over it please.
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