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  1. Someone’s feeling butt hurt and triggered that the revoke A50 petition is clearly much, much, much more popular than the leave with no deal petition. Bless.
  2. Indeed, my sentiment also. A great big thank you to all who turned out on the day, and to all those enthusiastically signing the petition. Keep fighting the good fight.
  3. If you don’t like peaceful legit protest or the democratic right of the people to change their will, well then off you pop.
  4. Yes I have noticed this before. The threats have been slowly escalating over the last few weeks because the fascists want to silence any dissent. Look at the death threats that poor lady has received over her petition. It is utterly vile and disgusting.
  5. It's that or general election. The EU have had enough of the right wing Tory party, as any sensible englishman has had over the last 35 years. Torys are dead. They dug their own grave.
  6. No deal by 29th March is now officially off the table. The bookies have made an absolute killing off the gullible and thickos. Well played.
  7. Not going to happen. FFS will you idiots get over it already? No UK goverment or EU council is going to see a no deal. You were fooled. You lost. Get over it.
  8. It's not the case. You need a valid email and it is only verified once clicked from said email after IP confirmation. You thickos will never give up your lies will you? Is it so hard to admit that you were lied to and are on the side of xenophobic frauds and cheats?
  9. No government is stupid enough to let it happen on their watch. You were stupid to belive otherwise, but then again you voted leave so stupidity and voting to be poorer amongst your lot is not surprising.
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