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  1. One by one the Brexshit lies are exposed. No surprise to anyone who engaged their brain over the last 3.5 years.
  2. Ah I see... so he is allowed to change his mind, just not the electorate. As has been pointed out before, the sheer hypocrisy of leavers is astounding. But you knew that already. ?
  3. Issuing death threats appear to be the modus operandi of the bitter twisted leave lunatics. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/dominic-grieve-receives-death-threat-20330876
  4. He’s one of the worst. I saw him on news defending clown bojo‘a inflammatory language and humbug comment.
  5. Strange how no leaver has a combined goal. It's almost as if on purpose. But lets not wake up the thickos.
  6. He’s clearly trolling. Not sure why he’s allowed to persist in doing so. It’s a clearly vile choice of word.
  7. You and your pub mates appear to have fallen for the simpleton rhetoric. Well done.
  8. So now you are back to Parliament makes the rules!!! Yesterday you told us that it was the courts. You do realise how hilariously obscure and twisted you loon leavers postings are in trying to justify the unicorn. Make up your mind. Hilarious. ?
  9. And I tend to find that when someone twice over fails to put forward evidence to justify their act of prorogation means in actual fact there is no evidence to justify their act of prorogation... Call me old-fashioned, eh.
  10. The leaver loons delusions are getting very palpable the closer we get to the big unicorn reveal. Hilarious.
  11. I know it’s great reading all the leavers comments. Had a really good chortle myself.
  12. So according to you the BBC were protecting Saville yesterday but not today?! Like all Leavers, the closer we get to revealing the Unicorn lie you are getting hysterical in your attempts to obfuscate the fact that there is zero upside to leaving the E.U. As you were.
  13. Kith and kin? It's land annexed from the rightful owners by the English. Have a word with yourself.
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