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  1. Trashed by the EU. Have a word with yourself. Ffs. bold: so we all finally agree that intellectuals did vote remain. Thank you for clarifying. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/liverpool-sees-huge-remain-vote-11518353 Liverpool sees huge Remain vote in EU referendum Wirral also stay in, but other areas vote to leave EU
  2. You can think of it as an interactive step in scrum. Which is a methodology in itself.
  3. Strangely he’s gone quite quiet when challenged on his own words. I guess he’s busy commuting for tomorrow’s shift?
  4. Sounds like you didn’t negotiate a good contract. But wow newsflash I can go for a 30min walk before/after work also. (Or during lunch when I’m not locked in an urban sprawl.)
  5. So because you assume that I’ve never commuted that means that I cannot understand a commuters opinion? Lol I already told you I am doing you a favour working from home thus relieving the pressure on your commute. I say this as a previous commuter. I’ve done the London grind. But no longer thanks.
  6. Maybe I have you confused with another poster but I’m pretty sure that you’ve been on here posting and complaining about the traffic and roads due to immigration. Well if that was you then you should look on home workers like myself as doing you a favour. The roads would be worse for you if I also had to daily commute.
  7. I don’t have a problem with that either. I’ve very rarely ever had an issue with connected speeds anyway. Even if it was an issue I’d work offline then upload my work the next time I was in the office. Don’t blight your opinion of home workers believing that they need to be persistently connected to the VPN.
  8. I don’t work from home lounging around the sofa in front of the TV nor laying in bed. I’ve got a study/small office. Frankly I really don’t understand your beef with people working from home when for each person working at home means one less person running the daily commute with you. So it’s easier for the office workers to run their commute. By the way I was incorrect above. There is one person at the company who must work from the office. The receptionist.
  9. You’ve been repeatedly asked to clarify what you mean by “foreign type”.
  10. Well said. Not one person at my work is forced to work from home or the office. Apart from sprints everyone is free to pick and choose how they wish to work. For all the huffing and puffing on here about working in the office for your social good, not one employee chooses it over working from home. Strange that.
  11. Quit posting cold hard facts that always refute the stupid allegations of thickos. They don’t deal with facts. Only lies, fabrications, and sound bites.
  12. Well I work with sensitive data but I do so over an encrypted secure line VPN so it’s not a issue. Unless you mean hard copy sensitive data? But shuffling those type of files and folders around could be classed as manual.
  13. I don’t watch TV and certainly wouldn’t whilst working. I’m too busy and it would be distracting. I prefer to work in silence. It’s helps clarify my thinking. As stated up thread it’s about trust and self-respect. So clearly if it’s not manual jobs that these people are commuting to then it must be an issue of trust. Ergo the employer doesn’t trust them to perform at home.
  14. Absolutely. I wouldn’t work for an employer that demanded I work from the office. It’s all about trust and self-respect.
  15. Brilliant. All that is missing is a unicorn in the background. Skewered by it’s own horn of self importance.
  16. If you and your colleagues are still having to commute daily I guess your skills are more manual than intellectual. Everyone in my office (and 3 prior employers offices) work from home x days a week. We get together for sprints.
  17. Indeed just imagine all those years of chaos with Ed that they scared the thickos with.
  18. Hypocrisy off the scale. Brexit Party candidate who lives in Australia stands in UK general election
  19. So just 5 years paying taxes and spending thousands on a British passport just to vote in a general election. Gotcha. Typical victim blaming from a leaver thicko.
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