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  1. Well the U.K. voted with the committee for the change, so not sure what your beef is with the EU.
  2. More like giving all sovereign power sharing executives a say in a bid to finally unite the country.
  3. Reports circulating that Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland will be given veto powers over any Brexit deal. Thats more like it Theresa. Finally listening to more than little england. Refreshing.
  4. Historic defeat in the Commons against the no deal dietards as MPs vote to rush through legislation against no deal. 313 ayes to 312 noes.
  5. I have read some crazy shit and even more garbage on here, but to blame the EU for the UK home grown housing bubble tops it all.
  6. You might be right there. After all they need us more than we need them. What what.
  7. No deal is now officially buried. Bookies have made an absolute killing on that one.
  8. Can’t see why that word would trigger any remainer. It’s a slight at the demographic leave voter.
  9. Thought you and your ilk wanted to turn the clocks back 45 years? Please make up your minds.
  10. Why the hell should the EU bend to the will of some middling little englanders? They have every right to stand up for their members. And jolly well done to them. They saw you folk for exactly what you are.
  11. They not be liking the taste of sovereignty so much now. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-wiltshire-47759269
  12. Knowing what we know now about the talks from this image it’s clear that the U.K. turned up without doing any homework beyond the rhetoric of ‘they need us more than we need them’.
  13. I would be utterly appalled and ashamed to be on the same side as these louts.
  14. I have not heard one remainer advocating another referendum without no deal as an option. Put it to the people now that all facts are know and let’s finally find out what the ****** the U.K. wants.
  15. I know people have changed their minds because all leave voters that I know (apart from the 2 that died since voting) now wish to vote remain. They feel betrayed and lies to over the big red bus NHS promises.
  16. Looks more like the UK* has morphed into something that the majority of the population of the EU do not want to be part of. * think little england.
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