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  1. I don’t watch TV and certainly wouldn’t whilst working. I’m too busy and it would be distracting. I prefer to work in silence. It’s helps clarify my thinking. As stated up thread it’s about trust and self-respect. So clearly if it’s not manual jobs that these people are commuting to then it must be an issue of trust. Ergo the employer doesn’t trust them to perform at home.
  2. Absolutely. I wouldn’t work for an employer that demanded I work from the office. It’s all about trust and self-respect.
  3. Brilliant. All that is missing is a unicorn in the background. Skewered by it’s own horn of self importance.
  4. If you and your colleagues are still having to commute daily I guess your skills are more manual than intellectual. Everyone in my office (and 3 prior employers offices) work from home x days a week. We get together for sprints.
  5. Indeed just imagine all those years of chaos with Ed that they scared the thickos with.
  6. Hypocrisy off the scale. Brexit Party candidate who lives in Australia stands in UK general election
  7. So just 5 years paying taxes and spending thousands on a British passport just to vote in a general election. Gotcha. Typical victim blaming from a leaver thicko.
  8. Feeling okay? That’s the first time you’ve ever criticised leavers. For a faux remainer it’s not a surprise.
  9. I will also be voting tactically with the use of Ginas excellent website. Even if Brexshit happens I will forever actively campaign to rejoin under full EU rules, Euro, etc.
  10. Like the eu citizens living and working in the uk. Taxed but denied a vote in this election.
  11. There is no non-flawed argument that claims another vote would be undemocratic. Unless one side of voters are denied a vote. But they are not.
  12. It’s okay we all understand the toll it must take on you being the little englanders apologist. For sure all your endeavours defending them will be rewarded one day. Allah willing.
  13. It’s been explained to him before that Switzerland is not full of xenophobic thicko little englanders. One day he’ll grasp it.
  14. A warning shot through the heart of all those bleeding xenophobic thicko leavers who said Brexit would allow the Uk to lead in electrical vehicles. Remember all that shite pages back how it’s no big deal to lose the combustible car manufacturers to Brexit and all its job losses.
  15. Indeed. Why would anyone want to move to a backward thinking insular xenophobic country full of self entitled little englanders?
  16. Rock the kasbah. UK towns that voted Leave in Brexit referendum see house prices sky rocket HOUSE PRICES have rocketed in areas that voted to Leave the EU, it has been revealed, as Boris Johnson and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn agree to a general election.
  17. It'll be regurgitated next year after the Tories intentionally thwart the FTA negotiations. No deal in 2020 is firmly nailed on as this is what Boris has promised the ERG and Farage.
  18. Well of course. You have had your fill, so now it’s time to pull up the ladder on your grandchildren. Can’t have them enjoying all those freedoms and opportunities you enjoyed now can we. Eh old bean?
  19. The difference is that Switzerland is not full of xenophobic little englanders.
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