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  1. During my student days I’d rent semi and terrace properties. I’d strongly advise against it unless you don’t mind nuance noises, smells, and attitudes from other neighbours. If you really have to go for a semi or terrace property I would only consider a semi where the shared wall is the stairs and kitchen area. Don’t even think about terrace unless an end of terrace with the stairs and kitchen walls shared. I wish you good luck in your Serra home as it does souls like you’ve been through a tough time looking.
  2. Interesting article calling out the unjabbed for what most right minded individuals think they are: New Zealand is moving to a two-tier society, but the unvaccinated are already an underclass globally Countries are tightening restrictions on the unjabbed https://apple.news/A3sWgv0xSRyGwQ6APrL8qjA
  3. Good to see the true colours of your average Brexiteer now shining through over Covid. Of course they don’t understand the science and of course they do little to protect others. Their selfishness knows no bounds. It’s all about them. Glad this suspicion has finally been confirmed.
  4. BREAKING NEWS: Austria to lockdown the unvaccinated. Freedom of movement will now be a privilege of the double jabbed. https://apple.news/AlK9gDdprT-G_xqfBb2scyg
  5. I remember a few ‘I told you so’ threads in 2020 that you personally participated in quite gleefully predicting devastating price falls. So they are not the only ones to have ‘got it wrong’.
  6. Because it’s not just about them. That’s pretty obvious really and not sure why that needs pointed out. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. Because they love their furlough. Suckling at the tax payers teat while they do sod all for Queen and country.
  8. How do shareholders plunder profits?
  9. Have to agree with BB here. If you refuse the vax or don't mask up then the NHS should have a right to refuse you treatment if you catch Covid.
  10. Of course I will continue on doing the right thing for my fellow man, while you continue with your selfish endeavours. My Brexit senses are tingling that you're a Tory party faithful.
  11. Incorrect. Until some level of herd immunity is obtained it's about getting back to the 'new normal'. Which is why I've always said that masks, vaccines, and vax-passports are the sweetspot of compromise for all.
  12. Mohr Brex...... mohr shit...... mohr win. This is what winning looks like: Furious farmers slam Boris Johnson's new trade deal with New Zealand as they warn it will have 'huge downsides' for UK agriculture and could put British farms out of business
  13. The bed-wetting anti-maskers / anti-vaxxers love their lockdowns. And 18 month holidays furlough. That's their agenda right there.
  14. Mandatory vaccinations!!! 😱😱😱😱😱 What an outrage comrades.
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