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  1. Well Elon buy more personal bitcoin after selling 10% of his Tesla stock? 🤔
  2. 👏👏👏👏👏 I now bestow upon you the title of honorary Bitcoin OG. You now hodl and support the network. Well done. You deserve all these new ATH’s. Upwards and upwards we go. 🤟
  3. People on Twitter talking about a BIG week for Bitcoin. Anyone know what they’re referring to?
  4. How are prices being manipulated higher? It’s just basic supply and demand.
  5. But you’re talking about 2 or 3 hikes just to get back to pre-pandemic levels.
  6. Letting Northern Ireland burn to please the little Brexiteers in England.
  7. Fears of sectarian Brexit-linked riots as second bus is hijacked and burned near Belfast It is the second such incident in and around Belfast in the past week
  8. It’s very sad reading your plight and I hope something turns up for you. If you’re open to alternatives, there was a chap on here way back posting about living in a van while he saved. And I think someone else living on a barge.
  9. All of Boris Johnson’s new post-Brexit trade deals put together will have an economic benefit of just £3 to £7 per person over the next 15 years, according to the government’s own figures. The tiny economic boost – amounting to just 0.01 to 0.02 per cent of GDP, and less than 50p per person a year – is dwarfed by the economic hit from leaving the EU, which the government estimates at 4 per cent of GDP over the same period. 🤣🤣🤣😂 Such winning.
  10. UK’s Brexit losses more than 178 times bigger than trade deal gains Exclusive: All trade deals combined worth less than 50p per person a year, analysis of government figures shows
  11. You do realise that you can actually eat a choccy hobnob and, shock horror, exercise?!?
  12. I maybe incorrect but I thought that some on here were processing that at the end of the stamp duty holiday prices would crash?
  13. a near zero covid strategy was always possible. It just needed a country not full of entitled bed-wetters refusing to do the decent thing and follow the rules.
  14. Baby steps Mark. Once El Salvador is proven a success story expect to see a tirade of other countries follow suit. It’s the hyperbitcoinization all us OG’s have been waiting for.
  15. Nice one for supporting small vineyards. 🤟 Personally I prefer South American grapes though.
  16. So quiet on here from those oh so ardent Brexit voters. Their silence is deafening. And so very telling.
  17. Makes a change from the usual: i VoTeD fOr ThE pArTy Of LaNdLoRdS bEcAuSe I bElIeVeD tHeIr BrEx5hIt LiE5.
  18. MPs must be paid more to prevent lobbying scandals, says Tory MP Father of the House says current levels of pay might fail to attract top talent 😂😂🤣🤣
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