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  1. 5 hours ago, TheCountOfNowhere said:

    House prices only go up :lol: 

    Even when Krusty predicted falls in 2020 she got it wrong.

    They dont get what's going on and if they do, they hide it well.

    I remember a few ‘I told you so’ threads in 2020 that you personally participated in quite gleefully predicting devastating price falls.

    So they are not the only ones to have ‘got it wrong’. 

  2. 59 minutes ago, scottbeard said:

    Vaccine passports for awbryray activities aren’t a sweet spot of anything.  They are a jackboot stamping on the throat of human freedoms!

    Why should young people need to prove that they are vaccinated against something that doesn’t harm them in order to mix with other young people? Unacceptable. 

    Because it’s not just about them. That’s pretty obvious really and not sure why that needs pointed out. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. 17 minutes ago, scottbeard said:


    Sorry - yes it is.  Or rather, it's about balancing the needs of everyone - including mental health and a human's basic right to freedom, as well as just protecting the vulnerable from COVID.  We all hid indoors for a year, and we gave out about 100 million free vaccinations.  That's a pretty good sacrifice for the vulnerable.  Time to get back to normal now.

    Incorrect. Until some level of herd immunity is obtained it's about getting back to the 'new normal'. Which is why I've always said that masks, vaccines, and vax-passports are the sweetspot of compromise for all. 

  4. 3 hours ago, winkie said:

    I wear one in shops and on the bus, all around few do, not because I am scared, I could be a healthy carrier and would hate to infect another........if we carry on and the NHS can no longer cope nobody wants to go back to bubbles......is that the ulterior motive?......madness.;)

    The bed-wetting anti-maskers / anti-vaxxers love their lockdowns. And 18 month holidays furlough. That's their agenda right there.

  5. Russia Oct. 21: What you need to know today

    • Russia on Thursday reported a record high number of both new coronavirus cases and deaths. Officials reported 36,339 new coronavirus cases and 1,036 fatalities from Covid-19 over the last 24 hours.

    • Russia has detected a new sub-variant of the Delta strain of the coronavirus, which risks compounding the country’s spiraling infections and deaths, a senior Russian government scientist warned Thursday.

    • The European Union’s drug regulator will not approve Russia’s Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine until at least the first months of 2022, Reuters reported Thursday
    • Moscow will go into a strict lockdown if coronavirus infections continue to rise, according to a Moscow government order that was sent to businesses in the city Wednesday.
    • Moscow’s mayor announced Tuesday plans to reintroduce remote work, mandatory vaccinations for service workers and other measures to slow the surging fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic starting next week.
  6. 20 minutes ago, markyh said:

    Good one you. @jiltedjen , come back dude, there is no shame you where wrong and we were right, some people just cant handle wealth, thats what now, $54k to $67k (so far) , so only $26k of gainz you threw away in a panic sale. How's your DCA going? Managed to put anywhere near $26k back in, let alone the $134k you would still have if you just keep believing. 

    Look what i did, Sold out £300k and only disposed of 2 BTC , not even 30% of my total BTC holdings, still have a bag that is going to $1m BTC by 2029.

    And where is @Warlord ? what happen dude? Did your informers of BTC to $0 this year "bait and switch".  It's okay, we will wait for the next little pullback on the way to $100k before you crawl out from under your rock again, it is comedy gold. 


    Guess who's back. And it aint Slim Shady... 🤣



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