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  1. Yup. That just eloquently clarifies that you still fail to grasp the point of wearing a mask. Maybe you’ll get it in another 18 months time? There’s always hope I guess.
  2. Of course that more than likely means that these clueless clowns will end up raising it.
  3. It’s pointless raising CGT as so few pay it and it discourages the selling of assets.
  4. For that to be true would you not need to invest in something that break-evens your monthly rent?
  5. The UK's first Brexit export. I'm sure sales are through the roof.
  6. Not to worry, they can always tax your mad gainzzz in Gold. Oh wait...
  7. Don't believe the hype. I've lived in detached properties for years and I've never heard a peep from the neighbours. No way I'd ever move back to a property with shared walls/gardens.
  8. This is why I buy the best performing digital asset and not the shiny stuff.
  9. Ohh some dumb anti-vax nutjobs trying to create a false narrative. Imagine that. 🤡
  10. Hang on, where’s the faux outrage over testing from the anti-vax covidiots over this?!? Oh yeah it’s the wrong type of false testing. Imagine that… Plan B: Berkshire imposes new Covid restrictions after blaming private lab errors for rise in cases EXCLUSIVE West Berkshire Council has written to locals telling them measures such as face masks and social distancing are necessary following a doubling in infections after Government appointed Immensa labs produced around 43,000 false negatives https://inews.co.uk/news/politics/plan-b-covid-restrictions-berkshire-new-rules-rise-cases-lab-errors-1268660 That said it’s good to see local actions taking precedence on social distancing and face masks over the dumb clueless clown show Tory Populist Party.
  11. So the narrative now is that they will let it happen. Whodathunk that? 🤣
  12. ISA’s? 🤣 Read the top pinned thread on this forum. Sorry I can’t mention any more but I don’t want to deride your thread.
  13. The state of these anti-vax covidiots mocking a child: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/anti-vaxxers-school-meeting-immunocompromised-b1945555.html Anti-vaxx parents mock immunocompromised child speaking at school meeting
  14. Why did you take over the TCON account instead of opening your own one? Hmm 🤔
  15. Did you actually read an digest the opening post? He’s not bought a house.
  16. During my student days I’d rent semi and terrace properties. I’d strongly advise against it unless you don’t mind nuance noises, smells, and attitudes from other neighbours. If you really have to go for a semi or terrace property I would only consider a semi where the shared wall is the stairs and kitchen area. Don’t even think about terrace unless an end of terrace with the stairs and kitchen walls shared. I wish you good luck in your Serra home as it does souls like you’ve been through a tough time looking.
  17. Interesting article calling out the unjabbed for what most right minded individuals think they are: New Zealand is moving to a two-tier society, but the unvaccinated are already an underclass globally Countries are tightening restrictions on the unjabbed https://apple.news/A3sWgv0xSRyGwQ6APrL8qjA
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