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  1. @Staffsknot actually served his country. Whereas you sit behind your keyboard and call him the total loser. Get a grip.
  2. Russians would come to Europe at the drop of the ushanka. As you well know.
  3. That's just the issue though isn't it. I don't want to 'manage' my vehicle. I just want to jump in it and go. And not have to think: did I plug it in last night, do I have the mileage, are there any charging points 100 miles away?
  4. Well they threw everything medically at Trumpy. Which was surprising as apparently it is just a few sniffles from Chyna.
  5. Similar odds to what you pocketed when Trumpy was hospitalised?
  6. Well well well... People who don't wear face masks indoors are up to TWICE as likely to test positive for COVID, UK study suggests https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10032777/People-dont-wear-face-masks-TWICE-likely-test-positive-Covid-data-suggests.html
  7. More fool them. The charging infrastructure (and vehicle milage) is currently not there for an EV revolution.
  8. No problem. When either party closes channel then the accumulated transactions totals are broadcast on-chain. As I think @goldbug9999 said upthread lightning transactions are finality in themselves as they are irreversible but for on-chain finality the channel has to be closed.
  9. Penny dropping? Most will have voted for this, as a good few on here did. The cognitive dissonance is astounding.
  10. Only 3 appointment slots left to secure your very own chitbox.
  11. Post of the day. 👍 So tragic that some voted for this and still fail to see the lies that they were fed. One by one they slowly will but by then the damage to little England will be insurmountable.
  12. That would be hilarious if it weren't so tragic knowning that 52% little englanders voted for this.
  13. FOM should only be for the elites. Obviously. Keep doffing your cap to your betters.
  14. Why indeed. Im sure they’ll feel special delivering Brexmas gifts to those entitled xenophobic little englanders.
  15. Ho Ho Ho. Merry Brexshit everyone. Emergency visas for 5,000 foreign lorry drivers will run out on Christmas Eve, ministers announce
  16. Boots on the streets. It's always been the personal wet dream of the Brexshitiers.
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