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  1. The poor sportsmanship of the remoaners has been one of the saddest aspects of Brexit. A lot of them are your typical extreme-left wing crybabies, where resorting to screeching at the top of their lungs when they don't get their own way is honestly expected. However even the more moderate remoaners have displayed poor sportsmanship. Hopefully not many of them have children because what sort of message is that sending to their kids? If you don't get your own way have an emotional outburst until you do? If remain had won the referendum I wouldn't have been happy about it but I would have taken it on the chin and accepted my opinion was not in the majority. I'd have tried to make the best of it.
  2. In a characteristically unsurprising act against democracy the EU has referred to Gibraltar as a "British Colony". Whilst many people will rightly find this sort of language as unnecessarily antagonistic they will also be hurt by the feelings it emotes of a long bygone era. However they will not be surprised that the EU would use such an underhanded tactic to undermine the democratic will of the people of Gibraltar who unilaterally remain stoic in their decision to remain part of the UK. One cannot perhaps blame them when the travesty and hardship of EU membership is clear as day to see across a small stretch of water. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-47087439 Whilst many of us have come to expect the EU to disrespect democracy - for them to do it in such a disrespectful and historically unsympathetic way is undoubtedly a new low for them.
  3. Rightly so. Nowhere else in the world (except maybe ultra-socialist American states like california) do they even consider letting any non-citizen other than an asylum seeker have access to public funds. The UK is probably the most generous nation in the world but that generosity has been abused.
  4. Sunday Trading laws in the UK are a daft one too which hurt the average citizen. I'm sure a lot of people who have worked a job on a shift pattern have eventually experienced at one time or another the annoyance of only having Sunday afternoon to get their shopping done only to realise that the local supermarket had closed and the only option left to try to do food shopping at a convenience store.
  5. Yet unlike those other countries it has the highest population density and twice that of Germany. That tells you that per sq meter in Germany there is half as many people as in England. Your response is to casually brush it off that every inch of England is prime habitable area and Germany is just one massive uninhabitable mountain range. My response is to say we probably have enough people now in England - manifested not just in a high population density figure but also massive over demand for housing, jobs and public services.
  6. My experience has been similar; I've personally known (some dead now, some still alive) several alcoholics who cannot work due to their alcoholism yet are able to be enabled continue drinking daily because of benefits. It just doesn't seem to be fixing the problem it intends to solve rather just sweeping it under the carpet. That said I've known some people to fall on hard times, rely on benefits for a few months to get back on their feet and then once again joining the work force and doing very well.
  7. Where did I attempt to talk about Brexit? I was in fact discussing the politics of the Blairite wing which you brought up first. Now that we've established that our discussion is on topic and alleviated your fears feel free to retort.
  8. Yet it doesn't concern you that the same Blairite wing has come out of retirement in favour of betraying the democratic will of the people and pushing for membership of the EU? You think they had a sudden change of heart and now want what is best for the UK after all? It's this lack of critical thinking ability and inability to hold their party to account by the Labour rank and file why the last Labour government was able to decimate the country.
  9. Well I'm pleased you're reading what I write and you're correct that the latter is just a theory of mine and not an established portion of Labour's manifesto but NHS 'death panels' are demonstrably a thing; Alfie Evans (to use a recent example) was objectively condemned to death by Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust against the wishes of his parents and preventing them from seeking treatment elsewhere.
  10. No it's about the democratic will of the British people to no longer be part of the federal government entity known as the European Union. If as a byproduct of this some companies feel their interests are not best served by remaining part of the UK then my solution is we just easily replace those companies. You're definitely one of the easier people here to argue with
  11. Totally agree and they've done a pretty good job at convincing a lot of people that this dynamic is in their interest. Express a dissatisfaction with mass immigration - you're a xenophobic racist. Express a dissatisfaction with not building on greenbelt even though less than 10% is even classified as areas of natural beauty and 18% is classified as "neglected" - you just want to concrete over England. There are others but in essence the game has always been to engage with the 'emotional side' of people's brain and hope and pray that they forgo logic.
  12. The mistake you're making is you think it's a zero-sum game in the sense that companies and jobs 'going' means that they cannot be replaced. If there is a coffee shop that everyone likes on the corner which then takes its business to France, for example, then that leaves a coffee shop shaped void on that corner which somebody will fill. If a company leaves and takes its jobs with it then another company will fulfil that role. Prohibitionists make this same mistake when they lock up a drug dealer and think they have solved the problem when all it really means is another steps in to supply the demand.
  13. Because I'm telling you a generally agreed upon fact; that England is the most densely populated country in Europe. You're telling me this is irrelevant "cos mountains n stuff" - something not generally agreed upon.
  14. We have mountains in England too. We also have huge amounts of land designated green belt which is not built upon. Lots of big lakes here too - don't see many people living in them. You're acting like Germany has the Himalayan mountains running through it. Unless you are willing to provide me detailed topographical statistics which precisely illustrate your point then it's safe for me to dismiss it out of hand. You're the one with the burden of proof.
  15. Can't be a too terrible thing. England is the most crowded nation in Europe. In terms of population density we have around twice the density of Germany - which is already quite a densely populated nation. Population number is the least of our concerns for now but you're right that it should not be totally ignored out of hand.
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