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  1. Possibly your the insane person inside the room, while everyone else, understands the rules of the game. Whilist on this forum, the majority think like you, I'd I join a flat earth forum. I'm sure they'll, tell me the world is insane.
  2. What makes people think, stamp duty will end? They may extend. They will also introduce more props. We can all see the cases rising, so it's very likely 1-2 months from now, we may have to lockdown again. Unless summer/heat prevents the spread, which doesn't appear the case right now. House prices will continue to boom until next year... Negative rates incoming...
  3. Well if your interested in London flats or possibly a place in Chelsea, then yea... Otherwise you're pretty much ******ed right now. The government is throwing everything at HPI.
  4. It won't happen, the only way is if we are willing to overthrow the government and carry out mass murder.
  5. Exactly! Be careful though, they call me a troll for stating the obvious.
  6. Properties in Birmingham and my local area are going SSTC within 1-2 weeks, demand is still high and new ceiling prices are being broken. The sales are completing fine. I guess alot of money is trickling out of London, to Brum and Manchester.
  7. I've placed plenty of counter arguments, on here... Doesn't sound specific now, I cannot be arsed to trial through all my posts. Feel free if you want and you'll see that generally my perspectives have be much closer to the mark than others. When panic was in the air... Anyways, what do you predict for the next 2 years?
  8. The whole trend on here with "I told you so"..... The constant cheering that house prices were about to crash. I've constantly explained that the government would do everything within there power to prevent this. After sometime, people on here came around to that idea, after they saw it happen. Predicted house prices would go up by 20%, due to them previously rising 20% during the Spanish flu. Was laughed at here and called a troll... I still believe we will see negative rates by the end of this year....
  9. Nah, I have more self respect than to rage quit an Internet forum 🤔. No huff here, tbh I don't really care what people think. I'm simply stating my ideas, whilist those who are 'chanting & dancing around fire' hurl abuse my way. Calling me a troll, for putting an alternative perspective, only reflects on those hurling the abuse/name calling.
  10. Barclays prepares changes of terms and conditions of savers and current accounts... www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-9532629/amp/Barclays-clears-way-new-fees-rates-negative.html "Barclays has quietly rewritten its terms and conditions to allow it to impose new fees on savers and current account customers. Under the changes, Barclays can introduce a new cap on the amount of money customers can hold fee-free in any account. It can then start charging customers who hold deposits above that level. A number of rival UK lenders are understood to have hired lawyers to
  11. I'm a troll because I'm making a serious argument, which most of what I've said on here has come true over the past 24 months.... Yet, I'm a troll, if anything people should be thanking me here, for correcting their thinking. Atleast I give a perspective from a captlist. There is a difference between hope and reality.
  12. It's all true, Economy is wrecked not matter what anyone says in MSM. BOE wrote to UK banks in February, instructing them to prepare for negative rate. "The Bank of England is asking banks and building societies to be ready to implement negative interest rates by the end of the summer, as it kept the base rate at 0.1 per cent." https://www.ftadviser.com/regulation/2021/02/04/banks-given-6-months-to-prepare-for-negative-interest-rates/ So you arguing this may be a ploy, true. However, many people haven't been paying their mortgages, many have less income.
  13. Nah revenge from colonialism and our Yorkshire tea.
  14. We do this and allow these other countries to become to powerful, they will invade us eventually...
  15. Nah mate, not going to happen. The banks are just trying to switch more people from variable to fixed, before negative rates set in. Economy is ******ed, they've been given 6 months to prepare for negative rates, the clocks ticking and they wanna make money.
  16. Possibly, these interests are, although it does feel we are being lead down a path.
  17. It's does feel, like there's a transition occurring, not quite sure why or what to.
  18. I don't think in this scenario counter arguments should be overlooked. Many have not followed the rules, but that doesn't mean the vaccine is effective. Generally, enough of the population has to bring down numbers. Workplaces which still operated, have all been exposed, so generally have natural immunity now. I may be totally off the mark, however 1. We have approved a vaccine in record speed, which is new technology. 2. Pharmaceutical companies are notoriously untruthworthy, even in proper clinical trials. 3. Our government looks and is hinting towards another l
  19. The vaccines have not been challenged sufficiently, to prove there efficency. The public seem to believe, the vaccines have been a huge success, completely overlooking that we've been locked down. Interestingly a sage scientist tonight on BBC, seemed unsure about efficency.
  20. Which is outright manipulatation... then you speculate why are they pushing the vaccine so hard, is it purely for good intentions or possibly somthing more sinister. Natural immunity, is always second place to vaccine immunity. My concern is, the trials were not well controlled and future outcomes are unknown. Anyways we can only wait and see what the future holds, I hope my thoughts are incorrect.
  21. Great response, I can see the thought and academic rigour, used against my arguments.
  22. So either the vaccine is just plain ineffective, most probable. As let's face it, the trials were dog shit and not worth their salt. The variant has mutated, through selection pressure and natural evolution. Or which I speculate, the vaccines are accelerating deterioration, as the newever variant gains enhancement from the antibodies. If it's the latter, expect absolute chaos and the death of many MPs.
  23. Source? I've avoided the vaccine up to now, due to the theoretical possibility of ADE.
  24. A story to legitimise my interests... so what I've just stated is a story? Or are all my points facts. Common dude, you've just lived through it, you can see what those with power are doing. I highly doubt that our government has handed out all the cash, to just say 'go on then let it crash now'. We've had our fun... House prices are not unaffordable, two people on minimum wage can easily buy in Manchester or Birmingham. House prices are unaffordable in London and other High end areas. You simply do not buy there, you start else where and work your way up. House prices wil
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