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  1. If a house price crash were to occur, recent buyers would be at a loss, which isn't really fair particularly, if they've saved for it. When it's governments policies which have continued to push them up. Although I agree house prices should be more affordable, they would have to erode the debt of current owners, at the same time as bringing prices down. How or if there is a will, I doubt it. The rich will continue to invest into pushing prices up.
  2. And many will have fixed for 5+ years.. I also really doubt that they'll push interest rates up, the last thing they want is lost confidence in the housing market. They've proven, throughout the pandemic, they'll do anything to protect house prices. If interest rates, were to go up, they'd find some way to support the housing market. Otherwise it would be defaults galore.
  3. To be honest we are just seeing what played out before, we all know how this goes down. Hoping for high interest rates and a massive HPC is absurd. For obvious reasons, landlords in Parliament, capitalism etc etc... just a scent of a possible hpc will soon be met with props galore.
  4. "Australia's prudential regulator told banks on Monday they must have a plan to deal with the possibility of zero or negative interest rates by April 2022, after a consultation showed such rates could pose "operational challenges" in some instances." https://www.reuters.com/world/asia-pacific/australian-banks-must-have-plan-deal-with-negative-interest-rates-by-2022-apra-2021-07-12/
  5. Beta variant is here now lads, its in France if it gets here we are ******ed. It can evade the vaccine.... That means the last year and a half was for ****** all. When the cases numbers increase and hospitals get full, cue Boris to come on TV and lock us down, excuse new beta variant. 不不不 It's getting comical now. Then negative interest rates, loads of more free money and HPI to the moon.
  6. Yea definitely, the NHS has been dropping nurses and doctors for years. Around 2014, the conservatives cut the nursing bursary, so nurses were required to take a loan and complete a degree. Previously it was a funded DipHE. This lead to crap coming through the system or people just dropping off after first year. After they realised they were paying to work for 3 years 不不不. Recently they've bought back some incentives and grants. Another problem, is nurses and doctors pay. When the government keeps stating they've had a pay rise etc. For most they've actually had a pay reduction each year. The public then tell NHS staff to put up and be grateful they have a job... The obvious, is nurses and doctors returning home to the EU due to brexit. Also Australia and other countries are giving incentives to move there, such as housing grants etc... They are also annoyed, as whilist everyone was getting furlough and grants, sitting at home. They were told get to work, with less and no extra money. Alot have been off sick now for 1 year due to fear/anxiety. Coronavirus has accelerated this problem also which probably would have held together for a few more years. How do I know, my partner is a nurse in a Queen Elizabeth Birmingham and I myself have worked in the NHS.
  7. We need more money creation, not that it really makes much difference... Cut 1kg of gold in half, you've got 2 pieces at 500g. The illusion, is that people are richer, when really their money is devalued. They are taking money from some and giving it to others. Debt needs to get cheaper, otherwise there is no point in being financially responsible.
  8. All this talk of rates going up, is ********... It's the banks paying the press, to scare variable rate holders, into fixing before rates fall further. If BOE rates fall, and you've fixed, the bank will make even more money over the time of the fix. Why are you listening to them, when you know what history shows you?
  9. Cheap mortgages have ended? For over a year now, members of this forum have claimed they'll hike interest rates. Instead they lowered the rate, instructed banks to prepare for Negative rates. Oh and mortgage providers are also getting cheaper, those percentages keep coming down and down. It's beautiful, free money for those with housing debt.
  10. Which is clearly helpful, as you will have increased equity and reduced payments.
  11. 0.5% by the end of the year, once BOE goes negative on rates.
  12. All this talk is ********... House prices are going up, due to the money supply being increased. Earnings have increased also since 1980... So has life expectancy. There are plenty of properties in major UK cities for 100-150k, anybody can get one. If you really want you can buy one somewhere cheap for 50k. If you wanna buy one next to the queen or in Chelsea for 50k, dream on.
  13. The Tories are never going to stop immigration, due to Amazon and Co needing cheap labour. I mean, we all love the convenience of amazon next day delivery or hard working Polish builders. I had three quotes for central heating on a 3 bed semi. One British quote 5.5k, wouldn't channel the walls (so ugly piping on top. Wanted to use plastic piping throughout). Lazy ****er Polish quote 3.5k same bosch boiler, copper pipes, with channeling... significantly more labour intensive but a higher quality job. You know who I picked.
  14. I'll give her a call later. Yea modern day slavery is a problem, but that's not an immigration problem, it's organised crime. As you pointed out. Tbh criminal gangs are immoral, but then so are most UK apprenticeship programmes. I also remember laughing at Carole Baskin who said Joe Exotic was picking up people off the street and paying them below minimum wage. Whilist she ran her whole park on volunteers , she gave them attendance awards and badges throughout their programme. I know who I would rather work for.
  15. Basically the Cons have been saying they will lower immigration, since 2010. Nothing has changed, their donors need immigration. Labour, won't either as most of their voter base are immigrants. Neither party will stop immigration.... Tbh I expect much more immigration, over the coming years particularly from India and Africa.
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