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  1. Interest rates are not going up, please come back to reality.... We do not increase rates now, we increase the money supply. Our government, whom also have mortgages and property are not going to shoot themselves in the foot. Even if the market starts to demand higher rates, they will find an alternative or just simply let inflation fun for awhile. @Si1 I do believe there will be more stimulus, especially if a variant takes off at the end of the year, which is highly likely. @TheCountOfNowhere I'm not a troll, I just hold a different perspective to you, so far my opinons on here
  2. Firstly, the economics of 2000s were much different to today. Now we don't increase interest rates, we increase the money supply and lower rates. If the government increased rates, they would hurt the millennials and boomers who've not long bought. Secondly, why would the government want to punish fiscally responsible behaviour, to make housing cheaper? The government would be yelling to upcoming capitalists, that they would rather you doss and let the council house you. Housing is not out of reach, so I find the delusion that house prices are to high absurd. Unless you wan
  3. What difference does that make though, the Covid and brexit results... From where I'm sitting, it will only lead to house prices increasing more so.
  4. It's the UK nhs, the government won't fully privatise it. Which means nurses and doctors cannot earn what they could in the US for example. Our government milks the NHS staff, for every cheaper health care. However the tide has been turning over the past 10 years, alot of nurses have left the profession or move towards pharmaceutical companies. My wife is a nurse, her ward was staffed consistently with 4 nurses (2015), now the standard is 2. If there's 3, one is moved to another which has only 1 on. Covid,has accelerated this problem, I'm sure our government will be recuirting from a
  5. Exactly my thoughts when this all first started. I'm not a psychopath but...
  6. That's what this is really about and no matter how insane people think they are, they are simply getting on with it. People on this forum over look the fact that house prices have continually risen. That the money supply has increased every economic crash along with new props. This current growth isn't the end, inflation will kick in and all the other CBs money will also find its way here. 30% more money created in the US. You have to be actually crazy to not buy a house. This is not rocket science, we all know really what's going to happen.
  7. Hmmm house prices are increasing, you can see the evidence for yourself within rightmove.... Local houses going sstc, within 7 days. This madness is far from over, we will be locked down again, when a a new variant gets a grip. There will be more free furlough cash, to prop up the housing market.
  8. 0.8% this year... yea across the whole of the UK as London is trickling out wealth. Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool even Bradford are seeing major increases. House prices in Birmingham are up 10% or more over the start of the pandemic, as all that money trickles out of London. The amount of renovation work going on right now around Birmingham, is greatly transforming the city. Beautiful to see. It's not really helpful if London falls for FTBs. Whilist the houses at the start of the ladder are rising. I cannot complain, its free money for me, but it is becoming a ri
  9. Wages will rise due to the increase of money supply and inflation. The government have pretty much put up minimum wage every year now. This will continue, to push up wages. That will erode the debts of those who have taken mortgages, they will then move up the ladder or sit comfortably and work part time etc.
  10. The next 3 years will make the boom post 2008 look like a blip. Just wait until all this furlough cash and savings starts moving into the economy. Oh and not to forget all the boomers who will start dying off soon, leaving equity to their children.
  11. Don't... excuse yourself, as you're just applying logic. People are crazy to pay rent for 40 years, when you can buy. Even if the house achieved no increase in value. Atleast, you own the capital within it and cannot be evicted by a landlord.
  12. So for a couple its nearly 200k on minimum wage now, that's pretty impressive. Thats enough to hop onto the first rung of the ladder in Birmingham/Manchester and many other cities throughout the UK. The will push up the bottom end.
  13. Will they though? Or will wages just rise and inflation eroding the debt... I see little difference tbh, minimum wage is now nearly £9 an hour, was £6 back in 2010. Its increased by 50%....
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