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  1. You'll be back in the office by the end of 2021 or sooner. The first wave has been and gone, we are approaching the second wave now. This will be the major one, except around 100k-200k deaths around Xmas. The conservaties already killed the most vulnerable to the virus, by discharging to care homes. So we can now tolerate a higher amount of cases, with a lower death rate. The third wave will be smaller, then its business as usual.
  2. Well house prices in Birmingham & Manchester are shooting upwards. So, with all this free money being thrown around, everyone is renovating or trading upwards. The areas are becoming more desirable, the properties are increasing in value. Money supply is increasing, so more and more cash for house purchases are available. Just wait until the BOE steps in, then you'll wish, you'd bought when you thought everyone else was crazy.
  3. The reason why people are buying is simple, they understand what you don't. Each time the housing market comes under threat the goverment and BOE act to prop it up. Now, we are highly unlikely to see all these companies laying off there staff, its more likely the GOV will step in. They are feeding you ******** and you are listening. Also negative rates or somthing to support prices is very near, now if we go negative 3%- that will erode the debt of the owner (recent purchaser) & increase the value of the property. You all know that the money supply is increasing, so exp
  4. I've posted this from the start of the pandemic, people are so f***ing delusional and all I get is abuse for telling people the truth... Giving people a heads up, do they listen no.
  5. I don't @Locke @GregBowman really see what the problem is? You here criticising my profile picture, as my belief set is different to yours... Please enlighten me, on what you've done to help this country through covid19, while both me and my wife have risked our lives???? What have you actually done, to improve the lives of these individuals. I may be blunt in my language, it's a side effect of seeing stuff the public doesn't day in, day out.
  6. Are you living in England? 75%.... I'm a health professional myself and so is my wife, nobody in the NHS has had time off... Alot of clinical staff have been working overtime, some have been given paid leave, at the height of the peak due to underlying health problems. Most even when ill, were told get back in or we are gonna sack you.. The rest faced the music, some unfortunately with their lives. Please don't speak rubbish, show gratitude. 75% 🤣🤣🤣.
  7. One close friend of mine lost their job with Emirates last month, they layed off all their VIP drivers. Another friend of mine, has been offered reduced hours, at a nursery. Which doesn't really impact them, as tax credits etc make to short fall. I really can't see Furlough 2.0, it's unfair on keyworkers, NHS etc they are all pretty demorilaised with no compensation.
  8. Literally my life, work 3 days a week, 4 bed house (small mortgage), some investments. Buy a 3 year old car, every 3 years. Aged 33, take life easy and enjoy my free time. Get to nurture my children, educate them, literally people on my street killing themselves, just to keep a roof over their head. Cba to earn 50k+ to pay all that tax and NI... pointless. Money can be made in a much easier fashion, without being overly taxed. Cash is king. Imo, earning 50k+ paye, is actually insane.
  9. Wasn't aware there was changes to CGT, just a review? I doubt much will change. Extensions are highly likely, the last thing we need, is a million people homeless, while we are possibly going through a second wave of Covid19. I seriously expect the government to devise a new plan to prevent evictions, they cannot do a help the tenants scheme, whilst not helping mortgage holders. They are more likely to offer another 6 month mortgage holiday or some sort of mortgage tax relief scheme. Either way, I highly doubt they'll just let this play out, if they fiddle the courts, this will
  10. They are bound to introduce somthing soon, otherwise the governments heads will be on pitch forks, particularly if this follows the spanish flu. They've said it's not going away, they opted to crush the virus to low numbers, rather than allow a Sweden approach which was much more sensible. Mortgage holidays for possibly 1 year or a scheme to help mortgage holders.
  11. So they should only come, if there local area has been bombed or captured by ISIS. I mean they probably even pray that will happen to speed up the process. The real point is, that people in England lack gratitude for how good we've got it. These people are willing to go across the sea in a dingy boat, to risk getting here. We have plenty of people here who are highly skilled who end up working minimum wage jobs. Truth is, most jobs don't require any prior education, just the ability to speak english and some maths skills and you're away. The rest can be done with a training
  12. Money will buy you, private Health care and schooling, if you're wealthy enough, you can move out to the sticks. Plus who is going to pay for all these pensions? We actually need more people of working age and tax payers.
  13. Why would we want women and children... What we want is people with the ability to work, 18+ female/male with no kids is perfect for us. Females, with young kids are just a drain on our pockets.
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