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  1. This is going to be a massive fraud. Spoken to a couple of people recently who are on furlough, but still happy to pick up the phone to me and talk business. We the taxpayer are paying their wages, and although they are technically on furlough, in reality they are still working.
  2. Yeah, it's nonsense isn't it? I think this was not at all unexpected, given 1) stock piling for a March brexit, 2) the global slowdown/trade war 3) a new government whose central assumption as that we will have a no-deal Brexit in October.
  3. Those two tables at the end are quite comprehensively down. Every price bracket: down. Prime central London and prime outer London: both down. Houses and flats: both down.
  4. He meant this to be a reason to vote remain, not realising that for a great many it is a reason to vote leave.
  5. Oh yes, I can see it now. US big pharma submits a junk new medicine for approval to the UK's Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency. MHRA rejects it for being unsafe. US big pharma then takes UK to a secret trade tribunal for $10bn of 'lost profits'. Think it can't happen? It has already happened to Canada.
  6. I hate this expression. It just means the seller's fantasy asking price is too high. Much too high. Can they sell their house for £500 million? No, of course not. Can they sell it for £500? Yes, of course. Somewhere in the middle is the right price, and it is lower than what the seller thinks it is.
  7. I see the same in my area of London - asking prices generally below 2015/2016 sold prices. Some refurbished properties with designer loft conversions, side return extensions, basement dug-outs etc etc on the market for higher prices, but when you think how much the all that work would cost I still think things are below peak, similar to the maths with Confusion of VIs Harringey example. But why do we need anecdotals? Official stats show 8 consecutive quarters of YoY falls in London.
  8. The powers-that-be keep saying that a hard Brexit will trash the economy. I don’t think they realize that quite a lot of people want a hard Brexit for exactly that reason, because it is their only chance to be able to afford a house. “But you won’t be able to buy a house if you don’t have.a job,” they say. Well, true, but most people can’t afford to buy a house scen with a job. And I think people are willing to take a chance that it won’t be them who loses their job. It’s the last role of the dice.
  9. Headline in today’s Evening Standard, on all their billboards: Biggest house price fall for a decade
  10. What? London house prices slide for eight quarter in a row (The Guardian, today)
  11. Enjoyed? This is the established narrative. But the only people who 'enjoy' rising prices are the already wealthy with a substantial investment in property. Everyone else loses out.
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