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  1. localhero1983

    The perfect storm

    Yep, people will say "Perfect storm again, yawn, heard it a dozen times", but the negative economic weaponry around the world and in the UK has never been like this before. We will see our biggest mistake one day not doing the serious repairs needed to our real economy back in the 2008 financial crisis, ideally it should have been around 2005.
  2. Agree Maybe we should tell the EU we would love to trade with them and ask them if they feel the same way. If they then want to play silly B*ggers and make things difficult maybe we should start falling out of love with German car makers and opt for the like of Hyundai instead for example. May really needs to stop pleading, begging and acting like the dumped girlfriend who has been told dozens of times it's over, she needs to just slap a deal on Junkers desk offering to buy everything we once did from the EU as long as they do the same, if the EU refuse we walk. There's the deal
  3. localhero1983

    The perfect storm

    Yep, I have to agree with this. There was a time when those with high speculative debt would be the ones to pay the price, now a crash is going to take everyone down with it, even those not stupid enough to get taken in by this debt is good BS
  4. For the first time since we voted to leave the UK I have not found the need in the past few days to show any interest in Brexit and am amazed at how many people have still so much to say, which is basically both sides calling each other to**ers still. May now has her deal that just will not get through the MP's vote, the EU 100% will not alter it, and even with the EU being very very very sincere and maybe making a big huge promise to stick by their word on the backdrop I still cannot see this deal going through. So it really is just sit back and enjoy Christmas and accept there is nothing to see here and wonder what the hell May is playing at and why she is wasting so much time. Which then leads me to think that if she is not preparing at all for a No Deal and with little chance of her present deal going through, she surely now being the nervous woman she is already decided on extending article 50, does that not annoy anyone?
  5. The one thing I will say for May, she has turned me off to politics more than I was before, trust me that is saying something. Just caught on that the BBC did a Jonathon Pie in America discussing Trump and watched it on Iplayer, great stuff, basically he is anti Trump that totally related to why the yanks voted him in, seriously recommend. I think he is doing Brexit next, cannot wait to hear his take
  6. If May cannot get her deal through I see her first course of action is to extend A50, it is what she does best
  7. localhero1983

    The perfect storm

    I know what another prediction of a crash sounds like people, but there you go🙂 Cannot help the way I feel and the way I am looking at data, to me personally it is a no brainer, but the scepticism is fine by the way, fully understandable. To the whoever it was(cannot remember now) who made the point about me "sniggering", that was at predictions, not prices falling
  8. This is getting close to the bit I love, and yes I am old enough to have seen it all before, "well I am not going to give it away" can be heard from the south east coast at Folkestone up to the far North east coast of Ullapool as wannabe sellers complain about losing 10% of the 100% capital profit they have already made, greed always catches them out in the end as they wish they had taken the small loss when they had the chance
  9. I actually slept through the whole thing , have been doing some long hours recently😂 Well it is seems pretty clear now, May is going to do what May does best, kicking A50 down the road, because she will not get that deal through and she is making no provisions for a no deal, she has already decided on extending this debacle if need be. May seems to think her survival skills and her stubbornness to "abandon us" are traits to be admired, she just cannot see she is now imposing herself onto us. The only plus I can give her is that she is not Corbyn so will indeed get my vote in a GE, but with a very heavy heart, a case of do you want to lose your legs are your sight.
  10. 200 Tory Mp's are happy while 20 million plus hold their heads in despair
  11. Seriously May to continue? Leave or Remain, this is depressing right?
  12. OK, we got there at last, you think a hardline Brexiteer is best choice as PM, thank you
  13. OK, back to my original point, offer them the opportunity to get us out of the mess that the majority of the country voted for, are you now going to twist and turn again and say NO
  14. But they cannot win with people like you, you don't them running away, but you want them to run away you really are an idiot
  15. Yep I agree, just stop whinging then that they have done a runner

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