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  1. I honestly think he is the worst case type of narcissist, he praises people when they come to the same conclusion as himself as if they also must be enlightened. Anyone who disagrees are "twitchy" or "Trolls" I can my hand on my heart and I swear as of yet I do not know one person that has been badly effected by Brexit as of yet, I totally swear, and unlike this laptop warrior idiot I like to meet people and I know real people.
  2. The world you are describing Hairy is something like out of Judge Dredd, I am looking out of my little village window right now, this morning I was in Cambridge and in the past week I have met dozens,if not hundreds of people, and not one is doing anything but going about their normal lives. Get away from your laptop and walk out of the front door and meet people for goodness sake, you will soon discover your Armageddon is not taking place, and nor will it no matter what road we go down. PS.. Just out of interest what is it about Brexit that you are personally going to lose or suffer from, lets face it you don't give a toss about Joe Bloggs, NHS or people in general, so what is it? Is this an anti British thing with you? I do detect a dislike and even hate for British institutions and British indigenous culture
  3. I see the HPC website as the only voice many justified critics of today's housing market have with nearly all of the media part of the mantra of "rising house prices are good". Even the Guardian seems a little p***ed off that prices could well fall this year, hypocrites.
  4. HPC are gammons? ? I have always imagined this website being full of unhappy 25-40 year old forced renters who would love to buy their own home
  5. Just for the record nearly 70% of HPC want to Leave the EU and just short of 60% want a No Deal Brexit, the other 30% want to Remain Just saying ?
  6. I just could not see this being anything but a fall today, and I just cannot see anything but falls now for months and months to come, even years. People are going to blame Brexit, but we finally see the fallout from Blair and Browns governments. You noticed how the media are reporting this in a way they would if inflation or unemployment rose or the £ plummeted, the BBC are the worst
  7. I am waiting for falls, sizable falls, and then the biggest con since liar loans, "It's happening all because of Brexit". Imagine all the people that will be let off the hook, Blair & Brown, Banks, Kirsty, those that were taken in by the illusionary wealth and borrowed too much
  8. Nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to housing and the scum lenders, but I am expecting a fall tomorrow, there you go I said it?
  9. I was thinking really until I saw the "not" at the end of the sentence. I want to see BTL, property speculators home grown and foreign and anyone who just sat £ signs where property was involved to be seriously burnt and punished, I never want to see homes used in my lifetime as a way to a quick Buck ever again
  10. I know loads of BTL and HMO scum in Cambridge, ALL have a little bit of panic in their voices, some selling, and Cambridge is one of the better places for the rental market.
  11. We are now watching what should have happened in 2008-2010, but it was put off at all costs. This property crash is now going to be bigger and uglier
  12. The great rush to the exit begins ? We have a few years now of hearing "well I am not giving it away" as so many of these speculative property "Gurus" chase the market down. The clever ones will just take a -10-15% hit now and just be grateful they made the money they did, but many will be pay the price with their greed, Good!?
  13. Have you ever heard the saying "self-fulfilling prophecy"? You can nearly touch/feel the wanting of a Brexit No Deal bringing misery and destruction in order to prove a point. Just out of interest, do any of you doom mongers hope if we do get a hard Brexit that you will be proven wrong about the scenario?
  14. Was watching a bit about Barnsley on Newsnight last night, if that does not explain to Remainers why they did what they did then nothing will. It is lovely in my leafy little Cambridge village this morning where only about 40% ish voted leave, including "gammons", but they have no idea whats happening in places like this along with Boston, Luton, Bradford, Leicester, Rochdale, Rotherham, the list is endless of destroyed communities.
  15. Project fear has now been taken to insane levels by Remainers, yes it is probably going to be tougher if we leave with a no deal for a short while, maybe. But it is now getting like the film V for Vendetta, "Leave and you will all starve and die" ? The more ridiculous the lies are the more the Leavers are going to dig their heels in. I am personally getting very nervous now about Brexit now, not because of the dumb scare stories these idiot Remainers come out with on an hourly basis, I am worried about what many of those 17,400,000 are going to do if ignored, there is only so far you can push the British before they snap, history shows you can and should never under estimate them
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