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  1. Is buy to let really dead. As someone contemplating becoming a first time landlord, have I missed the party?
  2. It's bouncing back https://www.bullionvault.com/gold-price-chart.do
  3. Anyone know the best 2 year fixed cash ISA rate today - comparison sites don't seem to feature many of the challenger banks.
  4. I had a 2 year fixed rate ISA with them. Once the account matured the investment plus interest was immediately transferred directly back to my current account without me having to ask.
  5. There are good and bad agents. The last agent we used was superb and had it not been for his tenacity the sale would certainly have fallen through. Sure he was incentivised but then so is everyone else. The solicitor was working on no sale no fee, the lender makes nothing if the new mortgage isn’t issued - and the same is so up and down the chain. Yet the only party in the transaction who seemed to care about it completing was the agent who chased everyday, picked up documents and generally injected pragmatism into the whole process.
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